Adobe Photoshop Online Courses


Having access to Adobe Photoshop online courses is something you can use to help you create fantastic photographs, images, logos and so much more. Check out the free tutorials I have for using photoshop from the access you get to the different websites when you sign up for my monthly newsletter. There are a great number of things you can do with photoshop as some of my posts will show, but I also use Photoshop for doing my websites.


Adobe Photoshop Online Courses


With the free tutorials that I offer, you will be able to learn how to alter and manipulate photos and images to the way you want them to appear. These Adobe Photoshop online courses give you the ability to take your work to the next level. Below is an example of what I created using two photos and an image from a business card to have a header for a working website using Photoshop.


Prestons Concrete solutions Logo


On the left, I took a picture of a decorative concrete patio and a second photograph on the right showing men at work with some equipment excavating for a new driveway. Both of these photos were cropped from their original size to be resized to fit on my blue background that I set up for my header. The header is for a banner at the top of the website I designed for this company that when clicked on takes you back to the homepage.

Preston's Concrete Solutions job siteI’ll talk more about the first photo in a minute but first let’s just see what the original photograph in the header on the right use to look like before it was cropped. You can see from the picture that the total width of the photo was used, and just some of the top and bottom of the image have been cut off by cropping. How much you crop an image and decide to keep is entirely up to you to accomplish the desired look and appeal to what you are creating for the final product. When it comes to cropping a picture, you can take as much or as little as you see fit from any location on the photo. I reduced the overall height of the image to keep the header a reasonable size.



Prestons Concrete Solutions patio

Just as the photograph above was cropped to fit the headers height restrictions, I had also done the same for this patio image that shows you the final size I wanted. I cropped the height for both images to be the same and for the combined width to give me the proper header dimension. This photograph was cropped for the first stages to create a whole new logo for the company’s website. The thing that needed to be done was to take one company called Preston’s Concrete Solutions which was using a font for the name as it’s logo and incorporate it with a second companies logo from First Quality Concrete.



The logo from First quality Concrete I took from the business card image supplied to me as shown below.


lukes logo



Now when you understand the teachings of Adobe Photoshop online courses, you will be able to take an original photograph as I have with the decorative concrete patio and superimpose the logo from the business card onto the patio image. Below you can see how I created the logo name of Preston’s Concrete Solutions and combined it with the logo of First Quality Concrete to represent a partnership company that specializes in stamped decorative concrete work.


new logo copy


Photoshop will allow you to accomplish finished images just as this one above for whatever you may need or require. Once you’ve learned the techniques of what it takes to make the things needed to do for manipulating your photos and images, you’ll get the desired results you want. This entire logo is made up of multiple layers that are simple to do and replicate that anybody can learn and create. You’ll discover that a program as powerful as Adobe Photoshop has it’s learning curve but is easy enough to conquer when you follow along with all the tutorials that show you how. You can also purchase learning software as well if you need a more structured way of guiding you through the workings of software packages.

You’ll find out there are many different options opened to you for learning about Adobe Photoshop online courses and getting the information you need to create and accomplish your goals. My Monthly Newsletter gives you access to a software website I have created to help you learn a lot of the principles behind some of the different software for free. I also have links to software to purchase for the type of work you want to do and extra tutorials and lessons to learn the software. My software store can also help in the direction of what you may be wanting and to know more about. I use Adobe Photoshop 6 which is an older version but has been able to do all the things I require, but if you’re on the market to get started then there are plenty of options to the direction you can take.

Option one to check out the free software tutorials.

photo of Monthly Newsletter

Another option is you can go to the Software Store!



  1. Hello there Travis, I’ve always wanted to learn photoshop. Your examples look really nice and professional. I think this is something a few of my friends (and me) would be interested in. How hard is the learning curve to do something like you did in the last photograph? That looks really slick.

    • Hi Jason, the logo I did for the website that I put in this post took me about an hour to learn the concept for while I was playing around with photoshop 6 in the beginning. Depending on what you what to learn you’ll find some things are very quick to learn while other things will take hours. It also depends a lot on what you already know about similer software packages and other programs you may have used.

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