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Getting the Best Camera Buy for your needs is what I am all about helping you with. If your not a professional photographer then like most people you do not need to buy the most expensive gear, rather spend as much as you need for what you need.




  1. I really like the cameras you have on your site, I’m not a professional photographer but it is a hobby of mine, what camera would you recommend to someone who is just using it for hobby to start out with?

    • Hi Jazmin, if you are just starting out as a hobby, as with all things in life money is a key factor. What I would suggest is not to spend to much money where you are thinking hobby.
      The best thing would be to buy 1 from the best two brands Nikon or Canon. Buy a Digital SLR so you can take your time buying different lenses as you decide what type of photography you like best. That also allows you to upgrade individual components as you progress and want to peruse photography further.
      I hope this helps and if you have any further questions you know where to find me.

  2. Very nice, I love the layout of your website, very easy to navigate and see what I am looking for.
    BTW how did you list more than one amazon camera link like that? I like that a lot!

    • Hi Vic thanks for the visit and I have an embedded Amazon store so that way I can loaded multiple camera choices was to make it easier for people to find what meets their needs the best, one type of camera does not cover all personal preferences.

  3. Hi There.

    I think i found what i was looking for before buying my next camera, thank you for the precious information..


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