Personalized Gift Ideas

Personalized Gift Ideas

Just recently, I showed one of my grandchildren a movie I created. The movie was of their father when he was their age one Christmas. I have to tell you; words can not express the overall joy and excitement that came from my granddaughter that Christmas.

I’ve received Christmas ornaments, portraits of my family on canvas prints, mugs, etc. that I value far more than any store bought gifts.

Just to give you a few ideas, you would sublimate your photographs on mugs, T-Shirts, magnets, key chains, desktop plaques. There are pillows, fleece photo blankets, calendars the list goes on. You could make another list just with Cards & Stationary products.

You can give gifts to Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Baby showers; the ideas are vast.

Here are page jumpers you can use to navigate:  Canvas Prints, 3D T-Shirts,

Photo Books

Just in the gift segment of taking your favourite photographs for creating timeless Books, you can choose from over 226 styles. These styles make up 14 key categories available to you. Each book is specially laid out with the best visual impact to whoever looks and reads your content.

So from the 14 categories here’s how the list goes:

  1. Year In Review 11 books

    Custom Photo Books

    Creating Photo Books Online!

  2. Mothers Day 12 books
  3. Spring Time 4 books
  4. School Memories 25 books
  5. Every Day 35 books
  6. Seasonal 45 books
  7. Travel 36 books
  8. Wedding 30 books
  9. Family 51 books
  10. Kids 42 books
  11. Baby 26 books
  12. Birthday 8 books
  13. Life Stories 12 books
  14. Portfolio 11 books

Now in the menu there is also a 15th category called Simple Favourites which contains 32 books from the categories above.

If you’re looking for more information, then check out any of the 89 Videos. By clicking on the stack of books image above called, Creating Photo Books Online!

You can also check out my Blog “Make Your Own Photo Book.”  “Best Photo Books Review”

four photographs for making a wedding photo book

Shutterfly Photo Books. Whether it’s a gorgeous wedding photo album, a new baby memory book, a fun-filled family photo album, an adventurous travel photo album, or a personalized children’s book, Shutterfly has a professionally bound photo book that’s perfect for you.

Canvas Prints

With canvas prints, your looking at a whole new concept of decorative art.

In the past people would buy prints to hang on their walls for many different reasons. With the post production equipment of today at your fingertips, you no longer need to settle for any old pictures for your wall. Now you’re in the driver seat to create what you want.

With today’s modern sublimation printers, your able to get the best colour quality prints on the market. Best of all, you can create these canvas prints with your favourite photographs. Just imagine using photos from a trip somewhere you traveled around the world and hanging them up on your wall. It’s not just some simple print your next door neighbour has, it’s the Swiss Alps you skied at last Christmas, and look, that’s you at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Maybe you gave your best friend a photo of his favourite pet.

Here are some options:

  1.  Photo Gallery Canvas Printsphotograph for a custom canvas print
  2. Two Square Canvas Printsphotograph for a split canvas prints
  3. Three Across Canvas PrintsPhotograph for triple split canvas prints
  4. Gallery Panoramic Canvas Prints
  5. Classic Monogram Canvas Prints
  6. Weathered Wood Frame Vertical Canvas Prints

So there you have it, available by types, frames and a selection of sizes.

Check out Blog “Custom Canvas Prints.”

The sky is the limit, only matched by your imagination. I’m sure you will agree that any store would be hard pressed to compete with your creations. This breakdown is just a small sample of ideas to what you can do with all those pictures you’ve been saving somewhere.

The Unique Online Gift Store in the right column can take care of anything you may want to create.

3D T-Shirts

When you’re looking to make a statement, what better way than a 3D T-Shirt. Talk about a conversation piece of clothing, some of the t-shirts look like there coming right at you.

photograph of a Wolf 3D T Shirt

Wolf 3D T-Shirt

I’ve heard of people wanting to wear these to show off their favourite type of pet, animal or birds. Some like to have them for a party that everybody will wear the same one or usually mix it up with all different ones. Like having a stag party as the wolf pack with all the different wolves available.

photograph of a collection of 16 wolves on 3D T Shirts

A collection of 16 wolves on 3D T-Shirts

For all the possible reasons you can choose to wear these 3D T-Shirts, this is one fun inspired gift idea that does not break the bank but can certainly put a smile or laugh into some body’s life.

photograph of a 3D T Shirt of a Swimming Kitten Chasing Pray

3D T-Shirt of a Swimming Kitten Chasing Pray


There is a 3D animal T-shirt store in the right column if you care to check it out.

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  1. Hi,
    Your site is great. I love how you have the different pages such as Gift Categories laid out.

    • I want to start giving visitors as many options for their photographs as I can. Hopefully this will spark all the possible ideas that they can use to create fantastic gifts for their friends and family.

  2. These are some great gift ideas. I especially like the 3D tshirts. I have made a photobook once before and they are really nice, although I have to admit I added some personal touches with colorful pens after to make it more personal and give it that scrap book feel. 🙂

    • Hi Sarah and thanks for the visit. The 3D t-shirts I think are pretty cool when you think of how far printing has come and adding the extra personalized touches on your custom photo book to give it more of a scrap book feel is great. Excellent way to use your imagination, I love hearing stuff like that.

  3. This site is great…awesome layout and easy to follow. Great gift ideas. A picture really does say a thousand words!

  4. Great site! I love photography. I do wish I was better at it over all but try not to let that steal the joy of it.

  5. Great Site; full of inspiring ideas and useful information.

    Great site; full of inspiring ideas and useful information. I will be sure to visit again.

  6. Oh my god! That Nirvana parody shirt with a cat and mouse is too cute! Could you please send me a link where to find it? Or would I need to get it customed?

  7. Hi Travis,

    I loved the image on the t-shirt of the cat hunting for his dinner. Brilliant. It brought a smile to my face.


  8. Hi Travis, you have set up a real good site, easy to read and great content! I’m sure I will be back, need to learn more about photography!

  9. Hi Travis,
    You have a really great selection of gift ideas on display for everyone to see.
    We particularly love the 3D wolf prints.
    We have been thinking for a while now, about getting Bubbygirl and our website url printed on some T-shirts.
    We went into your store to see if we could find a link to customise one’s own T-shirts but didn’t find one.
    Can we customise our own T-shirts from this site?

  10. I Travis. I love your site and really love the T-shirts. I have many funny shirts myself. My wife is into pig things. W have them all over the house. She bought me a T-shirt that says :With enough thrust pigs fly just fine”. I would love to return the favor to her. If you can come up with a funny picture of a pig and a funny caption for a T-shirt, I would buy it from you.

    • Hi Kirk glad you enjoyed your tour I get a kick out of the 3D t-shirts myself. At one time I use to create graphics to make the kind of t-shirts your talking about but I find with my other work I no longer have the time to get into creating graphics and stuff at the moment so I leave that up to the different companies I have as affiliates that have crews of people to do all those requests now. The one I deal with that can create one or as many as you want is in my “Unique Online Gift Store” custom ink can handle your request no problem.

  11. Hi Travis, you have certainly captured my heart with your beautiful pictures and your ideas for preserving great memories. I like your website. It is nicely laid out, informational and attractive.

    You have caught me. Will visit again.


  12. Great website, I love everything! The content of your pages and post, very informative and interesting. Your photos are wonderful and your products.

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