Free Photography Website

It has never been easier than it is today to build a free photography website. With the platforms available to build your website, you can have a site started in a matter of minutes. All you need is a free hosting package that can get you started with your new online presence. I can show you how to get started in this new endeavor with one of the best opportunities where you can get and find everything you need to have a successful online business.


Free Photography Website


free photography websitefree photography website 1








To get you started in the right direction, you can take a free tour of one of the best packages the Internet has to offer to date. You’ll be able to build a fully working site in minutes from the many website themes available once you decide on your name. When you choose your name, the next step will be to pick a theme for your business. Once you have decided on the particular theme, you’ll press a button to have the entire back-end of your website created which only takes a few minutes. From there you’ll be able to add your content and change things up to take on the look and feel you want.

If you’re not happy with the theme you chose, no problem as you can just change out the original one for another and all your content will be changed into the new theme. Sometimes you may be required to tweak a few things, but you no longer need to know how to code or go through the previous problems the older website templates originally had when you needed to change the look of the site.

Another great feature is the ease in which to add extra components to your site to boost the overall appearance of using plugins. Plugins will immediately alter your site’s appearance and operation with the click of a few buttons. Building websites have never been easier than they are right now, and you have the opportunity to build a couple for free with no obligations and keep for as long as you would like.

Here is a simple example of one of the many different plugins you could use for a photography website as I presently use in mine.

If you click on any image, it will expand to full size from the thumbnail where you can now click to go forward or reverse through the pictures. You can also click the slideshow link and see the images rotate through automatically. This plugin is just one example of many other methods or variations you would be able to display your photographs. You could set up a few different types of presentations for your work under a multitude of topics or categories to suite your needs.

When you’re looking at getting a free photography website put together, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you. Having the opportunity to be able to connect to one of the world’s greatest communities is every entrepreneurs dream for getting the latest and best information for any questions you may want to be answered. There are a lot of places you can try to get free websites and have access to other information but what I have discovered through the years is how most of them no matter how much you upgrade, they still lack in many areas always falling short to deliver. You’ll discover with the first week at Wealthy Affiliate how this is not the case. During your tour you’ll have access to check out everything like the banner displays.

Check out what your free membership can do for you and see first hand what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.


  1. Hi there,

    Brilliant site, I love it. I actually do love photography as an enthusiast and avid Nikon addict. I’d love to make a photography site but really no idea where to start.

    I love this article because it just shows me how easy it could be.

    Thank you kindly for sharing this article

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Derek and glad to hear you liked the post and site. Nowadays they do make it much easier to create websites and have yourself a business online.

      Also like you I love the Nikon line as well, they make great cameras with excellent features like having the double memory cards for taking jpg and raw images which you can keep seperate.

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