Cheap Custom T Shirts

When it comes to buying T-Shirts you usually see an average price of $20.00 to $30.00, but what if I told you there are cheap custom T-Shirts you can purchase for less. There are a lot of people who want to create a custom T-Shirt but don’t wish to pay a lot of money for it.

cheap custom t shirts


Cheap Custom T-Shirts

Now here’s a topic I hear from many different types of people. You could be thinking to yourself right now, what does he mean by different kinds of people. The following list will explain:

  • T-Shirts for various types of sports teams
  • For various sports events
  • T-Shirts for fundraising events
  • For different kinds of parties like a bachelor party
  • Or simply one of a kind about something like a guy having his vintage car featured

The reasons for creating one or more T-Shirts are numerous. The most obvious is the T-Shirt you want does not exist. This scenario is where creating a custom T-Shirt takes over. At this point, the sublimation printers and heat presses come out.

sublimation printer & heat press

Now you can create your T-Shirts from scratch as I once did. But unless you’re starting a business to cover the high equipment and operating cost it would be best just to stick with the preparation stages.

So one of the best ways to get cheap custom T-Shirts is to have all your prep work done. If all your planning to do is have a general picture like the one below sublimated onto your T-Shirt, you are ready for a direct upload.

Custom T Shirt

In the case where you have your picture but require more personalization. You are going to deal with two options. The first being you can load your photograph into a photo image editor and make the necessary changes you require or do you need somebody else to provide the service for you to look like the modified picture below.

Custom T Shirt modified

As you can see the choices you have about what you want and how you want to do it, can vary a great deal. This point is where I come in to show you options and ideas to help make your creations a reality.


So Click this link to bring you forward to more ideas and possibilities.


” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here!



  1. We had some custom t-shirts made for my husband’s art business a few years ago because we thought they were an excellent idea. But we were really let down with the quality of the shirts and knew that no one would be eager to buy one, let alone wear it after purchase. How can you know if the quality you’re going to receive is acceptable before you make a purchase?

    • You can check to see how many product reviews they have and what they may say. Get third party reviews and comments that the company has no control over. Once you have that in place.

      First you want to find out about the t shirt quality and then have only one printed to check out the over all quality of what the company is offering.

      When it comes to sublimation the t shirt and the actual printer and inks make a major difference of what the final product will look and feel like. Once you have it, run it through your washer and dryer a few times and take another look, you’ll have your answer. I use Custom ink Unique Online Gift Store.

  2. I’m not a t-shirt fan, in fact I don’t have any that I bought. However, I have bought t-shirts as a present for friends or family. I have also created a Father’s Day t-shirts with my kids. I used a photo editor to edit a picture and put my own words on it. It was nice and all, but I guess that after a few washes it starts to fade away. Does the printing process used for this service affect the quality and durability of the t-shirt? Or is it the machine and/or ink used?

    • The material of the t shirts is the first consideration where you would want 100% cotton and the machine such as the printer and the inks it uses makes a big difference to the longevity and quality of the print.

      There are companies that use the cheaper inks so they can push there products out cheaper than there competition but you pay the price with an inferior product. Its not much different when you think of some of the inks you can purchase for your home computer when you print of color pages. There are different quality inks just as there are also different quality printers.

      So in answering your question the quality of t shirt matters and the printer being used with the type of ink all work together in determining the over all quality of your custom t shirts. You can find a great company for doing this at my Unique Online Gift Store with Custom Ink.

  3. I never bought a custom t-shirt for myself, however they do make great gifts. And, the possibilities of what you can put on them is endless.

    Great information for the person who wants a custom t-shirt as a gift or for yourself at a decent price.

    I am a photographer and have many photographs I would like to put on t-shirts.

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi David as you know being a photographer the pictures you have collected and created yourself will always have more meaning than a regular store bought picture so having them sublimated on a t-shirt will always triumph.

      So have yourself some fun with the possibilities of what you can create with your photographs and good hearing from you.

  4. What a wonderful website you’ve got. Years ago I worked at a T-shirt store owned by a dear friend. So I’ve done iron-ons and press-ons. I’ve done thousands of T-shirts for groups.

    Your store has a lot to offer from the Power Press Industrial at $229 to the Hotronix Air Fusion at $3650. At these prices I could purchase a machine and start my own business.

    I think the store is laid out well. It is aesthetically pleasing. You appear to have quality merchandise. I like the picture gallery. And I like the variety of choices in products. Very nice.

    • Hi Rawl and your right about if somebody wanted to start a business doing sublimation that one can get everything that they would need to get started. I have a lot of people interested in understanding the process and wanting to have the final product but there are a few that like you mentioned want to know how to actually make money with there own business with which equipment they require etc.

      From your past experience you would know and understand the kind of information that they would want to know and have if they did want to start a business. My website shows what and how things can be done from beginning to the post production stage with tutorials explaining every stage depending on where a persons interest may take them.

      Thanks for the visit and glad you liked the site.

  5. I agree, customized t-shirts rock! I was first introduced to them in middle school, after I’d caught the chicken pox. My father’s friend was an airbrush artist and my dad had him airbrush a picture of my favorite musician so that the kids wouldn’t tease me about the craters I had in my face from scratching my chicken pox. And it worked lol! I loved the dog t-shirts! Thanks for sharing.

    • Having a t-shirt done of of your favorite musician from somebody that knows how to airbrush would be pretty cool. Talk about one of a kind custom t-shirt, your father gets two thumbs up for that one.

  6. you’re right! Custom tees can be pretty spendy and I find myself needing to purchase at least 30 to even buy a good deal! I need to find better sites too! I buy tees for resale though, do they work with that kind of a thing?
    I’e used a place called bandsonabudget and customink and they seem alright, ever heard of either?

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • I have not heard of bandsonabudget but I am an affiliate with customink. The only way to get cheaper once you have come to this stage is if you yourself want to run a small business with printing off your own t-shirts. Even though it may cut your costs down you could find its not how you want to spend your time to make money compared to paying a little extra and just deal with selling them.

      You can check out my free tutorials on that but you would need to think hard on what it is you want to do and accomplish. Hope that helps.

  7. I have bought multiple custom T-Shirts over the years and I am very selective on what the T-shirts says or advertise. When you find the right one that just resonates with you, you’ve got to buy it. Right? What T-shirt brand do you find is the best for having a custom T-shirt made from? Like Hanes, Gildan or whatever.

    • Travis Smithers

      I have used a lot of different brands, and Hanes and Gildan are the main ones, but my primary concern was the t-shirts are all pre-shrunk and 100% cotton. So long as I made sure I was purchasing with those two main criteria I found that the t-shirts would last the longest and keep my designs the best.

      100% Cotton t-shirts always seem to wear the best for comfort I find as well.

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