Free Website Building And Hosting


When you’re looking to display your photographs, where is the best place to get a free website building and hosting package. Say It With Photographs has the answers you’re looking for. Many people ask about having an online presence where they can display their photos and would like a free package to get started to use their own pictures to do an online business. Well if you need a site then I can help you get started with that right away. If you’re ready to see what this free package is all about click here “Wealthy Affiliate.

Free Website Building And Hosting


what is a domain name and how to useIf you’re in need to have a free website to do any online business or simply to blog or show your work then you’ve come to the right place. Say It With Photographs deals with how to make your photos look their best. I deal with photography from start to finish with taking the pictures to editing them. Take the pictures then do all your post production creations with them. Just as scrapbooking was done on the table at one time, now you can do online scrapbooking where you would use one of the free websites I offer as an affiliate.

With all that been said people are now wanting to have websites not just for scrapbooking but for photo galleries and much more. With my site here, I developed it through the same place I’m now recommending to you. I also have my business website’s and other sites that I’m now offering others. When it comes to photographs the concepts to what you can do are endless. This site alone has five other sites loaded with tutorials all about photography, the software used for editing your pictures and then the post production segment. The post production segment deals with sublimation, the printers used and the products you can make from your images.

At first, people were more interested in getting a free website building and hosting package for doing scrapbooking then having photography sites built. Now that they see I use photos of my work from my business for a website, the requests have been coming in where they would like to do the same.

I presently have eleven websites:

The first of six my hobby site you are presently on:

Say It With Photographs

Say It With Photographs

There are five sites the monthly newsletter gives access to:

photo of Monthly Newsletter

Photography Tutorials
Software Tutorials
Printers Tutorials
Sublimation Tutorials

The next four sites are my business:

TD Remodeling

Home Renovations How To

home renovation how to header
Home Improvement Hand Tools

Home Improvement Hand Tools

The monthly newsletter gives access to the fourth site:

Home Renovations How To Monthly Newsletter widget

Home Renovations How To Tutorials

My eleventh site is:

What is a Domain?

what is a website builder

The twelveth site I’m presently working on is for a client:

Preston’s Concrete Solutions

First Quality Concrete head

About ten years ago when I first started with doing websites for my business, there was a lot of things you needed to learn and do to make it all happen. In just under a year ago from now I came across Wealthy Affiliate that I’m presently doing all my websites through as I personally found them to be the best to deal with. There are many different packages out there that different companies are offering and I’m sure some of them are probably as good. I have one that I know is good after ten years so there is no more wasting time for me. In the past, I had just my one site TD Remodeling that made no money online until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. They showed me what to do and how to do it with this hobby site then I converted and redesigned TD Remodeling and created everything else as I started to make money for my online businesses.

I guess the question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to keep looking or see what I have discovered.

After all, it’s free,
so what have you got to loose!

To learn about the Free offer,
Read this Post!

Wealthy Affiliate



  1. Great looking websites. You really can’t lose with the free website you mention.

    I’ve built a few sites on that same platform, the SiteRubix platform, which is the proprietary site builder for Wealthy Affiliate.

    It’s so easy. I’m blown away each time I build a new site. Literally about three clicks and you’re done. All you have to do after that is tweak it and add content.

    • Thanks for the comment and you are totally right about how straight forward it is to building a site with the Wealthy Affiliate packages. It’s good hearing from others who are also using the service and find the value in what they offer.

      Knowing how large the community is and the way they help everybody, I’m sure your websites are working well for you. Anyone looking to build an online business or just have a site to get information out to others will find that they will not go wrong being part of WA.

  2. I noticed that you are promoting the Wealthy Affiliate Program and I just want to say to those out there that this is the best place to invest your time and money in if you want to start an online business without the high cost associated with building it.

    TSmithers, I noticed one of your websites has to do with Home Improvement, I am building an online business in home improvement specifically in regards to kitchen and bath remodels but I am having difficulty in finding the best contractors to refer to my audience, do you have any suggestions to offer?

    • If you’re looking to find a source for contractors throughout the country then I would see about looking for a website that does one of two things.

      First any suppliers that sell the products for the renovations in question will only recommend qualified contractors to do the work for what they sell to keep their reputation. None of these companies will deal with referring bad contractors for their products.

      Secondly, you could check for marketing companies that contractors will pay to get leads in their geographical area. The tradespeople on file will have a track record from customers on jobs that they did so new people looking to get work done can see from the lists who they would like to hire.

      As far as yellow pages or any place that contractors can advertise without track records, I would not endorse as there is no way of knowing if they are any good.

      Remember, if you’re going to refer contractors even around the country, then your reputation for what you do will also be on the line.

      Hope that helps get you started in the right direction.

  3. Good day Travis,

    It is so amazing to me that nowadays you can do what you love on the internet and even make money doing it. This is a great way to show the world your art and get it out there.

    The slogan at the end sums it up so perfectly. “after all, it’s free, so what have you got to loose”. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to start a new website.

    Really enjoyed reading this post, thank you.



    • Glad you liked the post as this website is here to help others find what there looking for from the things one can do with photographs. With the Internet these days many people are looking to take there pictures online to share with family and friends, or to create some form of website presence to make money onlne.

      Whatever the reason having a free website building and hosting package can help anyone achieve their goals.

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