Travel Photo Books


You’ve been traveling around taking pictures and piling them up as you go. Now, what’s the best way to display all these fantastic trips!


Travel Photo Books


Here is where you get to create your personal library that you can share with friends and family. Every trip you take you could generate a travel book that displays all the great places and fun you’ve been having. These could be a collection of many types of trips and based on different themes. Let’s take a look at some of the themes you could have.

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Vacation Themes


  • Weekend get away with your friends
  • Vacation time with your better half
  • Family trips with the kids
  • Group vacations
  • Activity vacations


Just from these few vacation types mentioned above you can see how natural and what kinds of travel photo books you could categorize for putting your special library together.


photograph of Vegas Strip


Weekend get away with your friends


How many times you and your friends could get together to do fun trips traveling around to new destinations. All the collective photographs that each of you takes that could be put together for creating that perfect book of memories. Are you looking at once a year twice a year, just think of what kind of library this could create adding these books to it year after year?


Maybe you and your friends go on camping trips taking the tour of different areas or perhaps the reason your camping is because you’re on a hunting or fishing trip. When you get right down to it, you could be doing a lot of weekend traveling with your friends for many different reasons. The point is, once you’ve taken all those pictures, how great is it to be able to look through not just any book but the book you published with all your moments of memorable times that you and your friends did all that great stuff together.


Vacation time with your better half


Now here is where a lot of people could put some library of photo books together is with all the trips through the years with your better half as they say. When you think of all the places that you may vacation to you could get some pretty good looking books put together. Why just this last winter my wife and I decided to go to Vegas, usually we like to go south to Florida or one of the Island retreats for a week or two. This time, we decided to check out Vegas and all It had to offer for almost two weeks. For us, it’s a long haul four time zones on the other side of the country.

photograph of Vegas Tour

But I must say it was great, and the photo book we have makes us wonder how we had time to see so much. From kicking back on the lazy river at the condo at Tahiti Village, all the great food from the all you can eat buffets, what’s not to like. We toured the casinos throughout the strip, ate at some of the world’s best restaurants, even took some time to check out the Cake Boss from TLC’s TV show at the Venetian for some extra desert. Yes, it was amazing all the life entertainment, and Fremont Street is a must see. The waterslide through the shark tank is great, and the families that had their kids to check out the mermaids just loved it.


Personally I think anybody who likes to travel should see Vegas at least once in a lifetime, there is just so much to see and do. So depending on how many trips you take per year with your better half you could have a significant library collection.


Family trips with the kids


How about all the parents with children or grandparents with grandchildren, once again all the great memories you can publish a photo book. Each year we like to take the grandchildren on trips to check out different areas and culture. When you think of all the books, you could put together of the trips you and your family take, you would have more than just some family travel photo books you would have a history in the making.


One of the things I did other than taking pictures to create books, I also used movie cameras through the years to make movies. Now today the cameras are tiny in comparison, I use to look like CBC or ATV news crew on the go. But I must say now that my children are all grown up and have their children, they love seeing all the books and video movies of previous years. We spend our time living in the now; you forget all the great times until you check out past books or videos.


Creating a library of all the places you’ve been is one way of reliving the moment and making it fun. You can very quickly create more photo books from new trips coming up in your plans.


Group vacations


Group vacations can be one type of holidays that usually puts a whole new look on having fun. There was one year where a few of us went to the Dominican Republic for the beaches, all you can eat drink and be marry and best of all one of our local bands that played International went for two weeks to play at the resort. So when you have just over 100 Canadians coming to a resort that’s featuring a hometown band, “we don’t want to sit down, we want to get down”.

photograph of Vegas

So just think of all the golfing, fishing, hunting and I’m sure there are hundreds of group vacations that you could be part of that would inspire a great traveling book to start or be part of a library collection. From where we live people enjoy camping trips to check out concerts of different top bands that come to the area. Groups of people get together for skiing, snowmobile and ATV riding on the back trails. We even have times where you’ll get a bunch of boaters together and do are boat trips into different areas along the coastlines.


Activity vacations


Again activity vacations could be like any of those mentioned above but not necessarily with a group. For instance, I use to take our camping gear when the kids were younger and drive to Canada’s Wonderland buy the season pass for all of use and go to the amusement park every day we were there. When you looked at the cost of purchasing the season pass, after three days it was like free admission, so even if you only had 7-14 days, it was roller coasters here we come. Theme parks where just one of the many places we went as a family, there was also hiking up land to use kayaks and rubber dingy for running the rivers back down to the lakes. Another cool camping trip is doing an African Safari where you’re driving around seeing the different animals in a more natural habitat where your vehicle is your cage from them. Camping at night hearing all the nights activity of the various animals in the area is quite different than being at home listening to the sounds you would here in your neighborhood.


The list could be endless of what you could do for your activity vacations, this summer where going to take the family to a cottage on the beach. What are you planning to do for vacation now and over the next few years? So whether your travels take you locally or abroad, publishing your photo books is the way to go.


photograph of Vegas 2015


No matter what you’re into, when it comes to vacation time, you can create Travel Photo Books for any occasion. Through the years, you could establish a library of not just travel books but a history that your family can check out through the generations. They would be able to see their past family members through “Your eyes of the camera”.



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” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras, and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here!




  1. Hi Travis,
    You have some great ideas here. I hope to do some traveling later this year and hope to take loads of pictures.
    I will probably use online albums for a lot but I think it would be nice to have some prints as well. I will have to come back and read more of your tips.

    • Hi Angela glad you enjoyed your tour and by all means pop in as much as you like and hopefully you will get to do some travelling. I always find it great to travel and having pictures and photo books for later to check out is always nice for seeing where you’ve been and where you want to go next.
      Have yourself a great day!

  2. hi Travis
    are we talking about physical or digital travel photo books? It seems like you are talking about the former but I am not entirely sure. I have made travel photo books for some of my trips and I loved the experience. Finding the best pictures, arranging them, finding the album. It was just fun! However, it does end up taking some space….I agree with you that Vegas needs to be seen once in a lifetime. Never a dull moment in Vegas!

    • Hi Emily and yes Vegas is definitely not dull. The travel photo books are an actual physical book once your done editing all your photographs etc so they would take some space and especially if you start a travel library of places you’ve gone over the years. But like you said it can be a lot of fun and you could always do up a digital book for those digital picture frames now that you mention it.

  3. Growing up my sister always took so many pictures on family trips and absolutely hated it! Now as an adult i’m glad she did as I spend whenever I can looking at her photo albums. Now with these photobooks they can be even better!

    • Hi Brad and great move by your sister. Your right and the nice thing about photo books is you can size up and reduce photographs any way you like when creating a digital photo book before printing. Before we use to pack our pictures into a photo album each picture the same size. Now you can resize edit and text and really do them up using the online photo book publishers an you can print as many as you like in case other family members want a copy etc.

  4. Thanks for a wonderfully well explained and easy to understand post.I love travelling with my 2 sons and i must say I will start putting pictures together for memory.
    Never thought of this but now that i read it here, sounds fun thing to do.
    I have book marked your site for future tips on photography.
    Once more thanks

    • HI Roamy always love hearing about families travelling around and creating memories. The nice thing about collecting your photographs now is when your two boys are older they will have great memories of the great times you spent together. When you do this kind of stuff with your boys they will do the same with there families which is really great. My boys give me coffee mugs with the grandchildren on them and I receive photo prints of my grandchildren to hang on my walls its fantastic and your sons may do the same for you. Its all about the great times you share and the way you choose to show it.

  5. This is such a good read. So comprehensive and authoritative. Really looking forward to diving into the rest of the website now too. Well done.

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