Kitchen Tile Murals


You can have kitchen tile murals just the way you want them, by creating custom tile murals from any photograph you have, by sublimating them onto blank tiles.


Kitchen Tile Murals


photograph of full kitchen tile murals


photograph of kitchen tile murals


When you’re looking to have the perfect kitchen tile mural you can create the perfect mural to match your kitchen or design by simply having custom tile murals made. By using blank sublimation tiles, you can have whatever photograph you would like to use to create the mural of your desire. The same way you see how people are having t-shirts sublimated using their pictures you can also have pictures applied to tiles. Think of it as square or rectangular puzzle peaces you cement to create the image of your chosen mural to the wall.



Here are some pictures that represent what a kitchen tile mural will look like installed in a kitchen. This particular tile job I did with my business TD Remodeling where 12″ x 12″ granite tiles were used for the counter top and then to create the backsplash by cutting the larger tiles down to make subway tiles. The mural gets inserted over the sink in six parts that created the original mural you now see.


photograph of sea turtle mural

You can create these murals as I have said from your photographs taken from any camera of reasonable quality. The picture will be broken down into multiple squares or rectangles depending on the size of the tiles you choose to use. One full-size image will then become six tiles as above or could be 9 picture peace as below in two of the three examples. How many tiles you use to create the mural will depend on the overall size you want your mural to be and how many tiles it will take to make your mural. The tiles themselves can vary in size so six tiles that are 6″ x 6″ will naturally create a smaller mural than one made with six tiles of 12″ x 12.” You can still have a mural the same size as six 12″ x 12″ made out of 6″ x 6″, you will just require more of them.



photograph of tropical beach mural


Another neat feature to do in the creation of kitchen tile murals or any murals for that matter is to use different size tiles to create the overall mural size. In the picture below you can see that the nine tiles used to create this mural are not all the same size but rather two different size tiles are required. Once again you can see how you could set up patterns from the tiles on any photograph that you wanted to transform into a mural. The whole process of tile sublimation using the heat presses to create your tile murals is a fantastic way to get your photographs onto the tiles to create your version of the kitchen tile mural above.


photograph of beached boat mural


So if you’re planning something unique for your kitchen,

then perhaps a tile mural will do the trick!


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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for that interesting post, it’s really great to have beautiful pictures instead of those boring tiles!
    Would you please tell me about the prices? for example how will it cost for a 1 square meter picture.
    and are they waterproof? can I use them for the pool or anywhere outdoor?
    Thank you so much.
    Best wishes and good luck,

    • Hi Kaveh and to answer all your questions first with pricing you will find the following as an example:

      They range in pricing buy size of pattern. Smaller tiles compared to larger tiles to create the same size pattern will cost more.

      Ceramic is the cheapest ranging from $90-$540 US

      Then porcelain is more ranging from $96-$594 US

      With marble the most expensive ranging from $126-$735 US

      The higher amounts are for the larger patterns around 1 meter square they are waterproof and can be used in and around pool areas and outside.

      Hope this helps with what you are looking for and you can always get a hold of me if you have any further questions.

  2. Would that be applied to regular ceramic tile with a glossy finish? I could see taking photos of my herb garden and having that as a kitchen backsplash. Tile over a fireplace mantel with family photos could also be rather cool. Doing up a ceramic table top with some good meaningful photos could also be rather decorative and a good conversation piece.

    • Hi Ellen and you are right about all the different things you can have tiles created for. The big thing to remember is the tiles that are used are specially for sublimation.

      In order for you to get the true color transfer of your pictures or art work, is by using a heat press that will transfer your images from sublimation paper and inks designed to print into the surface of the tiles.

      Anything that you can have a picture or image of can be transfered onto tiles.

  3. Wow! What a great idea! I’ve never seen this before. I really regret that I didn’t read this post three years ago when I bought my appartment. I would love to have personalized tile murals in my kitchen. Anyway, I’m planning some renovation works in my kitchen next year so I’ll bookmark yourwebsite for future reference.
    Excellent work!

    • This website is my hobby site so when you’re looking at doing your kitchen renovations then you’ll be able to get a lot more information from my job site TD Remodeling.

      My TD Remodeling website has two sister sites that will go into renovation how to practices and the other site goes into all the tools used. You may find those sites can help you with a lot more knowledge and save you money.

  4. Hi Travis, Wow that is so different, I loved the photos, they looked awesome. Your page looks great, well set out. I know you said about using the tiles in the kitchen but nothing would stop you from using them anywhere you have tiles would it, I could see something like that in the laundry or bathroom. All the best Kerry

    • Travis Smithers

      Yes, Kerry, you could certainly set a tile mural in many different places. With custom or pre-manufactured tile murals, you would be able to place them where you like, and the laundry room and bathrooms are another excellent choices to where you could have them installed.

      It shows you how simple ideas can be when you seen my post about a mural in the kitchen and that fast you are thinking like a designer to where you could have them to make some other spaces look fantastic.

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