Best Sublimation Printer


Here you’ll find the best sublimation printer from the various videos in these three main video packs to suit your needs.

Best Sublimation Printer Videos


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In this first segment of sublimation printers, you will learn about the latest innovation in machine and sublimation inks required to give you the best possible reproductions on the marketplace today. They will describe the different models to choose from and the key features of each. You will be brought up to date with technical advancement and functionality of each machine. The inks that each of these machines uses are a gel ink for better performance for overall print quality to a thicker ink texture to providing better pixel density from the print heads to substrates. The engineering of these inks this way, of course, means better efficiency with a 1-3 ratio in ink usage that correlates to lower cost for inks per project with higher picture contrast.

photograph of best sublimation printer

The printers also incorporate a paper feeder that allow multiple paper sizes for different job types to simplify usage and work time. Each of these videos will explain the models and their benefits, the different features they have, loading up the ink cartridges and putting the printers to work. So take some time and check them out. You just may find your next sublimation printer right here.


In the videos, you will be taken through many different types of printers for features, usage and how to use many products requiring the sublimation techniques of heat transfer. You will learn about the various inks required for printing on the different types of transfer paper for all your creative products.

These videos take you step by step through the process of what each printer requires for ink and paper used for each project type. You will be walked through the setup of your photograph preparation procedure before printing, what to look for during printing and the final print. Some videos will take you into the heat transfer stage to see the finished production that you would have created if you were doing the job yourself.

Now for the DIY, there is even a video on the concept that once you have created your heat transfer print, you will be able to transfer your work of art or photograph from the transfer paper to your t-shirt, for instance, by using an iron that you would typically use for ironing clothes.


For more detailed videos on sublimation, you can click through to Heat Press Video

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  1. Hi Travis – Interesting post about printers. when i first visited your site I stated hat I was not much into photography. however i am a printer engineer.
    I’m surprised you haven’t covered the HP Z series DesignJet’s.
    The reproduction of these for photo’s to canvas is awesome.
    Will pop back soon and check out your ever growing and ever impressive website

    • Hi Mark and thanks for the visit, I haven’t gone into all the different brands yet but your tip on the HP Z DesignJet’s sounds like one well investigating and doing a review on. Thanks for the tip.

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