Making Money With Photography

 How to make money with photography is a question that a lot of people ask.

Can you make money with photography?

The answer as most of you already know, is Yes.

All around the world thousands of people are pursuing careers in photography related jobs.

woman_with_a_thought_bubbleThe real question is; How do you want to make money with Photography?

First let’s look at some of the available different ways. Here we’ll take into account that you are an employee or possibly the owner of the business.

 Many people have been making money as a photographer by doing Weddings, family portraits and other functions around the area in which they live. Some hold positions are doing photo shoots for models or beauty pageants. Many realtor’s hire photographers to show their listings in the best light.  You could also work as a Freelance photographer selling your prints.

From just these few mentioned above, I’m sure you get the Idea.

 I believe more to the point, can you make money with photography online. Once again the answer is Yes.

The online opportunities I believe have a much greater chance, simply from the mass number of people you can reach compared to with just an offline business. In a town or city, you have your demographic area, but with the internet you can go global with a lot more ease.making-money-using-the-internet

women_photographerNow some jobs like wedding shoots etc. you will not perform outside your geographic areas. If you are offering classes on How to be a Photographer, the online tutorials that you could create and the amount of people that would purchase your videos, books, etc. will far exceed your local business.

Some might say, you need to be a professional photographer to make money online. That’s not true. The fact is if you are a professional photographer then great, but it’s not a full requirement. When it comes to an online business, you need to know what your customers are looking to find. You could decide to be the one who has the site that holds all the portfolio pictures of different photographers in your online Gallery. They supply the photos, and you sell them through your online site and divvy up the money by set percentages.

 I will give you my example:

Love taking pictures, I’m not one of the high-end photographers making the big bucks.

So, the question is, how do I make money with photography?

Let’s do the pros and con lists.


Worked for a business creating photographic post production memorabilia.

Take the photos and build renovation portfolios for multiple job sites.

Instructor for just over seven years was creating and teaching lesson plans.

woman_displaying-contentCreated those lesson plans using different types of software.


Not a high-end photographer.

Not recognized as a freelance photographer

Not enough money to quit my job and take photography to the higher levels


I will use my experience to start another business online.
I will do post-production memorabilia locally. Take my pictures, edit them with my software and have them sublimated onto mugs, canvas prints, etc. but most importantly offer tips on how they can do the same. In my case, nothing makes a gift better than a custom personalized photograph turned into a canvas print, wedding books, etc.

 For you, the opportunities could also be endless.

 If you seriously want to make money with photography online, then let me show you how you can make that happen. I will show you the same way that I started for FREE, and this can work for you with your ideas.

You can take as long as you like for free, to see if you want to make money online with one or more of your ideas. 

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  1. I like the way you make it easy to understand.

  2. Hi Travis,
    I always looked at W/A as a starting point, but now I realize it really is a destination, for people who know what they want to do…They just don’t know how. Wealthy Affiliate is all about “The How”…How to get there! Great Post!


  3. What a terrific website. I have toyed with photography as a hobbyist but you are tempting me to spread my wings. (Love the parrots in your header). Your site is like a cliffhanger that I will have to come back to learn more!. Great job.

  4. Hey Travis,

    I have always been interested in photography. And adding photos to memorabilia is a great idea, I wish you lots of success on that front.

    I was like you also looking for a way to make money online while trying to avoid all the scams and low quality products out there. I am glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate when I did. Now I have my website up and running and I could not be more happier.

    • Thanks for the comment Marlon. That is one of the great things about Wealthy Affiliate we can all see about having a successful online business in our own way. I plan on helping more people start their own business as I keep moving forward.

  5. Travis,

    Thanks for this wonderful read and the sensible path you have laid out to earn with photography.
    I have always loved taking pictures and sharing them but I honestly never looked at my fun as a business opportunity.
    Thanks again and I have really enjoyed the rest of the site as well, my best,


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