Camera Cleaning Kit

When it comes to using a camera cleaning kit, there is one high-quality kit that comes to mind like no other the Altura Photo Cleaning Kit.

Camera Cleaning Kit


In the photo below you will see a full cleaning kit put together with the highest quality for the care and maintenance of your camera equipment and attaching components.

Each Altura item comes with a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by DigitalGoja as the only seller for the kits. Other companies selling similar kits may not have the same high-quality kits that could lead to equipment damage.

photo of camera cleaning kit



This photo shows us the Air Blower, which you’ll use mainly for the cleaning of your Lenses and mirror inside your camera body. When using the air blower, it is best not to get the tip of the blower too close to your lens. You need to make sure as you squeeze the bulb the tip does not come into contact with the lens to scratch it. Secondly there is plenty of air pressure so you can be a few inches away to blow the lens clean. When you are cleaning the lens or mirror in the camera body, it is best held in a downward position, so the dust once blown off the lens or mirror will not settle back on the lens and mirror again.

For the most part, the Air Blower is usually enough for cleaning.

photo of camera cleaning kit air blower


Now in the case you do find you need a better clean due to fingerprints, for instance, the kit has a Lens Cleaning Pen System. The lens brush is made up of two parts. At one end, you will find a brush used to brush away any larger particles from your lens. At the other end is a pen pad that you can use in circular motions to clean your lens of fingerprints. The inside of the pen cap also has a carbon pad to recoat the pen tip once you place the pen back.


photo of camera cleaning kit pen system


As an alternative, you can use sheets from the package of Lens Tissue Paper in combination with cleaning solution from your spray bottle. In the case of cleaning your lens this way you want to wipe your lens in a horizontal wipe pattern across the lens lightly.


Now the MagicFiber MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths can be used with or without the utilization of a cleaning solution. The great thing about these clothes is that you can use them to wipe down the whole exterior of your camera


photo of camera cleaning kit magicfiber

photo of camera cleaning kit magicfiber cloth









Now depending on which kit you get, there will either be a Small Empty Spray Bottle or a Small Spray
Bottle with a Solution

photo of camera cleaning kit spray bottle

photo of camera cleaning kit sheet









High-Quality Lens Brush again is used in the same manner as previously discussed with the brush from the lens cleaning pen system.

photo of camera cleaning kit brush

So if your anything like me and would like to see more information and the current techniques then click through to see the 5 Video Tutorial on Camera Cleaning Kit.


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  1. What a nice article on the idea of a lens cleaning kit. Most of us simple take the hem of their shirt to clean a lens, but I’ve noticed that if it has been washed with a fabric softener it leaves smudges.

    You certainly don’t want smudges messing up your photos, so cleaning it in a more profesional way is a good idea.

    • Hi Debra and you are totally right about using some peace of clothing that you can cause smudges. One of the biggest problems doing this is you can run the risk of scratching your lens which is something you definitely do not want to do to expensive equipment and will also show imperfections on your photographs after a while.

  2. I’ll be honest with you here – I didn’t know there were such things a camera cleaning kits. I basically thought it was pretty much a spit and rag sort of proceedure that you could do anywhere lol.
    I’ll have to look into this further for my son’s DSLR item. I don’t want him messing up the lens somehow

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Chris, for most people they usually do not bother much with cleaning there cameras or lenses until they start noticing problems with there prints. People who have the better camera gear usually are more on top of taking really good care of there equipment to protect there investment and are usually more into photography.

      Most people just like to have fun with taking photos and that works for most but it never hurts to take care of any camera even if its cheap because the cleaning kits are very inexpensive and using the proper cleaning kit will help alleviate getting scratches and smudges.

  3. For a high technology device like a modern camera you really do need a high tech maintenance system. The cleaning kit you are promoting looks like it will get the job done.

    I used to be into high tech cameras, but these days I usually just use the one in my smart phone. Those little lenses get dirty too and being so little they are almost impossible to clean. I suppose I could use this cleaning kit on my smart phone too.


    • Hi Gary and your right about being able to use the cleaning kit on your smart phone. You could use a cleaning kit that is a little simpler but having one is definitely better than none at all. With smart phones of today they are making them better every year. The technology behind the newer smart phones make it possible for most people to have the capability of taking great pictures for what they want without having to buy an actual camera.

      Just like you and many others, I use my smart phone a lot and use my actual cameras when I require better functionality and control over the out come of the photographs that I’m taking.

  4. Thank you for posting this!!! I just bought my first DSLR camera and bought this exact cleaning kit but we too afraid to use it because I had no idea what I was doing! This was very helpful as I now know how to properly clean my precious camera 🙂

    • Hi Kylie and good to hear you have a cleaning kit to take care of your equipment. Glad my post could help out with explaining the procedures, by keeping your gear clean you will capture the best possible pictures that your camera can produce and your equipment will serve you better and for a longer time frame. You made a great decision on purchasing a cleaning kit for your equipment.

  5. just what i have been looking for i have a cleaning kit but never used it .to be honest i was worried abouyt=t making a mistake and ruining my camera really was not sure on how to do it but after visiting your site made it all clear now .many thanks jimmi

    • Well the great thing about having your cleaning kit is you can watch the video in the photography tutorials to show you how to use all your cleaning supplies and clean your camera gear while watching.

  6. So I’ve finally committed to buying my first DSLR-like camera the Nikon Coolpix P530. For the amount of money I spent, I knew I had to invest in a good camera cleaning kit. The the Altura Photo Cleaning Kit seems like the perfect solution, and at such a reasonable price!

    • Hi Stephanie and you are right that you get a lot for your money with the Altura Photo cleaning kit. As great as the cleaning kit is for the money it really makes a difference for the longevity of your camera. This cleaning kit will definitely extend the life of your camera to help keep it working like new for every picture you take. It makes for great insurance for your camera to get the most out of your photo shoots, have fun.

  7. It can be very annoying to have specks on your photos due to dust and dirt. I’ve often had problems with dust on the sensor, though, which is a lot more tricky to clean than just cleaning the lens. What would you recommend for cleaning the sensor? Should I take it to a professional camera cleaning place?

    • Before I would pay to have my camera cleaned professionally I would see about cleaning it myself first with one of the Altura Photo Cleaning Kits. I end up changing out the lenses on my camera body a fair bit so you have no choice but to clean because of the amount of times you introduce possible dust etc. whenever you change lenses. Profeesional photographers will usually have a few cameras to avoid swapping lenses to much by having desegnated lenses with camera bodys for sposific types of photographs. I use only one.

  8. Hi TSmithers! I never tought there is such things for camera as cleaning kit.. But it all make sense and you need them. I loved to read your blog and in future if I will get camera for my self I definetly will get cleaning kit as well. Thanks for tip with Air Blower to dont get to close to lens!

    • Having cameras to take pictures for business or pleasure is always great and having the proper stuff to take care of our equipment is just as important. Glad you liked the post and stop by anytime, always like to help when I can.

  9. Travis it is nice to see someone still uses a camera. Now days everyone uses their phone. My cousin uses a good camera, I don’t know the make but he takes some beautiful pictures. He had mentioned taking it apart to clean it. You are right about the people that are serious about their camera, like taking them apart. It was nice you had a tutorial on cleaning your camera. Beginner could sure use that.

    • It is usually a good idea to clean the lenses and camera with a cleaning kit even if your not using them all the time as dust and particles are always present and it will just make sure your equipment is always ready to be used.

      I usually find you start thinking more about taking pictures when you keep up with cleaning your equipment then if you leave it in the closet or packed away some were.

  10. SWEET! Great camera cleaning kit!! 🙂

    My mom had a really expensive camera bought for her at Christmas time last year because she loves taking photos of wildlife. But now here camera’s getting a bit grubby and the lens needs some attention too.

    The all in one Altura kit looks fantastic for photographers, so I will definitely forward this article on to my mom 🙂

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Neil and having a cleaning kit is one significant investment for taking care of all your photography equipment. When you spend the money to have proper equipment such as most of the newer cameras today, it is always wise to have the cleaning kits to keep them operating like new for every picture you want to capture.

  11. Hey Travis:

    This one’s a timely post for me. I finally got myself a better grade of camera. I find your tutorial most helpful with clear pictures that show me exactly what I need to do.

    My take-away in all this is that if you’re going to invest in good-quality equipment, it makes sense to take care of them properly to keep them working right.


    • I would totally agree with you on that. After paying out all that money to have the quality equipment, it only makes sense you would want to take care of the equipment to make it last longer and take the best pictures the camera can for as long as it can.

      Even an excellent camera can take bad photos if it gets dirty and if you do not clean it, then what was the point of investing all that money. If you’re going to pay out the money, I think you should say naturally what to keep it performing at its best by keeping it clean.

  12. Your guide is very useful. I currently use disposable wipes which are supposed to be for camera lenses and spectacles. I find they smear and are quite frankly rubbish. Your kit review makes me think perhaps I have been buying the wrong thing. Does this smear? I assume it doesn’t what with the gadgets it comes with.

    • This kit will take proper care of your equipment, Gary, as it has been designed for complete maintenance and care for your camera and accessories.

      The extra cleaning kit components will make sure you will not scratch your lenses by cleaning off dust particles first before you wipe them with the wipes. Just applying wipes to your lenses will sometimes scratch the lenses as you rub the dust particles around the lense with the wipes. You need to blow and brush off particles first before using the wipes.

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