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Welcome, my name is Travis.

After 20 years of serving my Country in the Canadian Armed Forces, I decided I needed a change. My first year as a civilian, I decided to take a one-year Applied Information TechnologyMy Photo Course through ITI “Information Technology Institute”.

Following that I spent about one-year working full-time designing and producing mugs, t-shirts, canvas prints, key chains, sail covers, etc. In fact, you can see the hoodie I designed with my sailboat logo in the photo to the right.

Transforming photos into gifts makes the most precious memories come to life. The possibilities are endless, from babies first step to high school prom to the wedding day and every milestone in between. Post production photographs can say it all.

The inspiration for “Say It With Photographs” was born from my desire to share with the world what my family and friends have been doing for years. I would like to give you the inspiration to put all your ideas and possibilities into works of art and keepsakes that can be passed on from generation to generation.

So use your imagination and allow us to make your memories last a lifetime.

By all means, enjoy the site and leave us a blog.


Travis Smithers             Author and Creator

Say It With Photographs

Contact travis@sayitwithphotographs.com



  1. Timothy MAhony(WA)

    Hi Travis!

    Great website-actually awesome site, is a better description of it-extremely professional-shows you are really an expert in this field-nice to see someone finally focused on a niche on photography. Already saved your site under my list of favorites for WA Associates.

    I like your choice of heading for this site-visually appealing, easy to read and very comprehensible. Very complete content for amateurs and others already into photography. I believe anyone can start a career from scratch based on the info from your site since it is so complete and thorough.

    Everybody is interested in photographs and pictures-great ideas for promotional materials.

    Good luck on your site and great start-Lots of potential-hope you’ll
    find time to visit my site and leave me some feedback.



    • The site is still under construction to get it altogether. I want to give visitors their options for learning, talking about or getting their gift products and ideas from a new perspective.
      Thanks for dropping me a few lines.

  2. Hi Travis,

    I love your website it really is a solid and professional content owing to your years of experience with your personal tips of photography, I also love the unique and original explanations of photography also the magnificent pictures, I have a few Aussie mates that I know will love the sight. I have bookmarked you.

    Keep up your great work Travis 🙂

  3. Travis,

    Thanks for your post on the Nikon pieces, I’ve never been able to find a site that helps me optimize my Nikon and you’ve paved the way for me!

    Cheers! 🙂

  4. A super site Travis, very informative, visually pleasing and so easy to navigate, I like to dabble in photography but only with the bridging equipment nothing on your scale. Very well done and good luck.

    • Thanks for the visit Gordon and the nice thing about photography is anybody can enjoy it at whatever age for the most part, it’s all about having fun and creativity the way you see fit.

  5. Hey Travis

    WOW! 20 years of serving your country is a long time and you should be proud of yourself for the achievement 🙂 It’s great to read your story and it seems like you have many other awesome talents too, that will help to benefit others.

    I have just bookmarked your site for future reference and I will be back to read some of your articles. Thanks for sharing this with us. Neil

  6. Hi Travis,

    I really like your website, very informative and great content keep up the good work. Overall very good and well done, wish you great success for your future online venture.


    • Thanks for the visit, I put this site together for anybody wanting to get some information all about photographs from taking them to final post production on what you can do with them.

  7. Hi Travis,

    I am at awe of your work. It gave me some ideas on what I would need on my website…awesome!

  8. Love your site Travis!!!I have always “Loved Photography” and have taken a few pictures , well many. I will definitely be coming here for the free photography classes. As I just joined WA, and are a premium member now. Life is so Colorful and surreal today for me, been living the dark….
    As the light shines through everything is here for me to Optimize!!
    See ya back at camp!!! I will be ordering things through you!! Thanks for letting me know about your Beautiful Site!!

    • Happy to hear you are enjoying yourself at Wealthy Affiliate as they are a great place to build a website. I’ve used a few different providers, and WA is one of the better places to be, and when it comes to what I deal with here on this site for photography you are always welcome to ask away, and I’ll see what I can do to help.

  9. Hi Travis:
    Your site is just wonderful my friend. Very professional and attractive to first sight. I will be visiting often to gain inspiration and teachings on photography, as I love taking images especially from nature.
    As a still newbie at WA (less than three months) I keep on learning so much more than I ever thought and websites like yours show me what I can get done.
    Congratulations for such a great website!
    With my best regards from México.

    • Thanks Eugenio for the comment and happy to hear that my site has some value in helping you with what I have to offer. I trust as I start to enter into winter weather here at my location the weather in Mexico is looking pretty good. I know you have lots of areas where people are able to take fantastic photos and create excellent memories with all Mexico has to offer.

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