Best Deal Photo Books

When it comes to photo books the cheapest price you pay does not dictate your best deal; you need to be looking at the big picture.

Best Deal Photo Books

One of the key things to do when you consider the creation of a photo book online is not to focus on price alone. There are too many other things to take into account as follows:

How I made a photo book for my son in 5 minutes

Overall quality:

  • Does the color contrast of your photos printed on the pages look as good as the original photographs? How is the quality of the cover type used and are the cover and pages bound together properly? If you have any text beside or printed on the photos, do they have a productive and professional cohesiveness in appearance for each page as well. You need to be able to take one look at your photo book and see a visual quality that makes a striking impression to make you feel; now that’s something to be proud of that you are creating. After all you just created, produced and published your particular work of art.


  • What does it take to create this photo book online in the first place? You need a software package that can easily guide you through the entire process, and if you do get stuck on something, you want to know there are ways to get the answers fast for you to carry on. This being said, a simple software usage to create your photo book with full-service support should be the primary consideration.
photo of best deal photo book

Best Photo Book Review

Photo Book Options:

  • What are all your available options for types of covers, the actual page layouts that the software is equipped to handle and most importantly the kind of photo book you’re looking to build. Do you want to create a wedding photo book, babies first year a travel book, do they have a template suitable for your needs.

What About Any Guarantees:

  • Do they stand behind the quality of their products that you feel happy and satisfied for what you paid them?
  • Let’s face it, cheap may very well mean CHEAP! Who wants a sad looking photo book that was just slapped together with a cover holding together some pages. Having your photos look like there all washed out with text that’s blurry at best, a binding ready to let loose at a moments notice spilling your pages to the floor. What about if you try to get some service, will they even reply to your emails. So your best deal is not necessarily the cheapest price.

When you take into consideration all that I have mentioned, then and only then will you get the Best Deal Photo Book, which, by the way, I do have another post review showing you the best of the best.


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To see a choice of 89 video tutorials and other information then

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  1. I think your site looked good. It had graphs and nice bullet points to drive your point home. I saw a little bolded out text that I thought you meant to have a link in, but maybe you didn’t. Anyway they didn’t click if thats what your aim was. Overall though good job

  2. Thank you for this info. I never took the time to think about what goes into making photo books.

  3. nice website, iam crazy amateur photograph, so can use your informations! thanks for sharing.

  4. I’ve dabbled with Shutterfly a few times before but usually wait for their big discount emails that let you place order 40 or 50% off at certain times of the year. But my mother uses a site called Heritage Makers, I think is what it’s called. Have you reviewed them before and know if they compare well to Shutterfly?

    • The one you have been dabbling with is one of the top 5 and number one on my list to go to for most of there products when it comes to printing. They have top quality with a great warranty and easy website and software to work with. There service is great when you need answers to help with anything you are doing on there site.

      The site your mother uses Heritage Makers I am not totally familiar with but there are hundreds if not thousands of companies offering these type of services. If she is happy with what they do and there pricing for what she gets done then she should stick with them. Usually most companies offer extra benefits and promotions to long term customers because the bottom line does come down to the money they make and customer loyalty speaks volume.

      As far as Heritage Makers comparing to Shutterfly I only know a little bit about Heritage Makers that they are more expensive and the print quality is not always consistent 12 diferent photobook printer review.

  5. I agree with you 100% when it come to buying the cheapest photo books not always being the best deal. I have bought cheap photo books that fall apart in now time. I rather buy something that cost more and have it last longer.

    You did a excellent review on what to look for in a good photo book.

    • Thanks David and I find even though sometimes you do need to pay a little more for quality every now and then you can get great deals in discounts that still give you the same great quality for the lower pricing.

      The big thing is even if you do not happen to catch one of these discounted deals at the time your looking to create your photo books, paying a little extra compared to a cheap price else where is well worth the quality and service.

  6. I can remember doing a black and white photography course back in the early 90’s. Rolls of film, boxes of photo paper (gloss, matte or silk) and all those great smelling chemicals :):):) I remember thinking that no one would ever NOT want to have photographs. Then the whole digital age took over and we all had our photos on our PC’s or phones and photo printing labs were either going out of business, or transferring to putting your photos onto a CD instead of printing them. Well….. I’m soooo glad to see that we are all moving back to having actual real life photos to hold and flick through. I missed it. So yes, it IS important that the end result is something worth holding and flicking through 🙂 Thanks for this. And here’s to printed photographs!!

    • I kind of feel the same way as you that as great as digital photographs are and all the things you can do with them, it is nice when you can hold a book right in your hand to go through. I’m not sure if that is from growing up with books and having that feel of going through the pages or the simple knowledge of knowing where to find and all what is in your book.

  7. Travis,
    I make a photo album each year for my son. He is now ten and he has nine already. Changing it up this year and making it a Photo Book is a great idea. I will be looking at some of your links to get the Best Deal. This information will be of a great help in Jan or Feb when I get around to putting all of the years pictures together.
    We make a road trip once a year somewhere it will be good to use a Photo Book for this also, I will see what our Colorado pictures will look like in book form.

    • Hi John and its great you have been collecting pictures of your son each year. When he is older I’m sure he will greatly appreciate what you have done for him. I just recently started showing my grandkids there father when he was there age and they love checking out all the things he did as a kid. With all the new technology these days it is even easier and better for collecting all these memories, so by all means pop in any time.

  8. Hello there!
    I was recently thinking about gathering all of my photos since I am soon moving to a new place and need to organize them. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort in sharing this info with us.
    I really didn’t know how to make a good photo book but your post helped me a lot.
    Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to make my own with my wedding pics !

    • I’m glad you liked the post as creating photo books is a great way to organize your prized photographs. As I keep creating this site further I have been finding out that some people are actually creating there own libraries from the collection of photographs that they have. Some people have been collecting books for there traveling and others collecting for each year that there children age. Most collect photo books on all special occasions, so have fun and thanks for dropping by.

  9. Hey Travis,

    Thanks for the information here regarding photo-books. I never even realized that Shutterfly had this function. There’s a lot of things that Shutterfly probably offers that I don’t know about, haha.

    I wish I had known about this when my children were born, it would have been a great way to capture those memories.

    Thank you for writing about this, I learned something new!

    • Hi Bryan and good to hear from you. Shutterfly does handle a fair but of stuff that they do and like you I find I’m constantly finding out and learning new things , so I thought I would use this site to help anybody looking where to find out more about post production or where to find what they may be looking for to do it.

  10. Hi Travis,

    This is a variation of the traditional scrapbooking, where you place your pictures in a book, with a lot of decorative trimmings around your photos!

    I apologize in advance for the obvious question, but I never made a photo book online before, I am old fashioned! I print my photos and then, I put them in a book!

    So here is my question: The software allows you to choose the layout for your pictures, the type of covers you want and then what? What does Shutterfly sell you beside the software? Can you buy from them all the materials needed to make your photo book, such as the covers?



    • Hi Sonia and to answer your question, here is what Shutterfly or other photo book publishing companies do.

      The software used in Shutterfly is not something you purchase, but rather their software allows you to create your scrapbook or photo album. You would create your book using their software then choose some options for cover etc. and once you’re done; you would purchase one or more books of what you have created for either yourself or others.

      There are software packages you can buy, and there are also some free versions you can use to create all your books on your computer then go through Shutterfly or one of the other companies to produce your printed copy.

      I hope that my answer clarifies your question.

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