Digital Editing Photo Software


Some would claim that what I’m about to show you is the best digital editing photo software on the market today. Once you have taken your photographs, it’s time to make them as best as they can be and what better program than Photoshop.


Digital Editing Photo Software

Below, is one of many videos displaying the power of Photoshop’s ability to manipulate a photograph with special effects. In most cases, you would just simply touch up your pictures with some editing techniques, this would give the appearance as if you took an amazing photo. This video, on the other hand, will show how you can do far more than simple enhancements on your photographs.



Now when it comes to the types of editing software, you will be able to learn about Photoshop and some of Adobe’s other software packages as well as some free editing software packages. Each type of software package has different abilities with some having more than others. If all you want to do is touch up some imperfections on your photographs, then some of the free editing software packages could work for you.  For the more in-depth, editing techniques required, you may find you’ll need to get a software package that you’ll be required to purchase to do the things you require.



One of the great things about having these free tutorials is you will be able to check out what the software can do, so you’ll know if the free software is capable of handling your needs or not. If this is not the case, then you’ll be able to see which software you would want to purchase to handle your needs for editing your photos.


photograph of photoshop training online


You will find with each of these tutorials, this one being just one of hundreds available, you will learn how to use a digital editing photo software package such as Photoshop. Each video will go into explanations on different topics you may be interested in learning. Whether you want to keep your photo editing to a natural but enhanced finish, or would like to do major special effects to fantastic works of art. The choice is yours and with these free tutorials you will be able to create the desired photo finishing you want.

For those of you, that prefer not to take the time to search out all the explicit videos for creating special effects. I have a link here that will give you everything you need to manipulate photographs just like the pros in no time, “Trick Photography Effects.”


photograph of adobe lightroom 5 tutorial


Now for everybody else who doesn’t mind looking at the different tutorials to see what they would like to learn from, all the videos I have available are free for anyone to use. There are many people like myself that have the knowledge they are willing to share without a price. So I have been gathering these lessons to create a one-stop learning center for all those interested.

As time goes on, I will start to separate videos into blocks that will better correlate to key topics for smaller areas of interest. As I get to take more time in developing this website, I will categorize lessons into a more functional breakdown of what people are requesting.

To view all that I have available for digital editing photo software, go to my “Say It With Photographs” page and click the Monthly Newsletter link at the bottom to gain full access to all the tutorials.


  1. Hi,

    My husband is very into photo/video editing and at the moment I don’t know what he is using.

    But, I will forward your website to him, perhaps he finds more interesting stuff for his purpose. For me, as a non “profi” editor, I was pleased that you also have offered some possibilities to choose from.

    I am always thankful for new things to learn.

    Thank you.

    • Hi, Sylvia and depending on what form of editing you do you would probably find that the free software packages may work just fine for you. There are lots of free tutorials that can show you what each program will do so you would be able to pick the one you like most by it’s features. I always like to try the free stuff first before I get involved with purchasing the higher end software for use. You’re able to figure out just how much you’ll use it and whether you require all the features the program has to offer or more. In the case I require more, then I’ll purchase a higher end software package that gives me the features I need or want.

  2. My wife loves taking photos and I’ve just started into editing her photos. As to make them look better when we sell our products! You have great, helpful information for me on this website! Love the videos that you posted on the page as well makes it a little easier to understand.

    Thank you for the site and very useful information,

    Zach Campbell (Owner/Operator)
    Market Merchant (MM+)

    • Good to know that the site was of some help to you. I’ve put this post together to show a small sample of what you can expect when you go into the free tutorials. I’ll be taking some time later to add a few pages dealing with the different topics to make it easier to learn exactly from the area that interests you the most.

  3. Hello Travis,
    I visited your post Digital Editing Photo Software, and I was very impressed. I have not done much with photographs since we stopped selling daylilies on our daylily farm. We had to have awesome pictures to sell the flowers. I so enjoyed this post, like visiting an old friend, I had forgotten how much fun this could be! I am not sure I am ready for Photoshop yet, and I have the program, but I will be sure to bookmark your site, so I can come back as needed! Are the add on programs expensive? Thank you for a great post!
    Best of Luck,

    • Hi, Linda and good hearing from you. If you already have Photoshop then you’re good to go with creating better photos. You can get some extra plugins that you’ll find will be free or a small charge if they are something you feel you require. These plugins are usually settings and masks that you can also create on your own if you enjoy playing around with your program.

      The different tutorials I have can certsinly help you out with that if your interested.

  4. Very interesting post! I have done a little photo and other graphic editing but can see the value of something like Photoshop. It is sort of the difference between a tinkerer and a professional. When you do it for a living you actually make a lot more using the more expensive tools. Free things can be great for a hobbyist. To do the best work you need the best to work with.

    • I would tend to agree with you on that analagy but I do know some people can do great things with very little to work with

  5. Wow, I was impressed with the information provided here. I’m somewhat addicted to photography of my treks through the mountains. I’m using a Nikon D3100 with a zoom 55-200 mm zoom lens, in addition to a macro lens. It takes some great pictures but there’s room to grow for sure. Inclusion of the tutorials was wonderful. Perhaps Adobe Lightroom will be a future purchase.
    Thanks, Shawn

    • You can certainly have a lot of fun with all the different ways you can use your photographs and having a good photo editor gives you the opportunity to have the best pictures possible. It is easier today than it has ever been to do more with your pictures so stop by any time to check out whats new.

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