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Here we have a free video course on Basic Photography for Beginners made up of many lessons each devoted to different segments of photography.

In this course, you will learn about some of the actual beginnings of how photography all started followed with how to hold, clean and use your camera and equipment.

This course covers some of the photography basics.

How does the camera work, different types of cameras, how to build your camera kit, what makes a good lens, Cleaning a Point and Shoot Camera Like a Pro!, Cleaning Your SLR Camera Like a Pro, Cleaning Your SLR Lens Like a Pro.



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What is Composition?

Composition: Rule of Thirds, Textures Patterns and Shapes, Capturing Motion, Camera Angles and Viewpoint, Leading Lines,
the Angles of Light, Bokeh.

Camera Functions:

What is ISO, Introduction to Exposure, How Shutter Speeds Work, Aperture and Depth of Field in Photography, The Simple Math of Correct Exposure, Introductions to Lenses, How to Meter a Photograph, Bracketing Digital Photography, Exposure Reciprocity in Photography, DLSR Camera Focus Tips.





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