Make Your Own Photo Book

Make Your Own Photo Book


When it comes to online books, by far one of the best gift values you could ever do is make your own photo book.


But before we consider creating a photo book, let’s look at the main types of books by construction and topics.

The three construction types that most of us usually use are hard copy, softcover and e-books. For our purposes, we are going to deal with the paper.

Next we need to address the type of content the book will have. With content to consider, you could have thousands of topics. So why don’t we just simplify our topics to Making A Wedding Photo Book.


So we know the book will be a hard copy about weddings. Now we need to do one more thing here. We need to decide on which wedding book titles we are going to choose from on what is available to us. When I say choose between titles, I’m not talking about Indoor Wedding or Outdoor Wedding. I’m talking about the content that the book will contain. Is the photo book going to be about the Bride and Groom’s Wedding itself or is it a Wedding Guest Book.


For our scenario, we want a hard copy of the Bride and Groom’s Wedding Day photo book.


The next question is, “How To Make A Photo Book.”

The answer to this issue is a lot easier than some might think. So let’s make a short list.

  • You need photographsfamily-of-the-bride
  • You’re going to want to know all or most of the names to the faces in the photographs
  • You should have some words or descriptions to go with some of the photos


Now you’re ready for the next part. The type of format your photo book is going to be. Here is where you decide on the layout of the book.

  • Are you starting with just before the wedding and leading into the ceremony?
  • Or perhaps you’re starting with the ceremony.
  • You have the Wedding.
  • Then the reception.
  • After the Bride and Groom leave, is there a party that still continues.
  • Perhaps the Honey Moon will be included, then again maybe it will become its volume. And every trip after that to create a photo library.


All these things are what you need to consider and have ready. But once you have all that said and done. The creation of Making A Wedding Photo Book is almost complete.


At this point, I would just like to say that this could apply to any Photo Book topic, not just weddings. We could have been creating photo books on trips from parts of the world you have traveled. A baby book for their first year etc. A photo book can be on anything that makes that perfect gift memory stay alive.


Here we are at the final stage to see how you’ll create the Photo Book.

The time has come so let’s check out how we’ll do it.

We’re waiting for you on the other side.

“Click this link.”


” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here!



  1. Great post. I bought a deal which I had to create my own photobook and the supplier will then print and send it to me. Your tips definitely comes in handy. Great job.

  2. Very informative with easy-to-follow instructions and tips. Nice work. Your site’s great!

  3. It’s nice and informative. Looks like you got a handle of things around here. I like your use of bullet points, and the pictures compliment your meaning well.

  4. Very nice production, will be back when I have more time to enjoy it more.

  5. Wow! Great Ideas you give for making various kinds of Photo books. Great Job!

  6. Very nice site, great layout and good information. I like this site a lot, it works very well.

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    Fantastic post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a
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    • Thanks for the visit, I know you read my post and are you requesting more information from that or did you go to my main site for further information and you would like even more information on the subject after the main page. Let me know and I will get you the answers you seek.

  8. I’ve always wanted to create a photo book but never got myself to do it. I guess I not a photograph type of person, I always forget to take the camera and when I do I forget to use. I’m just too busy enjoying the moment! But I do recognize that having a photo book is a beautiful gift I can make for myself or offer someone else.

    • Living in the moment is a great thing to do and like most people to start taking pictures is a habit one has to consciously make to get into taking picture.

      Now a days for most people the easiest way to start taking photographs is by using your cell phone. Technology has been changing through the years at such a fast rate that even the cameras in our cell phones have really progressed to taking great photos at a moments notice.

      Once you develop the habit to take pictures you could continue with the ease of using your cell phone or get into a higher end camera. That could simply be a point and shoot in the purse or pocket or full tilt with camera and camera bag depending on where and what your doing.

  9. I think its a great idea to create your own hard copy photo books. It adds that personal touch. I personally prefer having hard copy photo books. Just makes it more enjoyable to look at those special moments captured in the photos. You have a great website with some great ideas. Keep up the good work

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Teresa glad you enjoyed the post about making photo books and like you a lot of people like to have a hard copy of there photographs to display to friends and family. I will keep adding more information and ideas for people to learn and have fun with when figuring out all what they want to do with there photographs.

  10. Hey Travis,

    Great article. I was getting ready to create a photobook to commemorate the birth of my nephew and his first year. It’s going to be a gift for my sis.

    I appreciate that you very clearly walked me through the process of selecting the type of book (I’m going with hard cover), the content and descriptions.

    I think this is going to make a wonderful gift for my sister, and I really appreciate your guidance.


    • Hi Jim and its always great to hear about helping others out. The site is still a long ways from where I want it to be yet but I’m glad you where able to get the information you needed. I’m sure your sister will love the book once you are done as photo books always tend to make a great impact for any gift when it comes to family and your nephew will have something to look back on when he’s older.

  11. Hey I like your tips. My sister is really into to photo books and i am sure she would love this! I have a lot of photos on my Phone to organize and I wonder if it would be nice to sit down one day and make a photo book! You now just inspired me to do so.

    • Hi Billy and good to hear this post gave you some ideas. Making your own photo book is always a fun project and here at Say It With Photographs is all about creative things you can do with your photographs.

  12. Hi Travis,
    I really like your idea of laying out exactly what you want this photo book to be about. I think for many people, including myself, trying to put together pictures and not having a plan for it is what derails any chance of actually getting those photos into a place where they can be accessed and viewed again. This definitely gave me some things to consider for my next trip and all those photos.

    • Hi Jessica and your right about how easy it is to have photographs pile up. This is one of the reasons I have created this site to give people ideas of all the great things one can do with there photographs by doing post production items or gifts.

      Once you actually start taking some time to get into setting something up with your photo you’ll find the ideas and flow starts to get easier and faster as you get going. So have fun with creating your own photo layouts with all the photographs that you have been collecting.

  13. Hi Travis, my husband and I love to make photo books. We had printed a few of them and love it.
    I definitely agree with you that we should plan the content first before jumping to create the book so that the story flows smoothly. Usually we divided the book into several chunks and group the photographs based on this.
    If I may ask you question, what do you think is better, doing photo editing before making the book, or doing it simultaneously while arranging the photos in the book. I found that I edited the photos a lot, before and while creating the book. I would love to hear some tips regarding this. Thank you

    • Hi Rina, I personally think when you’re planning to make your own photo book, that getting as much stuff figured out as to which pictures, how you want to group them, is best to know before you start the book online. Have your photos edited as much as possible and know roughly how you’re going to build your book out, will make it much easier. This way you will only be dealing with placement and possible cropping to get your photos into place for your book.

      It already sounds like you prep and create your photo books the same way I tend to do mine. I’m sure there are other methods this just seems to work best for me. I find you can stay better focused on what you’re trying to accomplish, in the long run having things prearranged.

  14. Hello Travis,

    Creating a photobook is fun and I once created an album as a gift to my great-grandmother. I can say that I am very much satisfied with the printed photo album and she really loved the gift that I gave her.

    With the advanced technology in photography and having the ability to take high quality pictures even by using a mobile phone, it is now very easy to capture memories through photos. Digital pictures can now be saved in the computer and now can be uploaded anywhere in the internet in the different social media platforms.

    Having the ability to create a digital photo album online is a nice and fun activity and when you see the printed version of the album, you could really say that you created a masterpiece.

    It is really nice visiting your site and may you have a great day.

    • Thanks Vladimir for the visit and its always good to hear about people creating and enjoying what they have created by using photographs. I’ve always enjoyed producing gifts and things for the house using photos and it’s great knowing others see the value in it as well, like yourself.

  15. Hi, I really like your website and this page on photo books. You make it all sound so easy to do! I thought about doing a photo book of my son’s first year but then I got all my photos out and I have about 400 to go through so I still haven’t done it! Can you recommend a reasonably priced website which you can upload your photos to and they do it all for you? Sammi

    • I Sammi and to answer that question I would have to say I do not.

      The biggest thing about organizing photos is a stranger does not know who is who in your photos. The photos themselves should have dates or some kind of sequencing to them that at least your photographs would be grouped according to how many you took in any particular day. The problem is nobody will know wich photos have the most meaning behind them from when you were taking the pictures.

      When it comes to organizing your photos it is best for you or family and friends who know you to organize them.

  16. So far, I’ve only done two photobooks and I love it! While everything is digital nowadays, there’s something about looking through an actual album. So instead of printing gazillions of photos, use the digital image for a photobook. You’re right that it can be about anything. I did travel photobooks.

    • Putting travel photo books together is one of my favorite ideas as you get to remember all the places you have gone to through the years. For anybody wanting to have a small library, it also makes one that has serious meaning behind it as well. I’ve recently been thinking about having a canvas print and using the same photograph as the photo book cover as well just to step up the story behind the canvas print that I would have haning on my wall.

  17. This was a great article for me to come across as I am a avid amateur photographer. This game me a new insight on how to incorporate some of my pictures into a photo book. I never really took the time to arrange my photos in the way you have mentioned here.
    Thanks for the info!

    • Things have changed so much over the years that many people no longer have prints made and use photo books to hold them. With the digital world rapidly expanding it is easier to display your photos from hard drives and websites now. Continue to have fun taking and arranging your creations.

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