Create Scrapbooks Online


When it comes to doing digital scrapbooks, you can create scrapbooks online by using some of the top printing or publishing photo book companies on the Internet.



Create Scrapbooks Online



I have affiliated myself with Shutterfly one of the best photo book companies to deal with in giving you top quality for one of the best prices on the Internet. There software and support for any questions and procedures that you may require are top notch.

photograph of create scrapbooks online

When you want to create your scrapbook online there are a few ways you can go about doing this:


  • Prepare and publish the whole scrapbook online
  • Use free online software to create your scrapbook and print your pages
  • Use your software for creating portions of your scrapbook then finish online
  • Use your software but saving your work online


Prepare and publish the whole scrapbook online


For those of you that do not have the software required which usually deals with photo editing and graphics capabilities such as Corel and Photoshop at the higher end of the budget and there are others that do less for a cheaper cost, you can do your work online.


One such method would be to deal with the company you plan on printing your scrapbook. For instance, I deal with Shutterfly where they have the software that you can utilise to create your scrapbook by using their page layouts and edit your photographs and text to get the look you want for your book. The key thing to remember here is not only can you save your work and create it as you have time but you have full support if you need questions answered while you are creating your scrapbook.


As I mentioned above, this is one of the better options if you want to create a scrapbook online without purchasing a software package to create the books on your system.



Use free online software to create your scrapbook and print your pages


Another way you could create and get into doing your scrapbooks is by using free online software through somebody else’s site. Personally the problem that I find here is these sites may give you the ability to create using their software but you are very limited in what you can do, and they want you to pay extra for all the options and components that you usually would want or need to create your scrapbook the way you want.


Most companies will usually give you a free trial period to use their software such as 30 days free trial period from the time of installation on your computer, and that still may not give you full options on the use of what the software is capable of unless you upgrade to pay. The big thing to remember here is you would want to know you have the time to get all the things you need to do in that 30-day period accomplished. That way you will know if the software is capable of performing the way you require it.


I find I do not like trying to use the software on other people’s websites, and I’d rather do the 30-day trial to test out any software to see if it’s the right fit for me. Depending on your personal requirements you will need to decide what works best for you.


Use your software for creating portions of your scrapbook then finish online


By far this to me is the way to go where you use your software to create all the key segments of your scrapbook. When you’ve taken the time to learn how to use your software, it is much easier to build and but your ideas together working with what you know. For myself I use Corel and Photoshop, you can choose something simpler and easier on the pocket book that can do what you need to for most people such as Adobe Elements.


These programs are designed to deal with photographs and graphics at the same time making them perfect for creating digital scrapbooking the way you like. These software packages are just a few of what is available on the market. The other great thing about using the top rated programs are the plugin’s you can get. A lot of them are free to use that come all set up for you to have a fully functional theme all prepared, and you just pick out your options for elements, etc. and create how your book will look in your layout.


Once you have everything the way you want, you can just upload it into an online publisher like Shutterfly and get your scrapbooks published online.

photograph of digital scrapbooking elements

Some different representations of elements created for use in digital scrapbooking.

Use your software but saving your work online


Now some people find that they would much rather have all their files online. If you have a tendency to work on different machines and locations, this can all be done if you have your data online such as cloud storage that is becoming much more popular. Cloud storage makes it easier to share and work with files from anywhere on multiple platforms or as I call machines to create and edit your job. The thing you need to remember about using different devices to select and work on your files, you require compatible software on each machine to take advantage of this option that’s available for you.


Using online storage such as the cloud or other server access for data is not something that I use at present where I work off of one computer but is common place for many people these days and is climbing.


photograph of digital scrapbook templates

Some ideas for different layouts of themes you can use for scrapbooking.

I’m sure you can certainly see the small article that I have posted here, your options to create scrapbooks online can vary to what may work best for you. I would also like to mention if you have your software; your creations will far exceed your expectations with the free tutorials I have to show you on how to use your software package in the production for your scrapbooking.


Take a look at my Free Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials


” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here!



  1. Hello Travis,
    I have heard of shutterfly but I did not know about what services they offer. I will have to do more reading about this topic as my wife and I take alot of pics during our adventures and we love to share them but they are all on the computer.
    Thanks for the idea,
    The Fat Guy

    • Travis Smithers

      Glad you liked the information about Shutterfly and yes they do offer many services when it comes to having photo books created and many other things sublimated such as mugs, t-shirts a great many personalized gifts.

  2. Great post, I have never done any sort of scrap booking but I have loads of pictures. I might like to do something for my family 🙂
    Thanks for all the information this is definitely something I might like to give a go.
    I know my mom would love this, will share it with her.

    • Travis Smithers

      That’s the great thing about digital scrapbooking is it is never to late to start and you can share it with anybody. If you would like a lot more great information and learn 100′ s of tips and tricks then by all means check out all the free digital scrapbooking tutorialsin the training section for free.

  3. Travis,
    I have thousands of pictures in box’s that I would like to make a scrap book of some of my life’s adventures. I made some scrapbooks in the 60’s and still have them. I am on the adventure of my bucket list and would like to start a different book for each trip. This may help as i can create scapbooks online from the road. I do use a cloud service to store pics on, also transfer to a portable device when I get home to secure the pics if the cloud crashes. I will look into Shutterfly again as I have used it before.

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi John it is surprising how many of use have collected pictures through the years just to have them in a box like you mentioned. The good news is with todays technology it is very easy to transfer them into digital and take the newer digital pictures we have and have them put into photo books online. And through my travels I have found Personalized Gift Ideas to be one of the best for doing photo books with like I have mentioned in a past comparison review.

  4. For years I’ve had 3 dvd’s sitting here for scrapbooking and I’ve never used it once. In actual fact I’ve been thinking about them in recent times and wondered if there is anything there worth using.

    Now I read this and can see it can all be done online as you say. That’s an interesting idea. I’ll have to think about that.

    What I wonder is as we have passed through the different technologies, we’ve had to copy things from one to the other. I wonder how it would go with this? I mean, what if the company closed down? Where would all your work and photos be then? Just thinking, that’s all.

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Marilyn, personally for myself I like to own all the software and keep everything on my hard drives to have all my files to manipulate them when and how I want. When I want to print something I can just upload the pages and get it printed and I’m done. I still have everything on my computer.

      A lot of people do not want to buy the software or possibly get some of the free software which has limited usage compared to owned software, but rather use the online software. You are right if the company goes out of business all your online work with them are gone.

      So it’s best to Unique Online Gift Store that has proven itself as the one I recommend and if your going to be doing a lot of scrap booking, I would buy the software and keep my own records just in case.

      Like you said you never know. Great question and I hope this answer helps you.

  5. Great content for starting a scrapbook. I know this is a popular niche and is probably very competitive, but if you keep providing this type of content using the proper key words you have a chance to rank well. Like most, I have heard of Shutterfly but was not sure what they did. This definitely sounds like the way to go for someone like me.

    • Travis Smithers

      I find anything to do with taking your photographs and doing something creative with them is great and Shutterfly is an excellent choice for printing your creations out.

  6. Nice idea for a mother’s day gift or a school class photo!
    And there are so many options in this program!
    Got to try it!
    It’s always a good way to expose a photo that brings us to that special moment!
    Or to make an beautiful travel album.
    Nice review.

    • Travis Smithers

      Why thank you Ana I have found that a lot of people are getting into scrap booking and the digital scrap booking has been picking up more momentum as people are getting into computers and the different software available for doing scrap booking more each day.

      When you think of all the stuff you can do with the newer software today its understandable why so many people are getting into creating more. So have fun with future visits and check out all the free tutorials as well.

  7. What a great idea, and be able to click UNDO when you dont like something and save the project for latter. The art of scrapbooking is really fun. I will make sure to spread the words around. I bookmarked your site.Is this something you can actually email so you can show it to loved ones at a distance?

    • Hi Lorren and thanks for dropping by as for your question, when your creating a digital scrapbook instead of creating your scrap book for doing a final print you can use software where you will create your scrapbook but save it in another format to create a slide show or PDF pages for your e-book which you can share and transfer around through the Internet other than a hard copy.

      You just need software where you can load your created pages into your computer if your using an online photo editor to create the scrap book or your own editing software like Adobe Lightroom 5 and put your created pages in a format that your friends and family can open like a PDF file or just simply as a standard JPG picture file.

      Then you can email them, place them in a cloud space if you have one to share or you could simply use a free website that you can direct your friends and family to view your creations.

  8. This is such an awesome idea. I have so many pictures on my computer, I would love to put them in a tender book. I can’t wait to try this out. I can get the whole family involved. Thank you for putting this information out there, I had no idea Shutterfly had these options.

    • Travis Smithers

      Through the years my family and I have been doing a lot of fun stuff with photographs that I thought I would start spreading the word like so many others on the Internet just like the old saying “the more the merrier.”

  9. I’ve been a shutter bug since I was in grade school. Back then I would make photo books and scrap books using an old fashioned process known as ‘paper’. 🙂

    Once upon a time I was creating scrap book photo content online. I used Gimp and Microsoft Paint, and a HP product that came with a new camera I bought.
    Recently though I’ve gotten lazy and just post pics on Facebook and Instagram.

    Since I’m approaching retirement age, though, I think I’ll get back into organizing my content in a more creative way.


    • Hi Gary and good to hear from you. I know exactly where your coming from as a lot of people have transitioned from how we did things in the past to present day. I find with all the changes some things are still basically the same just a new way of doing it.

      Regardless of the process it still takes photos and your time to lay out your project so the simplest systems will help in the creation to get what you want accomplished.

  10. This looks like a lovely way to handle and store all your precious moments online – a scrap it!
    Can you create these sorts of things using your own software? I don’t mean free software I was thinking more of things like Lightroom or photoshop?
    Would be pretty cool to have complete control over your own software to do it!

    • Yes Chris you can definitely use your own software as for myself I use Photoshop and Corel Draw. There are many people that want to use free which is fine but for some people they find the software packages are very limited in what you can achieve compared to owned software.

      If your like me I like owned and have full control and the two you mention are great software packages to be using as I had just mentioned I do use Photoshop.

  11. Hello
    I have always loved scrapbooking but doing it online has always sounded so difficult I was even afraid to start.
    But, after reading your article, you have explained things so well that I feel confident to give it a try.
    I’m excited of the thought of being able to create my own scrapbook online.
    I will have to go with online software to create my first scrapbook,after that l will decide if l need my own.
    Again thanks so much for a very easy to follow tutorial.
    Cheers Roamy

    • Hi Roamy and I find whenever you decide to do something for the first time, it is usually always best to keep it simple and try it out first to see if it’s something you are going to like without investing to much money. A lot of people are getting into it these days so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to keep costs down and see if it’s for you. Good hearing from you.

  12. Hi there Travis – this is an excellent site with loads of helpful information. I went through a ‘scrapbooking craze’ a few years ago – my whole dining room table was covered with photos and pages and layouts and tools and papers…you know the kind! I still love the old style pages with all the 3D embellishments, but it is so costly and so time-consuming. It’s one of my retirement/bucket list things to sort out and save the thousands of photos that I have stored in boxes! I’ve been taking photos since I was about 12, when I bought my first ever ‘auto focus’ camera…it was so much fun to be able to point and shoot! I’ll be back to read more of your info and I’m going to check out Shutterly. Thanks for creating this website – even if I never get my photos sorted, it’s nice to dream…
    Ellie from WA

    • I find for a lot of us it is hard to find the time to get everything we would like done. I also know just what you mean by opening up a space and filling it up with stuff to organize it or create something. With the technology we have today it is so much easier to create today without all the mess and required space to lay things out. Now you can have that table top of stuff all inside a computer desk top that goes away as soon as you log out of your computer leaving your home and work space free and clean. That way if you have a long project on the go you do not need to look at a big mess day after day when your busy with other things.

      Creating scrapbooks on your computer I find has definite advantages over the cost and mess of the old cut and paste. You do loose the texture and 3D of the original scrapbooking but I still prefer digital variations more.

  13. Scrapbooking online isn’t something I have ever thought about. My wife likes to try and scrapbook but sometimes the amount of materials needed can be fairly burdensome. I kind of wonder if this is something she might be interested in, I’ll have to send her to your website and see if she can come up with some ideas.

    • Hi Devin and I am positive when it comes to ideas of what you can create with digital scrapbooking, your wife will be able to come up with quite a lot of ideas. In my tips and tutorials she will be able to see many great ideas and methods of how to do digital scrapbooking. The tutorials will take you through the different software packages and concepts of doing digital scrapbooking so enjoy the free tutorials and see where your imagination will take you.

  14. Hi Travis,

    I have tons of pictures stored and was always wondering how I could have them all organized. This digital era made it so easy for us to take photos without wasting films but at the same time, it is hard to have them all in track.

    So thank you for this information. I have heard of Shutterfly but I did not know what kinds of services they actually offer.


    • Hi, Yuko and glad I could be of some service, Shutterfly is just one of many online companies that can offer this service. There are other company’s, but I know Shutterfly is one of the top rated, just like Snapfish when it comes to getting photo books created. You can actually read about the pros and cons here, “Best deal photo Book.”

  15. Scrapbooks are great to look at especially when they have been put together well. Other scrapbooks however can look like a complete mess. I guess people have to get their ideas of Art together to really make a good one though haha. I’ll have to show some of my friends this page so they don’t mess theirs up.

    Nice work!


    • The great thing about people now choosing to do scrapbooks digitally now, is they are easier to make changes to compared with the older hard copy versions.

      Once you start gluing all your photos and things to create the scrapbook, it is pretty much a permanat thing. Even if you also create a digital scrapbook and have it printed you end up with the same result. The big difference with a digital scrapbook is you can examen it and decide if it’s what you want or time for some changes or tweeks.

      With a digital scrapbook nothing is final until you print the book off.

  16. Travis,

    Yes they say that a picture is worth a thousand words! Do you know if the scrap-booking software is compatible with chromebook? Or is it only windows? I don’t have a windows computer but I am very interested in starting a scrapbook, my husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I would like to make a scrapbook of the journey from the time of conception.

    • Where chromebook are the new way of offering people internet access and mobility at present there is still software that will not work on there platform for moment.

      Requardless of what you use while going through the internet will work as it is operating through your browser.

      To down load software is where the issue will be for sertain software packages but as the chromebooks get more popular there will be a wider selection of software packages for the machines themselfs.

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