DSLR Photography For Beginners


When you’re looking to learn all about DSLR photography for beginners, then you’ve come to the right place. You can learn right from the beginning to advanced without having to pay out a pile of money.

DSLR Photography For Beginners

Most people these days all use cameras of one sort or another whether it be an actual DLSR,  Point and Shoot right down to the camera on your phone.

With all the advances in cameras, these days the technology has made it possible for just about anyone to have a camera in their hands for taking photos. The biggest market and most improvements are with the cell phones camera. Nowadays you can even go and make changes to your camera’s settings to take better pictures just like the dedicated cameras are capable of doing these days. Even with all the added features to your cell phone’s camera they are still a fair ways off from the picture quality of the DSLR cameras.

So regardless of what type of camera you are using you’ll be able to benefit from these tutorials. What I’m going to present to you today is just one simple video from the hundreds of training videos that have been put together for anyone to learn more about photography.

This particular lesson is on the topic of depth of field that is one of the essential things all good photographers have mastered and what all beginners need to learn about to take better photographs.



What I have done is compiled hundreds of tutorials from many different photographers that want you to have the opportunity to learn all about photography. The key thing here is, you can learn what you want when you want according to your schedule. There are a lot of things we would all like to do but find it hard to fit them all in.

By having no obligations and paying money out for a course that usually has segments that you have no desire for learning and especially want to be paying for in a course. I’ve put together the videos that will give you the information you require to learn all that you need to operate and take great photographs.

Once you start learning DSLR photography for beginners, you will also have full access to progress further with your studies to learn the tips and tricks the pros use. You will find that I have started to create the opportunity for you to learn not just how to get into photography but how to take your pictures to the limit.

photograph of basic photography course online

The tutorials will show you all about the camera functions and capabilities, proper care and maintenance of your camera. You will see tutorials that will explain all about the different equipment that is available for use with photography giving you the opportunity to learn first if you think you need the equipment or not required for your purposes.

I find it is always best to go through some of the training videos for a couple of reasons. One of the biggest is to understand the capabilities of what the equipment can do so you’ll know what kind of stuff you want to do what you require. To me, there is nothing worse than making a purchase, only to realize you should have bought something else. So take your time when figuring out anything you want to buy.

To learn more all about DSLR photography for beginners and everything else I have for tutorials you can go to my “Say It With Photographs” page and click on the Monthly Newsletter link to get full access to over a thousand tutorials.



  1. Hello there,

    That’s a great article for depth of field and very easy for the beginners to understand you remembered me of old days when i was struggling in this area and get confused of how high F number results in small aperture and vice versa, thanks for sharing this simple tutorial.

    • This video will help a lot of people see and understand what kind of tutorials they can expect to see from the hundreds of others that a wait for anybody wanting more. This page shows just one small part of what you can learn for beginning photography but there is a great deal more as you go through the links to gain access for the rest.

  2. Photography has definitely come on in leaps and bounds since the days of film. Years ago, photography was a very highly skilled profession (or hobby). Sure, these days there is skill involved, but it has all been made a lot easier by digital technology. I can even remember the early days of digital cameras, and they were not very good back then. Digital cameras have definitely come a long way.

    I bought my digital SLR back in 2006 – a Nikon D50. It has served me well over the years, but I am sure I could get something a lot better for the same money these days.

    How long have you owned a digital SLR?

    • Back in 2006 I was using a Sony movie camera and still have it. My digital SLR was a Canon, which I just got rid of about a year ago and looking into another Nikon. I also still use my Fiji and cell phone camera at work all the time, just not sure which model of Nikon to settle on just yet. Once I do narrow it down to one or two I’ll check for sales and take it from there.

  3. Heck yeah thanks for this, I might actually learn something knowing I have little experience professionally.
    I have heard that about depth of field and aI always try focusing on the furthest point. Ive noticed it comes out better that way a lot. vis versa for a close up shot.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  4. This is great for beginners as a wood carver I constantly take pictures of the finish art work. The video tutorial about depth of field can help me with making my art work stand out more from the background. And I like the fact that I don’t have to fork out lots of money to be able to take better pictures.

    • With the improvement with cameras these days to how they use to be most people can take some pretty good pictures.

      Even the cameras in your cell phone will take great pictures and you can also make some changes to the basic settings inside the cell phone for your camera or even add a set of lenses that make your cell phone operate more like a DSLR camera. The lens kit is called HDFX 360.

  5. I love the idea of going out, and just letting loose and snapping pics. And with this article, it’s easy for me to learn and benefit from your very informative tips! I’ve always had a curiosity for being a photographer, maybe one day I’ll go out, and buy a really nice camera and go take some beautiful pics!

    • Travis Smithers

      The great thing about the technology of today is with digital cameras you can take lots of pictures without it costing you big money for development. Now you can simply load them into a computer and start working with them or sharing them with friends and family.

      Also depending on which type of cell phone, you’ll be able to take some stunning pictures with it and perhaps get in the habit of taking pictures. You may find it is all you need for your means and do not need to upgrade. I find every year they keep making the cell phone cameras better and for many people that are all they need.

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