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Whether you are a professional or not, keeping your digital SLR camera and accessories organized is always a top priority with a quality Camera Bag SLR as well as offering good protection
to keep your equipment safe. I will mention some styles but today we will mainly get the advantages of a backpack camera bag.


Camera Bag SLR 

As most people know there are many types and sizes of SLR Camera Bags each offering options for style and use. Some types would include:

· The Pelican Hard Case is excellent for the storage of all your equipment and used in traveling safety. These cases provide the ultimate in protection with their hard body outer case that absorbs heavier impact more than most other cases available on the market today and waterproofing. Inside the case you have layers and blocks of foam to create the best fit for all your equipment. They come in a verity of sizes according to your personal needs.
· Camera Bag Wheels is an option for larger mobility of camera and accessories as well. Excellent for use as a carry-on to ensure the safety of your gear when traveling to different areas.
· Camera Bag Shoulder is the most popular for all forms of travel. You will see most people using these type of camera bags for aircraft flights to all locations all over town to the countryside for taking pictures. These smaller camera bags are great when your looking to have extra equipment on hand and protect the gear as well while keeping your weight down for easier mobility and flexibility.
· Camera Backpack is considered by most as a mid-size camera bag that is great for your personal carry-on for flights and still getting around with plenty of accessories to get those special shots. They can be purchased as a double shoulder strap on, over the shoulder to give you better control for accessing your equipment, by the way, you wear it.  [supsystic-slider id=4 position=”right”]

To the right is a slide show displaying a few interior and exterior photographs of some camera bags. For the remainder of the post today we’ll focus on a Nikon camera bag designed as a backpack.

With just one look, you can see that this particular backpack camera bag has plenty of space for your camera and accessories. Let’s break this down as I see it as a freelance photographer or anybody planning on having more than just a point and shoot camera. In other words, you have more than just one camera and lens and let’s not forget how great it is for travel.

So here we go:

· Laptop Compartment– Great for taking your laptop with you on trips away from home to upload your photographs and in my case also for working on my website. Other than travel
you have some extra space, books, tiny bit of clothing, etc. or leave empty.
· Zipper Pocket– Anything small enough to fit that you feel safe within the compartment without much padding.

· Large Accessory Storage– Has small see-through zippered compartment under a lid for small stuff but mainly the larger compartment for extra lighting, cameras or accessories that do notphotograph of nikon camera bag 3 fit elsewhere. For traveling it is great for personal stuff with your carry on and to me when you’re out for the day, it’s a lunch box area.

· Media & Cable Storage– Takes care of extra memory cards and your cables for uploading into your computer. If you have one of the latest cameras, then you can use WiFi to upload to your computer that gives you a different use for the compartment.
· Tripod Holder– Good as a tripod holder when you need one, great for carrying a bottle to go with lunch and a sip here or there along the way.
· Small Accessory Storage– Always a good idea to have a basic cleaning kit here, don’t leave home without it. But you decide what works best for you.
· Customizable Interior– Adjustable padded compartment walls with Velcro for you to create the layout and size around your equipment.
· Side Camera Access– Like it says you get easy access to remove your camera. So make sure it is always zipped up when grabbing from the ground or un-slinging the bag from your front, that you don’t drop your camera. That could get expensive!   [supsystic-slider id=5 position=”right”]

In this next slide show to the right you will see some other photographs displaying the backpack with different panels
opened at different angles. How you can wear the camera bag in various configurations and one of my favorites as your personal carryon luggage to take a flight to a new destination for travel pictures.

So there you have it, good to go on your trip to new destinations, wear it as a backpack or you can sling it. It is extremely versatile and constructed for all your travel needs to carry what you need all padded up for protecting all your gear weighing in at 2.47 lbs empty with dimensions of 18.00″ high x 12.00″ wide x 8.00″ thick. Comes with rain cover, foot holder, luggage handle slot and more in this Camera Bag SLR.


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  1. I have something like this bag, but it is not nearly as good. I want to get this one. I go to a lot of parties and I take a lot of pictures, and this looks good enough to handle work load.

    • Hi Candice glad you liked the post, you can find the particular camera bag in the Camera Department under Online Stores link. I concentrate first on helping and educating people on what is available and how to get things done without pushing products on every page and post. You can find a great selection of camera bags in the Camera Department.

  2. I like your thorough review about the camara bag. I call it a multipurpose bag. So many compartments. This is indeed a very good bag to have. Great review!

  3. That bag is awesome. I travel a lot, and can’t fit everything I need in the one bag. I think I’ll be looking into purchasing this one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Great website too. Lots of interesting information.

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