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I get asked all the time about how to make money online with photography and other types of businesses. Some may say it seem’s like photography, and other types of companies are not related, but when you’re talking about actual photography in the sense that a photographer will take pictures to see about making money from them when you think outside the box, they are. In this post, I will explain just how you can take any business idea and how they all use photography. The fact is you will not be very successful without this knowledge, and you’re already aware of it, some people just get hung up on traditional labels sort of speak.


How To Make Money Online
With Photography


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Everybody understands making money with photography by taking pictures of weddings and many different functions. Others are aware of making money from fashion shows or just taking fantastic shots for galleries etc. The part of photography that I’m going to share with you right now is something you know about, but some of you just haven’t considered this option.

Any online business you wish to start regardless of what the topic will be on benefits from photographs. You can add all the formatted text you like but the one thing that helps everybody understand better, enjoy the overall reading of the text when you’re looking at how to make money online with business, is having related photos. These pictures could be anything from the products you’re looking to sell or images to collaborate with your topic. This website is based upon pictures as the name implies Say It With Photographs. This site incorporates photography from the very beginning with the camera equipment to taking the pictures all the way to post-production.

The last part post-production is where you can go into hundreds if not thousands of directions to where you would use photographs. When I first started this site ten months ago, I was looking at covering the following five key topics.

Basic photographyphoto of Monthly Newsletter
Camera equipment used
Software to edit the photographs
Equipment used to take the Photographs to create things
The actual products the photographs would create


Here is what happened along the way. I did set the website up to handle all the topics mentioned above, in fact, I created five other sites to take each of the main topics and break them down with free tutorials which everybody who signs up for my monthly newsletter gets full unlimited access to use them.

What started to happen was people wanted more and requested if they could do what I’m doing such as:

Where do I get the equipment and how do I learn about post-production
Photos for their websites and what photo software packages I use
Digital scrapbooking online instead of the arts & craft way
Having a website to do their take, on photography

Where do I get my domain names and hosting done


Where do I get the equipment and how do I learn about post-production

I anticipated when I put the site together and started explaining through posts etc. what it’s all about and what one could expect.

photograph of sublimation heat presses

Photos for their websites and what photo software packages I use

I also knew people would want to know about the software used for photography and post-production.

photograph of adobe lightroom 5 tutorial

Digital scrapbooking online instead of the arts & craft way

I knew more people were now getting into digital scrapbooking so; I did incorporate some of this as well.

photograph of free digital scrapbooking tutorial

Having a website to do their take, on photography

Once people realized that one didn’t need to look at photography in the traditional manner, you could put your spin on it. People realized you could have a business on anything, and you still needed photos. I ended up starting to make changes to my hobby site to accommodate the new requests.

A lot of people were thinking I worked as a photographer, but I created this site from the idea of a promotional company I use to work for years ago. My position was to use cameras, editing software, sublimation machines of all types for creating promotional and personal gifts that people and corporations would request.

It was from this concept that others also realized that they to could change things up considerably to what they wanted to do with their photos. At present I work as a contractor so, all my photographs are of my jobs which I use on my TD Remodeling site.


Where do I get my domain names and hosting done

Photograph of free starter membershipAs soon as people were putting the pieces together how I had intertwined my websites and what I was doing, others wanted to know more about having domain names and hosting packages.

The package I now use is with Wealthy Affiliate. For the first nine-plus years I used other providers until I found WA, which I switched to just over ten months ago. From the online courses, they offer you’re able to build and set up a successful online business. I have made more money in the last few months from what I have learned from WA than any of the other hosting packages I use to have.

When you’re looking at how to make money online,  you just need a place to start. What I can offer you is a free package that you can check out where you’ll discover what you need.

How to come up with a business idea to make money
Domain Name and Hosting
How to build a site
How to generate traffic

And the most important part is How To Make Money Online putting those four critical steps together the proper way to have a successful online presence.

You can learn everything you need to know,
right here at Wealthy Affiliate!



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