Digital Photography Business

Digital Photography Business


Arriving here to this page for a Digital Photography Business means one of two things. You already know what you want to do with business, or you’re still researching to find what options are available to you. Either way, you have come to the right place for options.

Digital Photography Business

To get started, we need to look at a few things. What parts of photography do you wish to get into and how will you achieve your goals once you

For this particular post, let’s talk about “How To Start a Photography Business Online.” Also, keep in the back of your mind you can also do part of the business in your local area. What I’m about to introduce works online and can be partnered with offline work.

So the big question is: How do you get started?

When I asked myself that same issue, I researched to find results. Here is the analogy that I came up with that I will present to you.

Let’s say to accomplish your goal to make money online using Photography; I will compare it to a cross country trip say 10,000 miles. There will be the beginning “How to Start a Photography Business” and the destination “Successful Online Business.”

To get started there will be two comparisons:

For the first scenario

You jump on the bus, run through the checklist and plan on which direction you’ll go. You start heading out on your journey with an empty bus, for you are alone. You need to take extra time figuring out where to get gas, when and where to stop each night all the while checking the map to make sure you’re heading down the right

When you get lost or take the wrong exits now and then. You can track down somebody and hope they will get you back on track again. So day after day, week after week you make or lose headway as you slowly make your way. Sooner or later if you don’t give up, the final destination should come up.

Second scenario

This time, when you jump on the bus, you have full capacity. For this time, the bus comes filled with new travellers like yourself, and others that have already made the trip. So on your waydigital-photography-business-bus you will go, knowing where to gas up, eat and sleep, this time, you’re not alone. Now all your questions can be pooled from all those around, to give you answers from the ones who’ve been
down this road before.

So day by day and into the week, things are much easier so the momentum will surely pick up. You’ll find you will no longer drive to get to the end, with the knowledge you’ve learned from everyone there, your flying commercial air.


So when you compare the two scenarios above, the distance between the two is till the same, It’s the time it takes to cover the distance.

You can try to learn it all on your own or check out the difference with a laid out road map that explains it all.

The best part is it’s completely free!

Take your time for there are NO LIMITS!

You have everything to gain and NOTHING TO LOOSE!

Click here and I’LL TAKE YOU THROUGH!

” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras, and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here!





  1. These days anybody can go into business with a website and a few social channels. Most of the time it doesn’t first time around. There are so many aspects of starting your business to think about that it really is easy to get on the wrong bus. I know that photograpghs are worth money, I’m paid for images online. I also know that there are websites where you Can upload your images and sell them online. I will share this page with a friend 🙂

    • Hi Nigel and its always good hearing from somebody that uses the Internet to make money. I have seen quite a few sites where different photographers up load and sell there prints and some that actually have there own sites to sell just there own work. Its great that you have been capitalizing from the Internet yourself and helping others with the images you sell for them to use just as I like to help people get some ideas of what they can do with all those great photos they are creating.

  2. Hi, I love your analogy on the “noise” out there when you want to start your online Business. I am impressed too with the digital photography choice. A friend of mine who is a teacher has a part time business in photography and he said it was not easy to make money at the initial stages. He had shared that it was mainly due to the (mwacs, ww)-Mwacs for mums with a camera, ww for weekend whims. He then decided to research more: –
    * Good skills (lighting, posing etc)
    *He added education on photography ( courses, seminars)
    *He mastered skills- he became better than competition.
    *He put value in the market place by offering something unique, fun,different and appealing- by choosing to concentrate on weddings, and senior graduations on passing out of schools.
    What was the results ? He stood out like a sore foot and customers were attracted to him- because he created a niche all for himself to day, he is sort after!
    He has now benefited more by offering images online paid much more.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Violet and good to hear your friend took something he enjoys to make a business out of it. In most cases if you do the work by educating yourself and take the appropriate steps to creating a business with things people usually get done or do you can become successful in your field. Two thumbs up for your friends business.

  3. Hi Travis

    I have just had a look at your website and read your post “Digital Photography Business”. I thought your post was very informative and explained exactly how it could help the reader in a funny enjoyable way.

    I liked the visuals with camper van and bus. I like your links to other parts of your website.

    I was really impressed with you slide show and some of the photographs are very impressive.

    Overall it is a great website.


    • It’s always good to hear when somebody likes the tour when they travel around the website through the different links. The site is about 7 months old now and still has a long way to go. I’m glad you liked what you’ve seen so far, and there will be plenty more to come in the future as the site keeps expanding.

  4. Travis, this review may not be what you expect, so if you have not already read a blog I wrote after having my own site reviewed, then that is my first suggestion: It is called “Site Feedback Sucks!” Carson made some valid points on the featured comment.

    This is one of the most highly effective sites I have seen to date in my short time at WA, and in my years on the web. I am a Nikon owner, so your site immediately grabbed my attention. You have successfully blended your niche with the affiliate program, and I would have thought that was pretty hard to do successfully, but you have done it and it works for you. You introduce the business side subtly alongside the photography concept of making money. Your content is very compelling, high quality, fresh, well researched and logically presented. I love photography and it shows you love all things photographic in every article and page. The right side social links are discrete yet you know they are there.

    1. The header in text I found a bit underwhelming. Possibly a more graphical header that still incorporates the birds could work for you.

    2. The whole header is linked to the home page, but the link you gave in the review was an inner page digital-photography-business which is not a page on the menu. Also, the Home page link is not on the menu, so it is not apparent to the the first time visitor, and they may miss an impressive home page.

    3. On the About Me page you show your email address in plain text. Even though you are using CAPTCHA, it would be good if you used a button to a Contact form to foil automated data harvesters.

    4. The Linked In needs a profile picture similar to your WP avatar.

    I have added your site to my favorites list and will be returning again and again because the subject and content is interesting to me, as a tech head. So your web site achieved it’s goal. I did not proof read the site as I believe a spellchecker and grammarly could do that.
    You use negative white space well and it makes the site more relaxed and less busy.

    Hope to have been some help.


    • You have some great advice that some I’ll act on.

      When I first designed the header, I was just thinking of using something simple until I got a better feel for the sites appearance before designing a new one.

      The article you were reading “Digital Photography Business” is actually a post and not a page. That’s why it’s not in the main menu but in the “Posts By Categories” in the right column. I have been thinking about maybe having the categories listed in the main menu on the home page.

      Having a “Home” button would be a good idea so I’ll fix that and the email button is also another thing I’ll incorporate into my site.

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Hi Travis,

    Just read your post on thoughts regarding starting a photography business online. And you’re right, better to be involved with a community of like-minded online business entrepreneurs than to go it along and hope like hell you can figure out what to do.

    With photography I think the best course of action is to incorporate the online business side of things into an offline photography operation. Make money offline as well as online with photography, but in different ways. More income streams and more exposure. Learning how to properly set up the online business side of things is crucial, so having the correct training in the way you suggest is a smart move.

    • Thanks, Darren and that’s what gave me the idea to take my hobby and open up this site to share what I know. A lot of people are into photography and like the products they create but had no idea how it was done and want to know more. So “Say It With Photography” was born to take you from taking pictures to the post-production stage.

  6. Hey good post. I liked the way you tied up things together
    I was also doing photography at past as a hobby. I was wonderng how people can make money from it. A friend of mine has done that. There are definetely different ways to take the same distance with different amount of energy spended. Thank you for your useful information.

    • Whether you’re looking to do photography or something else, there are a lot of similarities that you can use to make it happen. The biggest difference in how you’re business will turn out is the method in which you take. Using proven methods by others that have been done and what is being do at present will usually help you out to be successful yourself when done properly.

  7. Starting a photography business online is such a smartidea. With all the social media outlets like Pinterest and Instagram, just imagine all those people you can capture with your images. The internet has really eased our ability to gain a much more massive audience in this business and you’ve provided some really great talking points for all the photographers out there alike!

    • Hi Pete and like you just mentioned there is a lot of opportunities for people wanting to have some form of photography business online. When I look around and see how much the internet has changed with all the social media, there are a lot of people wanting to have an online business so I want to do my part to help them out.

  8. Can’t wait to get my first DSLR soon! I know this is gonna help me step up my photography game.

    Being able to take a good photograph is a skill and art-form I really admire. I hope to be able to get this good myself some day.

    Starting a business in photography sounds like a brilliant idea. Especially if you really enjoy it!

    • That’s the best part about having hobbies and even turning them into a business. When you enjoy what you’re doing you will get extremely good at it because it doesn’t bother you like some jobs can. You get to enjoy your work as it no longer seems like work.

      There are also many forms of work you can do with your photography as well. Most people that take photos use them on the Internet for websites. Anyone can get into that easy enough, and that’s a lot of fun as well.

  9. Very interesting choice on starting a business – never really thought of this before! I suppose it all hinges on how technically proficient you are with what you can offer your client The importance of delivering consistently effects word of mouth on and offline I suppose? Still, a great idea for starting up a business

    • Travis Smithers

      I presently do an offline business and now I have also got involved with doing an online business.

      One of the biggest things to know is how to do the business you’re interested in. When doing things on your own it can take far longer to develop and get your business operational. When working with guidence, your business will progress faster and easier.

      The type of business will have variations that are different from one business to another but the main concepts still remain the same.

  10. I believe the digital photography business is huge. I have a friend who is in to it and he is doing very well. I think your course would be good because starting up without any guidance is very difficult, but with guidance you can be very successful. My friend wishes he has someone warn him about the hurdles he would face.

    • Travis Smithers

      Like most things we see about getting into there are always the hurdles as you mentioned that we need to deal with, and photography is no different.

      Having courses and extra guidance can move things along and usually also save you money as well as time. There are five sites that each deal with different segments of all the tutorials on this site to make learning easier from the monthly newsletter.

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