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If you’re into digital scrapbooks, then you are going to love this. Everything you need to know about what it is and how to do of Free Scrapbook

Free Digital Scrapbook Tutorials


I have gathered hundreds of lessons all about scrapbooks that will explain what digital scrapbooking is for those who don’t know. You will also learn about where and how to get started to full blown tips and tricks to make your creations the best they can be. If you are new to digital scrapbooks, then the first step is understanding what procedure you will require following.


For the experienced digital scrapbook creator, you may want to go to the end and click into the Free Lessons. If not, by all means read on, and I hope you enjoy. For everybody else let’s continue with the rest of the post.

photograph of free scrapbooking cover pages

photograph of scrapbooksHere is a breakdown of what it takes:

  • Photographs– taken by a Digital SLR, Point & Shoot Camera, Camera from a Cell Phone, scanned print photos or slides.
  • Software– Photoshop, Adobe Elements or one of the other many Photo Editing software package.
  • Digital Scrapbook Kit– create your own from Photoshop, etc. or get a pre-made kit.
  • Post Production– print off your creations or have a photo book created.

Your Photographs could be any photos from the past on prints or slides that you or your friends and family may already have that you wish to use. To get more photos, you will be able to use any source at your disposal. Digital cameras or modern cell phones equipped with a camera can take new photographs that you want in your scrapbook. Once you have all your photographs compiled, you are ready for the next step.

This next step you can handle in many different scenarios:

  • You could go straight to one of the top companies online. I did a review on creating photo books online and followed their directions to create a scrapbook.
  • The second way is for you to size, crop your images with an editing software program. You load them in from a digital camera, cell phone or scan the photos from prints or slides into your computer. From there you could then use one of the top photo book companies I had done a review on.
  • The third method is you could use your software and get yourself a digital scrapbook kit to set up your cover and pages for inside your book. The kit is a pre-made template with a full layout of background pages to choose from and elements to add all your decorative borders and flare. This way you make your choices and add your pictures to create your scrapbook before you have it printed off.
  • The fourth option is where you could create everything about the cover and pages for inside without a pre-made kit. You can use your photo editing software package to handle the whole job, and then get your photo book printed. IF you want to do it all but lack the know how, not a problem because I have you covered with 200 video lessons that can run you through all you need to know to make it happen. When you leave this page and click through to my site Say It With Photographs, you will be taken to a page where you can register for a monthly newsletter that will give you full access to hundreds of lessons all about digital scrapbooks.

The post production segment is where you will either you will print off the cover and page creations to complete your scrapbook, or you can go through a publishing photo book creator that will give you that professional finish to complete your scrapbook.


Click through now to get the Free Digital Scrapbook Tutorials


” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras, and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here!




  1. Nice post Travis. I like scrapbooking, or rather the ‘idea’ of it….. but I don’t like the whole bulky, 3D-ness of it, so doing it this way is actually quite cool. Good job fella – well done!

  2. Are these tutorials specific to certain website programs like Shutterfly? Or can you work with custom software that you just download once, design and then send it to the printers? I guess I’m confused and am looking for the funnest, easiest, but also best option available. Thanks. Oh, price is important too.

    • The free digital scrapbook tutorials will mention some of the online publishers such as Shutterfly and others. What you will find with the tutorials is there are a few hundred of them dealing with different topics all dealing with digital scrapbooking and will be using specific programs.

      What each person will be able to do is pick and choose which tutorials will apply to them for what they want to learn. For instance if you own Adobe Lightroom 5 you could strictly deal with tutorials all about using just this software package to create your scrap books. From there you would then find an online publisher such as Shutterfly or another of your choice to print your book.

      If you are totally new to scrapbooking then you could check out different software tutorials to figure out which one you would like to work with.

      A lot of people are using Adobe Lightroom 5 which I would recommend to create then they get them printed and I would recommend Shutterfly to publish because of quality and there warranty.

  3. Hi Travis,
    Love the idea of digital scrapbooks, never crossed my mind before. Thanks for the tips. I will delve deep into this for sure. One thing you might be able to help me with is what would be the best camera to use for digital scrapbooking? Should it be a fixed lens, or interchangeable lens camera? Or should I just use an Iphone. Also can I use the Gimp program instead of Photoshop? Cheers!

    • When it comes to digital scrapbooks you can use whatever software you feel comfortable with, just remember that different packages will have different functions and limitations. When you go through some of the tutorials you will see what is possible and whether your software can do the same. You will be able to decide for yourself if this is a feature or function you would like your software package to have.

      As for the cameras, if your phone can take the required pictures you would want then you do not need to purchase one. The biggest thing to consider about a camera are what functions, features and memory size of each picture for resolution do you require. When you learn more from the tutorials you will be able to understand what can be done and you will be able to make the right decision for you. Everybody is different to how much and how far they want to take scrapbooking, the important thing is to have fun.

  4. This is very useful information. One of the things i get asked all the time by my family members is, “How do I get my pictures off the computer?” or something along those lines. If they see this then they can start making some scrapbook memories in the new age. Thanks!

    • Thats the great thing about technology as different things keep getting easier we are able to do more for our selfs rather than having to source things out. There are lots of free tutorials that I have that will help people with creating many different things with there photographs and digital scrapbooking is one of those things you can do to create some great memories in an organized and fun way.

  5. Digital scrap booking looks interesting. Given that you mentioned some of the ways someone can approach digital scrap booking, I think creating collages and adding them to an online scrapbook is an additional way to do so.

    One can use sites like Flickr and Wikimedia commons to get images and create collages and add them to you scrap book; Adobe Stock photos are also an option for those with an Adobe subscription. I sometimes make collages using online photos. However, if posting those images and/or collages online, one should pay attention to copyright, fair use, and attribution protocols.

    • What you say with using other peoples photos for creating collages is true about copyright, fair use and attribution protocols if you where creating their digital scrapbooks that way. A lot of people that create their scrapbooking are using there own photographs from what they have done and places they have been with friends and family, but for those that are using photos form other sources would need to consider any usage agreements when publicly displaying them on the Internet.

  6. Travis,
    I have not done a scrapbook since the 60’s. I still have two of them.
    I have thousands of photos just in box’s that need to be organized, this will give me some ideas of what to do with them. I do have photos, slides and CD’s with many pictures that need to be sorted into categories and then put into scrapbooks.
    I have the photo;s and program, I just need to take the time. I did move my videos from tapes to CD’s.
    I will look at some of your tutorial’s to get me started.

    • Glad I could be of some help John and I will be adding more tutorials as I go as well to keep things updated with all the Internet has to offer.

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