Best Sublimation Printers


In this article, we will touch base on getting the information you need to know about finding the best sublimation printers. Depending on the sort of jobs you are planning on doing you’ll need a certain size and type of printer to be able to handle your needs.


Best Sublimation Printers


I would just like to open up by saying that what machine is best for one person is not necessarily the best for another. There are a few essential things you have to consider to make the decision of which one is best.


To get started, you need to know whether you are just doing this as a hobby, small business or perhaps a larger business. If you are doing a large business, then you would be best to deal directly with the principal supplier that sells the $20,000.00 plus machines to outfit your building. For the rest looking to do a hobby or smaller business then, you can learn all about what makes the best sublimation printer.


The video I have here will guide you through the machine to show you some of the features the printer has when it comes to operating this type of printer. Most people doing a hobby or smaller business would not purchase a machine as large or expensive as this one, but the principles are the same.



Each printer will have the same characteristics as one another; your primary difference is in the size and features that you’re looking to have the printer perform for the type of work you need to create.


Before you ever decide to have one of these printers you need to know how much work you want to put through the machine and the total size required for your job area. For instance, most people using these printers as a hobbyist and small business only us printers that handle an 8.5″ x 11″ inches, 8.5″ x 14″ inches wide sublimation sheets of paper. You can get larger sheets depending on the printer, and if you’re really into creating a lot of products, you can have a printer that spools its paper from a role in a few different sizes depending again on the printer.
The one in the video above utilises a role of sublimation paper, and you can get smaller versions of that machine that still has the role instead of a paper tray. These machines will start with a 13″ wide roll all the way up to the massive commercial printers using 104″ wide rolls.


photograph of sublimation printers t shirt


When people have the money for the machines in a small to medium business, the printers that will handle up to 24″ wide rolls will handle just about any job. When I was working in the shop before going on my own, anything larger than what the shop machines could handle was sourced out which only happened a few times. Like I had mentioned before, you do not require the larger machines for most of the work you would be doing for your sublimation projects.


To get a proper handle on what you would need to do the job require by the best sublimation printers, I would suggest you go to “Say It With Photographs.” Click on the Monthly Newsletter at the bottom to get access and learn what you can from the free tutorials, and then make a decision on which machine will work best for you.



  1. Hey, I’d never heard of sublimation printers before. I was browsing through your site and saw your article and it caught my eye. After watching that video, I see what they are now. This looks like the kind of printers that would be used in very professional settings, so they are very much out of my budget. But it is definitely great to know what is out there just in case I ever need anything like this.

    Do you own one of these printers yourself?

    • I do not own one of these printers myself, I use to use three other types that did the same concept of sublimation in a graphics company I worked for before I went on my own. I had thought about buying all the different equipment and doing a business but later decided to take a different route. Part of that choice lead me to create this site to inform people all about photography and post production from what I use to do to spreading the information for others to learn what they want and decide what they would like to do with there photographs.

  2. Hi Smithers,

    I love photography a lot. I wish I have started my photograph business, this may be the place I will buy my photography equipments.

    The Sublimation Printers in this post are sleek. I like them. Do you have a mode for orders some of these equipments? I will like to know.

    Keep the fire on!


    • By all means if you would like to know more I can be available to answer any of your questions, Daniel. Also, you may find some of your questions in my other tutorials but either way you can always get in contact with me and I’ll try my best to get your answers to you.

  3. Win Back Your Ex Comments

    What a great piece of equipment.

    I have tried to make use of this equipment before as I was helping a charity and wanted to make some t-shirts.. it was a very expensive project though and finally had to take a different road.

    If i wanted to have a printer such as this, just for home use, what would be the best and most affordable model to go for?



    • When you’re talking about having a sublimation printer for home, most people will usually use one of the smaller Epson’s as this will keep the cost at a couple of hundred and well under a thousand.

      For the larger machines by Epson and Roland just to mention two brand names you’ll be paying $2,000 to as much as $16,000 depending on the size and features you’d be wanting.

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