Creating Photo Book Online


Here we have videos all showing the most popular video choices for creating photo books online featuring with Shutterfly.

Creating Photo Book Online


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Creating Photo Books Online

Digital Scrapbooking


In these videos, you will learn how to use Shutterfly software in the creation of any photo book you choose to make. At present, there are 226 templates for you to choose from making up a total of 14 individual categories with one extra as people’s favorites. You will be able to see first hand the two options available for creating photo books online. Your first and easiest option is called simple path where Shutterfly’s software package simplifies what you need to do for your creations. The second option is how to make custom path photo books at Shutterfly where you have more overall control of what you what to do.

Some of these videos will show you in detail about a particular category where one of the templates will show you by streaming the information. These videos will not only show you what a particular theme photo book will look like but how easy it is to navigate through the steps in creating the photo book. You will she how to upload your photographs, manipulate by resizing and edit by the software Shutterfly uses for you to create the photo book of your choice.

Whether you’re looking to create one or more books, this is one of the best gifts that friends and family will always love to receive.  If you or someone you know loves to travel, what better way to start a collection than to create a photo book for each and every trip. There is also the collection one could create for a child growing up through the years that could then be passed on to each generation. How about the idea of creating photo books from some of the great parties you and your friends put together so each of you would have copies to remember that special occasion. Your imagination only limits the ideas from any particular event, place or time that you feel you’ve got something to reflect back on.

Memories are great but only reveal themselves to the ones involved, and a pile of pictures in a box tends to stay in the box. You’ll find after creating a photo book online they look great in you living space where you or anyone in your house could take the time to look and read through it. It’s like you just got back from a Safari in Africa took your photographs and created your coffee table photo book. There it sits off to one side waiting in the wings when one of your friends takes notice and picks the book up. As soon as the book opens up to reveal its inner pages, your friend realizes WOW this is you in the wilds of Africa among the lions taking photographs. From front to back the photo book describes a two-week vacation of an African Safari cross country adventure trip you just took last month.

So whether you are creating photo books online for travel, marriage, children growing up, graduating and anything else you can imagine this next link is for you.

Click the text link below for Creating Photo Book Online 

Shutterfly Photo Books. Whether it’s a gorgeous wedding photo album, a new baby memory book, a fun-filled family photo album, an adventurous travel photo album, or a personalized children’s book, Shutterfly has a professionally bound photo book that’s perfect for you.
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  1. Hello there Travis and you have some great info here on making a photo book, I have always been tempted but didn’t have the know how. The youtube tutoring link is fantastic which could help any novice like myself. Well done:o)

    Warmest Wishes, Amber

  2. Hi,
    I love the idea of creating a photo book.
    I have been looking for a way to organize my photos for a while. It is not really good if you have to go online to Facebook to show someone your pictures, or fish the photos out of a box.
    I think a photo book, that you can create online, is a great way of saving your images in a nice place.

  3. Having just got back from a trip to Vietnam with hundreds of photos, you have planted the seed for something I have been wanting to do for ages.

    I have used Shutterfly years ago to make a little hardback book for my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary. It was such a success, so I feel another one coming on. I do remember that it took a lot of time to gather and assemble the images, but maybe I was a bit picky!

    Thanks for an interesting post.


    • Hi Rob and thanks for the visit. Your right about the prep work, depending on which photographs and the order you want them in can add some extra time, but it is extra time well spent for the perfect end result when you are creating photo books online.

  4. Hi Travis,

    Yes, you are right, most people put photos into a box and that’s where they stay.

    Your site is Very Interesting and Informative.

    We learnt a lot of things we didn’t know about, and we love the idea of a Photo Book.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks for the visit and it’s for that reason I decided to create this site to get and share ideas for anyone who also has the interest to do more with there photographs.

  5. Hi Travis.

    Creating a photo book online is a good idea. I like it.

    I have been thinking about organizing my website photos for a while now I use Pinterest for the same purposes. A photo book that you can create online is a great way of saving website images all in one place.

    Have a nice day!


    • Hi Cathy thanks for the visit and your right, a photo book can be used for any pictures that you have, even the ones you put on the internet. I also like Pinterest for categorizing my posts and others.

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