How To Build Free Website


If you have a business or want to have a business with an online presence, then you need to know, how to build a free website.


How To Build Free Website


In today’s world, it’s hard to run a business without some online presence. In the past before the Internet it was a matter of local marketing, magazines, radio and perhaps TV commercials. In this fast-paced world of today, the Internet is used to reach virtually out to the masses through social media and websites. If you’re looking to have any chance of marketing yourself or products today, you need to have a site.


So I’m here to show you how to build a website free of charge, that’s right free of charge. You see some places will offer you web sites for free all over the Internet. The thing is you photograph of how to build free websiteshould not settle for just any old free site; you need to have some excellent options to go to your free site.


Let me take you through what I mean by giving you an example:

I want a free website because I decided that I would like to have an online business about photography. You can have a website for thousands of different companies, but I will run you through my scenario that you could just as easily be using your idea.


To get started, one of the first requirements you would want is a place where you can build and use your site for as long as you need for free with no strings attached. That way you can promote your business online to a wider audience. So I find myself a great hosting company that is highly acclaimed by many as one of the best places to be a member. So I sign up, and it is totally free for as long as I like.


Now that I have a place to build my site what comes with it?

photograph of thumbs up for free website

No Credit Cards Required

  • I can have two free websites that can work with a personal Affiliate blog that, by the way, is not usually available with some of the other companies at all.
  • There is also an affiliate program with the company that I can take part in for making extra income.
  • They offer a walk through so you know how to access everything you need to get your website up and running.
  • If you already know how to build your website you can just have at it.
  • Now when I wanted to build my photography business, I used the free training that was available for the beginner training course and there is also two training classrooms you can also use.
  • The beauty of this place is for the first seven days they will give you full access to Live support and one on one coaching that for me was great where I did not know the WordPress platform.


By having all that free stuff, I was able to build my photography website and move forward to getting my online business in place for future earnings. You see the company I’m using as a member gives you the free sites is a university. They can and will teach you everything you need to know about creating, building a successful online business in the product or service area of your choice.


Who are these free websites for?


  • Anyone who knows what they want and how to do it.
  • Anyone wanting to learn and have a site.
  • A stay at home parent wanting a website.
  • Someone wants an online business.
  • You can come from any background and learn to build your site
  • You!


The free site is yours for as long as you like with everything you need to gain and nothing to loose!

If your anything like myself and the tens of thousands prior to me, I wanted to learn more at a faster pace with the full knowledge of the community instead of wasting time getting information from all over the internet on how to build a successful online business that may or may not be the right information. With the support of the community, you can get the right answers faster and get your business to earn more rapidly.

photograph of how to build a free website

Get your FREE Website today!

Like I said, you have nothing to loose!

Everything to gain!

All you need to do!

Is simply Try for FREE!

Click here – Wealthy Affiliate University!




  1. Hi Travis this post is great and informative, love the imagery and the slideshow in the top right. It amazes me how creative persons at WA can be when it comes to creating their websites so cool. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Serana and your right wealthy affiliate is a great way to put any kind of website together. I personally use wealthy affiliate for this website that I use to help people out with photography and post production to produce great personalized gifts.
      Anybody that is looking for an online presence will require a website so it all boils down to whether you can build a website on your own or do you need help. How much time do you want to spend on the internet to figure out how to fix problems when they arise, or have a place like Wealthy Affiliate to make it all easier. Either way you have to pay for hosting so I choose to do it the easier way with WA and have a supporting community with all the lessons I need in one place.

  2. Good morning. Id just like to say that I didn’t know anything about how to build a website but with Wealthy Affiliate I did just that and made my first $$ last weekend!!!!

  3. I am a little confused by your headline and tag on the page that shows up when you click your link ,it looks like you are selling cameras and equipment. But your page offers how to build a free website. Other the confusion on what your selling, I think you cover everything there is to cover to make money with photography.

    • I’m not sure what it is your trying to say in your last sentence but from what I can make out in your comment, I will try to clarify what I can for you.

      This website will take you from how to take a photograph with photography tutorials.
      Show you how to use software to manipulate and fix photos.
      Run you through tutorials all about post production and creating products from your photos.
      You can learn about or purchase equipment or software dealing with taking photos to the post production and product stage.

      For some people they are interested in only small segments of the information provided and some want it all.

      There are also some that want to know how to make money with this knowledge and do what I am doing in there own way and want to know about getting online with there own websites. This is where this particular post comes in and is categorized with “Making Money With Photography” with some of my other posts.

      I hope this helps to clarify a few things for you.

  4. Hi Travis

    First congratulations, not only on your site, that looks amazing, but also on your hard work.

    In your post you said that you knew nothing about wordpress, and now look at your site man!
    It is filled with a lot of cool effects, the pictures looks great and the overall design is very friendly (which is a very hard thing to accomplish).

    Your recommendation is winner from every point! I mean, free website, free basic training and training on how to make money with your site!

    I have been around in WA for some weeks and I quote everything you said for truth!

    Best of regards!

    • Hi Fito and it is always good to hear from another person that has found WA to be as great as I believe it is. Even though for me this site is all about what you can do with photographs, WA’s platform can be used for just about anything as you know.

  5. I think your website is laid out very elegant. Love the pictures. It is true, it wasn’t that long ago that marketing was left up to TV, magazines, or radio. Today it is a whole new world. However, it still takes pictures to capture your audience. I definitely was captivated by your site. Nice job, you should reach lots of future members.

    • Hi Vicky and good to hear your into taking pictures, I find there is so much you can do with them. As much as things have changed, taking pictures is something that will always have a place on what is needed to create the proper marketing for advertising to the actual products themselves.

      Pictures will always be around to share with friends and family in one form or another.

      Having a free website allows you to share or create what you want for others to have access to.

  6. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hi Travis , WA is a place to build free websites , indeed.And not only you can build them but you have the chance to learn everything you need to know to transform these websites into business tools.

    The free training is limited there but the available courses are more than enough to get you started.Additionally you do not have to pay for domain and hosting services.This is something that you can’t find elsewhere easily.

    Anybody can be involved in that online business model.Especially people that stay in home and those who have free time to spare.

    When I built my first website inside WA I could not believe that it was such an easy process.Very good recommendations, WA is a special place.

    How much time did it took you to build this website?…It was minutes , right?

    • When you first build a website you can put together the shell in minutes like you mentioned. As time goes on, you can add and modify what you have and develop your site to what you want. WA shows you how and the community will help you to do it. The questions and answers cover an extremely large array of topics and all the community training also adds massive value to what you can learn at WA along with there training that is available.

  7. Wow, impressive info here at your website Travis. You have done a lot of work and the information is great, it is almost like a one stop shop and education class built into one! I happen to be stuck on which camera to buy as I want it to be my last and I am just your regular picture taker but I do have a GoPro. On another note, I agree with you WA is a great place to learn from and great support too!

    • First off good choice on the goPro, great cameras for the action segment. As for the buy a camera to last you for good, I would suggest you take your time check out all the available information to make the best decision on your choice of camera. Depending on what it is you want to do will determine which camera is best for you. Check out some of the posts and tutorials I have to make your decision easier as you can learn what the camera models can do then get the type that will suit your needs.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn and get yourself up and running with a website. Everything you need or require is there for you to learn and get access to, in my opition you can not go wrong.

    • Thanks Travis! I will certainly take your advice-Cheers!

  8. Man Travis that is one great site, anyone that visits will be left with only two choices sign up or sign up. The graphics are awesome, the banner on the side, nice touch. The content left no question unanswered. Incredible job ! It’s a work of art ! I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to model not copy your work. That’s the path to success.

    • Hi Raphael and by all means if modeling some of your site you’re running after my design will help you out go for it. There are many websites out there all set up to help others and appreciate that you find mine one of the ones you want to use some tips from. The great thing about the Internet, is it has room for all of us.

  9. Hello there,

    Very simple post and very informative, before It was an article like yours who learned me how to build my photography website and follow up on it through the health meter and improve it from day to day, I recommend Siterubix to everyone who want to build a website in less than 5 minutes. thanks for sharing

    • Good to hear you found the opportunity and took advantage of it. There are a lot of people wanting to have an online business, they just expect everything to be easy which is not always the case depending on your background. I find with Wealthy Affiliate they really have everything organized and set up to help you out the best way possible. The WA community is second to none for helping you out as well.

  10. Hi Travis,
    I like how you have presented WA here. You made seem easy and yet something that can be powerful and greatly successful. I would hope that more people realize that there is a lot to being able to build your own website and be your own business and this is something that is just not offered in too many other places around the internet.

    • Hi Jessica, and it is true that not a lot of places allow you to create your website to promote what you want. Most places what you to sell their product their way for the most part. At Wealthy Affiliate, you get to choose what you want and even if you want to sell anything or not, the choice is always yours to make.

  11. I really like the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is willing to give 2 free websites to starter members. This will allow anyone to try it for free without any risk.

    If you do not like building a free website, then you can move on and this type of business is not for you. Nowadays it is very easy to build a website and you do not need to have any experience in web design or programming.

    • Exactly, and if you do need help with building one you have the help. The biggest thing is not just building the site but having it rank with proper SEO which is no problem with Wealthy Affiliate. Nothing to losse and everything to gain.

  12. I agree with Travis; The biggest thing is not building two free websites.
    I am very new in AW, and I was very hesitant at first, because I can have free websites elsewhere as well. So that was not the reason why I stick with WA.
    The real reason I stick with WA and get a premium membership, is that you can have unlimited websites, and this community has a lot of tools, info and tutorials to help you forward. Ah it is hard to explain but indeed. Just start with the 2 free websites and you will see.

    I also want to say that I am very critical when it comes to joining business online but I did some calculations and checked if affiliate marketing is all ok. So this a good choice, especially when you want to start online business from scratch.

    • You are right about other sites, offer the opportunity to build a free website, the biggest difference is the community and all the support which you do not get at the other places like here. If you already know the bulk of everything and can keep up to date by yourself, then some of the other systems could work for you. Most people do not have the knowledge or dedication to stay on top of things without some help. Wealthy Affiliate takes care of all that.

  13. Being able to have 2 free websites is great. Also, WordPress is definitely the best way to build a website, and doing a bit of research I see that they use WordPress for those SiteRubix websites. I’ve long considered WordPress to be the quickest, easiest, and best way to build a website. A few clicks and you have your website up and running, and you can so easily change the appearance of it just by choosing a different WordPress theme. I’m so glad the old days of coding websites by hand are long gone, aren’t you?

    • Up until a year ago I was still using the older methods of building websites using Dreamweaver and flash among others. I agree with you that the newer system of using wordpress far outshines the others by a long shot. For a lot of people, just having the option to have two free websites will satisfy most of there needs and if they require more there is another package that can takecare of anything else required.

  14. Hey Travis, good article.

    I personally have found WA a great help and resource when it comes to building and promoting my online business, so we are on the same page there.
    How long have you been with WA?
    Do you have any advice on the best place to get wordpress themes?

    • I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for just over 18 months. This site is just over six months old as I put it together to help others save time and money after I was using their system for about a year. I’ve been online for over ten years doing business and never promoted any of the providers I was with until now.

      I just use the free WordPress themes from Wealthy Affiliates website builder. With over thousands to choose from, I find no reason to go else where. Wealthy Affiliate provides a larger selection than I’ll ever get through for my website builds.

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