Make Your Own Scrapbook Online

Make Your Own Scrapbook Online


Well, what I am about to share with you today about make your scrapbook online deals with e-mails and comments I’ve been receiving about how can I share my scrapbooks to far away places where family and friends may live and how do I keep my costs down to do my scrapbooking.

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First off let’s just start with the fact that digital scrapbooking online opens up a whole new way of sharing your memories and creations.


The typical scrapbooking of creating books and also you getting them published from online companies such as Shutterfly are great, and you can share them with you friends and family, but they do have their limitations. All the books you create can only be shown to those around you that can physically pick the book up to check it out. Anybody who does not live close by is unable to view any of the scrapbooks you have created. So what is the solution to getting access to making your scrapbook accessible to those farther away, a free website!

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When you have access to a free website, you can create your scrapbooks and post them very quickly on your site.


So how will this work for you:


  • It’s your website so only the ones you want to have access will.
  • You can use different methods to display your scrapbooks.
  • If you choose, your hobby can make you money.
  • Significantly reduces your scrapbooking costs.



It’s your website so only the ones you want to have access will
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Password Protected


So you may be asking yourself if I have a website how does this allow me only to have the people I choose to have access. The first step is when you create your site you can have it created in such a way that the search engines are told not to look at your content. By doing this, your website will be ranked at the bottom of billions of sites that it will not see the light of day.
Companies and individuals spend time and money to get themselves ranked to have people find them so if you’re not indexed, and you’re explicitly telling the search bots to go away people are not going to find you in their searches on the internet. Only those you directly give your website address to will reach you.


Now let’s take care of that slight possibility someone did find your web page to gain access, oops I’m sorry you need a password to gain access to get into the site. Between doing these two things that are very easy to learn, you are ready to go and share your scrapbooks anywhere in the world. Location Problem Solved!


You can use different methods to display your scrapbooks


Now that you know where to have your digital collections online its time to look at how you can present your great works of art.


With your free website, it works on a WordPress platform so if you’re not familiar with this type of platform that is no problem because WordPress is an open source where you can find plenty of information on it. When you first sign up for your free website you’ll have seven days of full access to courses and a community that will answer all your question to get you up and running. At the end of your seven days, you will no longer have full access but you still have your website for as long as you like.

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Digital Scrapbooking Cover Page

With any internet site, you can post an image that, in this case, could be a photo of your scrapbooks cover. Once you click on one of the pictures it will open up into a PDF file that you can now view each page that would be each of your scrapbooks pages in the order of your choosing. Because this is your website you could designate one page to feature each one of your books or you could create a menu that would have your scrapbooks categorized under specific headings like travel, kids growing up, home renovations I think you get the picture. This method could allow you to feature 2 or more images of different book covers per page on the same topic like three different travel vacations on a single page.


By having the Word Press platform, you can get what is called plug-ins. The same way you would click the image of your books cover you would open up a designated page that will show a slide show instead of a PDF file where each one of your pages will cycle through at a speed you choose or the person viewing can click through at their rate. These plug-ins come in different layouts and formats and are also available for free.


If you choose, your hobby can make you money


By using this method of sharing your scrapbooks with friends and family regardless of where they may live. You are in a position where you could also make money from your scrapbooking hobby, by following the thousands of others who are using the power of the Internet as your reading this post. Just as I have taken one of my hobbies and turned it into an online opportunity to make money and help others, you can do the same if you like.

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As I had mentioned earlier about having your free website and not indexing it. All you would do now is create your site as previously mentioned, and you would be taken step by step through the free website program. You would start off with creating your site and this time you would have your site indexed for the search engines to recognize it. You could still use a password protection for your scrapbooking section that is strictly for friends and family, but you would now have a website that could help others with scrapbooking and make some money along the way.

How much money is not predictable when it comes to an online business due to all the variables involved, your website presence and the Internet traffic you receive will play an important part. The time it would take and whether or not you choose to change the level of membership for all the courses and permanent community access is totally up to you. For more information on this check out this link “Wealthy Affiliate University” that will give you a comprehensive comparison of how good the free membership and the premium membership truly are.


Significantly reduces your scrapbooking costs


When it comes to saving money, there is always different methods and going with digital scrapbooking, is more cost productive in the long run. When you look at the expense of regular scrapbooking from your prints and all the materials for creating the scrapbooks the dollar amount usually exceed the costs associated with digital scrapbooking. The reason I say usually is some people will prefer to have programs like Adobe Lightroom 5 which will cost money up front but will be cheaper in the long run by the end of the year. If you choose to use free software, your still able to create with no expenditure but the programs will have creativity limits to what you may want to do. If this is something you are serious about I strongly recommend Adobe Lightroom 5 and I have plenty of free tutorials to show you how to create like a pro.

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So not only can you save money with digital scrapbooking but you can share it with anybody through the Internet you desire regardless where they live while paper scrapbooks you create have limits to only those that can hold them in their hands. Like I also mentioned earlier you can choose to make money as well with your scrapbooking instead of just finding ways to save.


So check out my free tutorials for digital scrapbooking that will show you many variations of what and how people are doing this fun and creative artwork for all to enjoy. From beginner to advance to learn how the pros do it.


So Click the link to bring you forward to more ideas and possibilities.


” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras, and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here!




  1. Hi Travis, that’s a pretty cool idea. At first I was thinking why not just post my pictures on Facebook or another social networking site then I realized it’s not everything you may want to share with the world especially family moments. We get so caught up in publishing websites that we forget that they can be used for private content too. Also a cool feeling to know you have your own website dedicated to family or other interests in photography.

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Dwayne just as you mentioned when you use Facebook and other social media you may have privacy issues. When a number of different people where asking me how they could share there scrapbooks with exactly who they want, it came to me creating a website was the logical choice. With so many software packages for people to create there scrapbooks free or paid versions like Lightroom 5 and the ability to have free websites which my hosting provider happens to offer, its like you have nothing to lose and hello friends and family check out my newest scrapbook.

      When its free and it solves there problem what have they got to lose, nothing!

      It’s a win win scenario! Got to like it.

  2. This is a great idea! I have made scrapbooks that I have had printed, but this sounds like a much better choice. I am a child care teacher. I wonder if I could start a site that just my kids parents could come to. They would like it as no one else could see it except who I give a password to. I may have to do that! Thanks.

    • Hi Liz as a child care teacher it would be very easy for you to set up a scrapbook website giving access to only the kids parents to see there work and all the fun they have been having with your classes. The parents would be able to show friends and family all the great arts day classes you have been doing with the kids and how well they are doing in there creations and with there classmates.

  3. Excellent article. Lots of ideas I had not thought of here, and ways you mention to monetize the site is a really cool idea!

    Do you think this is something that could be sold as a package to others, i.e. as a one of PLR, with upsells for white label rights, etc?

    There are all kinds of ways to make moneu off our hobbies and passions….My aunt was into geneology. Over the years she spent a lot of time figuring out the different places our ancestors came from.

    That may be another way to move with this photo album idea s well. My aunt spent a lot of money traveling all over the place, plus shw really felt like a detective she told me.

    have a great day and thanks for your post. I brought out the creativity in me plus a little reminiscing was good too!

    : )

    • I find it is always fun when different ideas or things can get you reminiscing, it is one of the reasons I but this site together to give people ideas so they can enjoy there hobbies and even expand on them if they like the ideas and what they can create with them.

      You are definitely correct about being able to make money with a hobby as everything has the ability to generate an income. Depending on what you are into your hobbies have the ability to generate money by offering something anywhere from the beginning to the final stage that could be purchased.

      In the case of scrapbooking someone could sell books or videos on ideas, how to, etc.
      I chose to offer free tutorials on ideas, how to etc and offer software if you have none for example for purchase.

      You could monetize any hobbies it just depends on how you want to go about it.

  4. Wow, great idea you have here! I can’t believe how many things can be done in internet whit creative mind.

    I am from Finland but live in Italy so I have plenty of parents that would love me to have website for all of my photos. Especially now that I have 18 months old baby boy.

    Would it be possible to make one page on my website, where everyone (of my parents) could share their photos too? Or would I be the only one being able to share photos?
    Thank you for this great idea!

    • Hi Maria you could make a page where your parents or family etc could up load pictures onto your site so that you all could be sharing back and forth and you could make it where you can only enter by password, so others are unable to access or view your contant except for the ones you want to have access.

      That is one of the great things about having your own personalized website, you get to set it up the way you want and do what you want.

  5. I have never considered this before. I’ve never really had the patience for scrapbooking, but I do everything on my computer nowadays anyway, so if I were going to do it, it would be online. I never would have thought of making my own website just for the sake of scrapbooking. And interesting thought for sure.

    • In the past creating your own scrapbook online where you could have it on a website was only for the die hard that was really into it and seen the value in paying for the site and hosting. Now a days you are able to have free websites and hosting that would be good enough for scrapbooking to create and share with those you choose.

      With all the free photo editing software packages you can also have access to you will be able to do a decent job of creating your online scrapbooks for free as well. It’s a win , win situation for anybody wanting to get into it with out all the expense.

      If you need free websites I can help you with that plus free software packages and free tutorials, I’m here to help.

  6. I really like this idea! I have so many digital photographs that I’d like to share with my friends and family, but didn’t want to go through the huge process of creating a physical book out of them. Plus, like you say, only some people will be able to actually get the book.

    I like how customizable an online scrapbook sounds with all those privacy features. Is it possible to customize it even further by having different passwords for different categories or pages?

    • Hi Samantha and with the technology that is available today if you required different passwords to get into different sections you are able to have your website place a password on each and every page if need be. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish you could have different sites for different groups if you only have a few, or create pages on one site that would be password protected for each group.

      Ten groups, you would have ten separate pages with a password for each, you would only be able to access the pages that you have the passwords for.

      Hope this helps.

  7. First of all, this really bring back some memory when I was a senior in high school.
    Secondly, this is so freaking clever. It is so easy to make a website now a day. All we have to do is do a little research and woa-la, you have your own website. You can use your own name as a domain, next thing you know, you have your own domain to do whatever you want with it with cost as low as $10/month.
    Thank you for sharing this with us Mr. Travis.
    By the way, if I want to make a scrap book about nature (green things in general), what theme would you recommend?

    • For myself if I was planning a scrap book about nature (green things in general) the theme would be based on what it is I’m trying to set up. Whether I want a back ground or not, do I need any columns right or left.

      With most themes these days you can add headers and change up colors to suit the look you want, to me the theme you choose is more about the layout you may want. Choosing the best layout to get the proper flow for your scrap book would be more for what I would be looking at.

      Example did you want each post to be a particular scrap booking event or use pages for each one and not have any posts on your website. By using posts you could categorize how you would find different or similar scrap books. These would be the things I would be looking at as I mentioned because you can change up the over all look and appearance for color etc.

      Hope this helps you.

  8. Cool. I never thought of this idea. I can make a private website to hold all of my scrapbooking ideas and photos. I always that thought that the web was for everyone to see. I would be great to have a private password protected site.

    Is it possible to do this with the free versions of WordPress websites?

    • You can protect any website you have administrator control over. If you’re the one creating or having it created then you have the choice to password protect it. Even the free websites you can get set up with through my website you can have a business or do an online scrapbook as I had mentioned at no cost to you.

  9. That interesting, Thank for the info

    I am Planning to do a Vlog combine of a 1 year challenges to drop from 130 kg to 85 kg, A Vlog for everyday activity , but I wondering If i can combine it with a Scrapbook ,

    what do you think? I apologies It just an idea i just suddenly figure out, what do you think ?

    • If you’re looking to log your progress that could be a great idea and you could use a free website to do it on. Something along those lines would not require you to pay any money out. You could track your progress make it password protected if you want and let only those you choose to see.

      Either way, you can let your imagination figure out you’re best course of action.

  10. This is a pretty creative way to use a WordPress site! I normally use it for blogging, but it also makes for a good place to showcase your photos. As far as photo editing software, I usually use Adobe Photoshop, and haven’t taken a look at Lightroom. What’s the main difference between the two?

    • Your Adobe Photoshop is a more powerful software program than Lightroom. Photoshop can be used to create anything dealing with photos, images, logos, drawings, etc.

      Lightroom is not as powerful and is used with photographs but does have some things that are more powerful than Photoshop such as databasing photo libraries.

      There are other differences your Photoshop will allow you to do when you learn the techniques of how the program operates and functions that lightroom does not.

  11. Hi!
    You know, I’ve always wanted to build my own scrapbook… just never have. But I think it would keep my interest to build one online far better than building one in an actual book or something.. lots more options out their for designing it and what not. 🙂 I will definitely look into starting one!

    • A lot more people are starting to get into creating scrapbooks online. With all the different photo editors and software packages you can use these days to create the finished images you want you can have quite the scrap books. Also with the use of free websites, you can show them to any friends and family you may want.

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