3D t shirts

3D t-shirts


When it comes to getting some cool 3d t-shirts some of the best ones are the 3d dog t-shirts. These t-shirts are so popular that they create an entire wolf back series, as well as a lot of 3d dogs, face t-shirts. Depending on what the occasion may be you could have a group of people wearing the same concept such as the wolves but each person would have a different wolf.

photograph of 3d t shirt wolve

I find with the technology of today the detailing of what can be done with sublimation these days, t-shirts have hit an all-time high for the quality of print like never before. The techniques used for 3d imagery can replicate just about anything with a remarkably authentic look. The 3d dog face t-shirts are purchased by many dog lovers wanting to have the breed of their dog face on a t-shirt because of how great they look. Many people have talked to me about how great it is to have the dog breed of their favourite pets represented on a t-shirt with such lively looking imagery.

photograph of 3d t shirt dog

The 3d t-shirts come in many different variations from the 3d dog shirts to many different 3d animal t-shirts that some would classify from the zoo or wildlife depending on who you talk with on the subject. I have seen a lot of big dog t-shirts and other animals portrayed on t-shirts but I find the 3d versions tend to look the best.

photograph of 3d t shirt asian elephant

I find wearing t-shirts throughout the summer months or whenever I’m just kicking back to relax is great, so having one of the 3d t-shirts just make it more fun almost a conversational piece at times.

photograph of 3d t shirt lizard

When you look at some of the different concepts that these types of t-shirts have you can understand why some people would want to talk about them. They keep adding new ideas all the time from domestic to wild animals, sharks, lizards, dinosaurs, aliens to outfits that look 3d. The other great thing about these t-shirts are the different colours that they come in so your not just stuck with 2 or 3 colours. Depending on what the 3d image is will determine the main t-shirt colour.

photograph of 3d t shirt jaws

I have been noticing more selection every month as more people have been getting into purchasing the available t-shirts. Each year they keep designing more creative 3d imagery concepts for the different t-shirt colours. One of the biggest factors to still bear in mind is the actual quality of the t-shirts material. If you want your 3d t-shirt to last you need to make sure you’re buying a quality 100% cotton t-shirt or you’ll find your t-shirt short lived. Like a lot of things, quality and price tend to go in hand with one another. The good news is there are always sales going on so sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too.

photograph of 3d t shirt armor

So whether you’re looking for a summer outing at the beach, walk in the park, Halloween or some other party, etc. for whatever reason you would like to wear 3d t-shirts, just go for it and have some fun, life is to short to take every day to seriously. You may be glad you did!


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” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here!






  1. Awesome t-shirts here Travis!
    I never knew they are called 3D tshirts but expected as much as the visuals are so awesome, it is like they are outside of the tshirt already! The Mountain Platemail tshirt suit me best, I love all those medieval things and design, would definitely get me one of those!

    • I find the 3d t-shirts are pretty awesome myself and get a kick out of all the different things they are coming up with. Its one of the reasons I like having this site to share all the cool stuff you can do with photographs and post production. With all the advancements with technology not only are we getting better phones etc but equipment to do better post production like the creation of these 3d t-shirts.

  2. Wow, I really like that wolf t-shirt and I cannot believe how real the one with the dog looks! That’s amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. I am definitely going to look into buying one of these 3d shirts. This is such a great concept and idea. I especially enjoyed the first one with the wolf. Maybe because I like wolves so much! Where can I get one of these? Thanks for a fantastic website 🙂

    • Hi Pete and it is pretty impressive what they are capable of doing these days in creating these 3D t-shirts. I find the technology today has the ability to just keep putting out better quality equipment to create all these products better all the time.

      The wolf is such a popular item that it is actually part of a wolf collection that has been created for wolf lovers to have a larger verity of different wolfs and colored t-shirts. I do have a spot where you can go in my site for Unique Online Gift Store in the online store in the right column.

  3. Wow! Those photos are amazing. I stopped to wonder if those shirts are real, as the 3D graphics are unbelievable. That lizard looks like it’s actually sitting on the shirt. Can one provide an image to have it 3D scanned? As for the rest of your site, it was nicely formatted and easy to follow. I’m a photo buff, without the skills for photography. I just love nice photos. I’m glad that I looked at your site. Thanks, Shawn.

    • I find its pretty cool what they can do with technology these days when it comes to post production on photos and these 3D t-shirts are right up there. At the moment some companies are manipulating the photos with editing software to create the 3D effect so they would take your picture and edit it to create the effect to create a 3D t-shirt.

  4. 3d tee shirts? Now that’s amazing! For a minute I actually thought the graphics came out of the shirt some how, I’ve seen ones like that with button and stuff. These seem pretty cool but I’d need to find one if like personally if I’m going to wear it. This might be the perfect gift for my brother though, thank you so much!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • I think the 3d t-shirts are pretty cool myself but it just goes to show how far they have come along with the sublimation process. Some people will actually create there own 3d t-shirt by manipulating one of there photographs with editing software then have a t-shirt made up with there 3d photo on it.

  5. Wow, this is super awesome!

    The 3D printing is so real, but I must say that the Silky Terrier one is a bit over whelming. You got to be a fan of your own pet if you want to blow up the image so badly big. LOL

    I recently discovered a great tool for T-shirt designing and printing. It’s called Teespring and I think your site especially the 3D shirts can really benefit from it. You should check it out.

    • Hi Cathy and thanks for the tip I’ll look into that site. I want to have as much stuff organized for visitors that they can find what they need when they want it. A lot of people do not have the time or want to take the time to be searching all over the Internet for one or two smaller details on things so I would like to have as much information as I can to help.

  6. These are pretty awesome looking T-shirts! I’ve never seen these style of shirts before. Love the shark bursting through the material of the shirt.

    Can you get your own custom image on a shirt? Or can you only pick from the designs the company offers? I’d really love some of these shirts, but I’d prefer to have my own images on them in some cases.

    Love this idea! Great post!

    • Hi Darren and you can definitely have your own photos on t-shirts. With sublimation, you can take your photos and have them imprinted on a variety of different materials, to learn more just check out more of my website for different options and ideas. You can also see a fair bit at the “gift shop.”

  7. Hi Travis,

    Very nice website and easy to use. Just love the 3D T-shirts some of them really looks great. There are also very interesting information on digital cameras. I will be checking out your web site for more new updates.

    The best one for me is the shark.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Wendy and by all means check out whatever you like and if you have any questions then you can always let me know whats on your mind and I’ll see about getting the answers back to you.

  8. Hi Travis,

    Those shirts look absolutely awesome my favorites are the metallic ones. The plate armor and elephant are probably my favorite. 3d shirts are pretty fun and a nice way to change it up because I have’t seen anyone wearing one. It is nice to have original duds :). Can you point me towards where to buy these?


    • You can find them in the right column under the “Online Store” were it has a link to “3D Animal T-Shirts.”

      There are a lot of t-Shirts there so you would need to check through to find what you like.

  9. Hello Travis,
    I really like your 3D t-shirts:-) I never saw anything like this before. I do photography myself- portraits for business and landscape as a hobby. I wonder how the landscape 3D t-shirt would look like? Probably also quite amazing. I enjoyed your site, Travis. All the best,

    • Thanks for the drop by and the comment and you continue to have fun with taking pictures. There are a lot of hobbies out there but photography is one that I’ve always liked.

  10. I can only imagine what type of photos and designs can be used on 3D Type T-shirts.
    After looking into these types of T-shirts further I have seen quite a few that I really don’t think would fair to well in the Public Eye but then again now-a-days pretty much everything is exposed and expressed anyways.
    I guess some of the ones I have seen would just have to be left in the eyes of the beholder.

    • Most of the 3d t-shirts that I like are of the animals. Some of them can be pretty funny and others seem to have such a realistic look to them. I know some people have got ones for costums with the night in armor and others.

      But like anything sometimes some people can take some things to far.

  11. Wow, very nice and extremely thorough. The only thing I would suggest is that you add Canon cameras to you site. There about 50% Nikon and 50% Canon photographers as you probably already know, and most are extremely partial as one of these two users.

    I really like how you’ve offered tips and tutorials, I will probably add that to my site.

    Photography is a huge hobby for me (I’m also a Nikon guy) and have travel to more than 40 countries while exercising this awesome way to spend my time since 90% of my travel was spent alone. I’ve got thousands of digital photographs and am overwhelmed with the idea of indexing them. Any suggestions?

    • To answer your question on having Canon cameras listed more on my site that will happen as I’m still adding content monthly and will be doing a lot more updating.

      With all the photos that you already have a great start where you’re pictures are digital. I would take all your pictures and load them into a data base. That way you can categorise them by place, time, types of pictures etc. It will take some time to get it all done but once you have them all logged in, you will be able to do fast and easy searches to find just what you want.

      Depending on how elaberate you want to get with catagorising your photos you could checkout the different software packages in the software department of my software store that have a data base.

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