3D Photo Effect Online

When it comes to special effects on photographs, one of the coolest techniques being used today for t-shirts is when you create a 3D effect with Photoshop.

3D Photo Effect Online

photo of 3D Photo Effects Online t shirt

These days T-shirts have come a long way with how the photographs get there editing done with the software available now. Using 3D effects has created a whole new appearance compared to what the old 2D prints had to offer. This new concept of printing with a 3D image gives a great deal more visual impression that will enhance any photograph involved.


The free online course offered on my site has 71 lessons in total with one on creating 3D effects. The t-shirt above is just one possibility of many where you may want to create 3D images. The same way you could learn to create this effect for a 3D t-shirt you could just as easily use your image for a custom canvas print or even to create a photo book with many 3D photographs.


When you get right down to it, the possibilities are endless to where you would be able to use this effect once you’ve mastered how to do it. This free online tutorial is just one of many lessons that you can use to learn Photoshop in creating better photographs. You will see how to navigate around the work area and use all the appropriate tools in creating your masterpiece from start to finish each step in the sequence. By using an actual video, you will see exactly where to find each tool and how to use it. All the guess work is taken away by making your transition from beginner to working like a pro in no time.

photo of 3D Photo Effect Online

Photoshop is a very powerful software designing package capable of handling many different projects that you may require or want it to take care of for you. Here you can learn the editing software at Say It With Photographs we give you the opportunity to learn what you need, when you want it, with no time limits, or cost to you.


So if you’re looking to learn 3D Photo Effect Online, then you’ve come to the right place. The video tutorial has 71 lessons all about Photoshop, so you can click the top left corner for the playlist and scroll down to Create An Easy 3D Effect.


” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here! 


Click here to go to The Video Tutorial



  1. Wow, really cool effect! I’ve never ventured into that effect in Photoshop. I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Wow there are a lot of amazing information to look around in this website. For the photo editor this is the right place. I will bookmark your website and come back for more information. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oooh, that is so surreal to have a shirt with a 3-D image. That is just too cool my friend. All this using Photoshop? What a versatile and powerful software indeed.

  4. This is really cool effect. This look real 3D. I will have a look at your tutorials on this.

  5. This is a useful information on 3D effect on creation of t-shirts. 3D is another advanced app that really made things easy.

    Thanks for that helpful and useful info.

  6. Cool posts & information. Im glad I came across this posts because i been thinking about branding my music. What a perfect way to brand myself with 3d t-shirts! Thank you for this posts & i will definitely bookmark it for future refernces

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