Examples of Sublimation


There are many forms of sublimation that anyone can create or get involved in, so we’ll look into a few examples of sublimation to show what is available and how easy it is to do.


Examples of Sublimation

photograph of sublimation products

Examples of Sublimation



For us to get started with our examples, let’s first look at the basic concepts of what it takes to prepare for doing sublimation. One of the first things we’ll do is go through a list of procedures of the 4Ps below.


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Prepping of images can be as simple as point and shoot your photo from just about any camera, and you’re ready to print. For most people this will not be the case, there will always be some form of adjustments to prep your photographs before getting into the printing stage. With this in mind, you will require some editing software such as Gimp if you want a free version or you could use one of the most advanced editing software packages that allow for greater manipulation to get your photos finished just the way you want for your final production.

No matter what you plan to sublimate, it all starts with your images. How well your total product turns out all starts with how well you prepare your images. By using a good quality photo editing software, you can fix issues with red eye, cropping for proper sizing, zooming in or out for example from a whole list of things that are possible when editing your photos. For myself I use Corel Draw, which not only handles photographs but you can create vector renderings of animation, logos anything your imagination can dream up.

Once you have finished fixing or manipulating your image for how you want it to look from your editing software, you are now ready for the printing stage.


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Printing of images is pretty much a straight forward process once you’re satisfied with the photographs prep work. Your printer will be the type of printer that uses the capability of having pigmented ink cartridges used for sublimation in the heat press stage. When it comes to sublimation regular printer inks will not work for creating sublimation products. One other key note to remember when it comes to printing out your images for sublimation rather than any regular print job is you need to superimpose your print jobs for sublimation as a mirror image to see the final product properly. Otherwise, it will be backwards.


One other thing to remember when dealing with sublimation and the inks used is the color of your images once printed off will not look like your computer screen. It takes the heat of the presses to release the final color into the product you are sublimating to see the true colors of your image. There are color adjustments to be setup in your printer’s driver for how the final colors will look once you’re ready, but just remember the ink on the sublimation paper will seem a little different that is normal.


photograph of sublimation heat presses

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Pressing of images will require a few different considerations that we will now mention a few things about now. Depending on the type of sublimation you are preparing to do will come down to what you’re making. There are a few different designs to the kind of heat presses available for you to use.


First we have hat presses that will obviously sublimate your printed work onto hats. You can also press smaller images and logos for instance on t-shirts and other materials but at a very limited size.


Next we have flat bed presses that are what most sublimation work that we create on due to the larger sizes available. These presses can do detailed t-shirt designs to dealing with many materials other than cloth or canvas such as plates, tiles, plastics, and metals. When it comes to these types of presses, you could very well have the same image of your pet for instance on a T-shirt, licence plate, ceramic tile mural, Christmas ornament and the list goes on.


Before we move on to the final stage, there is also specialty presses other than the hat press like the mug press for creating your favourite mug that could also have your beloved pet or anything else you could print off.


The product from images brings us to our final stage. Here you will have the finished product that either you have customized from your image, to have another company like Shutterfly take


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Care of the rest for you. Or perhaps you have or want to get the equipment to do all of it yourself. I would suggest if you don’t already have the equipment, and then you need to realize there is a cost to operate and maintain the equipment. If you’re not planning on creating a fair bit of products for yourself, friends and family, its better to just create your images and photos and allow others to do the actual sublimation part.


Other than that if you’re going to have the gear then running a small business would also fit the bill for doing and having all the equipment for sublimating stuff.


So now that you have had some examples of sublimation on what is required to do it, here are some products that sublimating will create. Remember when it comes to sublimation, anything you can create to print can be transferred utilizing sublimation onto different materials used in sublimation.


” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here!




    I had no idea you could say so much via photos. I mean I do know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, however I didn’t ever take the saying to be so literal.
    Great information and a huge use for me, being an online seller, some of your tips may work in helping with better pictures and in turn better sales.

    Thank you,
    Zach Campbell (Owner/Operator)
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    • Always like to hear about helping people out and glad that this post was beneficial to you. I find photographs can make a big difference in any presentation that you want people to see and especially when selling products. Again Good that this came in handy for you.

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