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You can pick and choose any tutorials to learn or brush up on the subject of interest. There are no obligations of time required just simply videos put together for your use to check out when you want and any order you wish to learn the information supplied.

There are also a few stores showing you the products that you may be using yourself right now but definitely products that others are using to take pictures and create all the different post production products that you may be seeing or hearing about. Again if you have any interest in wanting or needing any of what you see, the prices are pretty much the best you’ll find on the Internet daily from reputable companies. They pay me a tiny referral fee from their price; no extra money is tacked on from your end. You pay only the rock bottom price they are offering for any item these companies sell for to compete against other retailers. You are not obligated to purchase anything but know that I appreciate anything that you do and know that these are pretty much the best prices around.

The tutorials will show you how to create, how it is done.
The products will show you what is needed to get it done.
My main site Say It With Photographs will give posts on the different  products on what part of the process they can take care of.




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  1. I am starting to get interested in photography as I have started a blog and would like to be able to use my own pictures. However, I don’t have the first clue about taking a good picture.

    Also, I tend to take most of my pictures with my cell phone, so perhaps this is part of the issue. I don’t really own a good camera.

    I love the collection of tutorials you have on your site. I will go through them and see if I can learn how to take some great pictures!

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Tanya and by all means check out as many tutorials as you like and there are also plenty on actual camera equipment that can help with making decisions on any equipment you may want to consider in the future. The key is to take your time and figure out what it is you plan on doing and you can get what you need once you know what it is you want or need the camera to do. Its better to figure it all out first when you do not own any equipment and buy once your ready so you can make better purchasing decisions.

  2. conformancefugitive.com

    As a bit of a traveller, I love taking photos and have always been interested in learning more about photoshop and picture editing – I may have to return here to learn some more!!
    Thank you for sharing… I think its amazing that you provide so much free information!! 🙂

    • That was one of the great things I found about the Internet is all the free information. The problem was searching for what I want, so I decided to create this website to help bring a lot of it all together in one spot to save time and help those that are looking for the same information.

      There are many people who have but together some excellent tutorials on many aspects of photography and photos that I felt it would be a good idea to bring them all together into one location and write about it to help others get the information they are looking for and how they interrelate. From photography to post production of creating great products you will find it all here.

  3. Sammi - www.alittlebitofextrahelp.com

    A photo speaks a thousands words.. and they really do! I love taking photos of family but this is mainly done with my phone – which doesn’t take great photos! Is there any software available on the market to fine tune these a bit once you get them on to the laptop? I’m guessing that’s probably a no though.. can you get a really decent camera relatively cheaply these days? Sammi

    • Well to answer your two questions you can get software to help enhance your photos from your phones camera but you will be limited according to the pixel count that your phone is using for the camera and you will be dealing with a jpg format which does not allow for as much manipulation as a raw format.

      An answer for your second question is you can get good quality cameras for a decent price. What I would recommend is read some of the different posts and check out some of the tutorials that explain about software, camera equipment that I have to get a better understanding on what they can do. Once you have a better idea of what is available you will be able to make a better decision on what you would like to do for type of camera or software according to your needs.

      By all means if you have any questions as you tour around just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

  4. I have a digital camera,. Do you recommend developing your own pictures or uploading them to Walgreens, Walmart, or some other place. Do pictures from a phone have as good a quality? Do you recommend an expensive camera? You have some really good pictures on your site. I will have to bookmark and come back later to go through the tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Vicky and I will see about answering your questions in order.

      Because my pictures are now digital I use software to edit and do all that is required to get my finished look. Only some of my pictures will be printed by a Walgreens, Wallmart etc., I usually use my photos in a different fashion.

      Pictures from a phone can work just fine if you do not require high resolution and the many extra features you can normally have from an actual camera. Some of the pictures on my site are from my cell phone as the camera from my phone has good enough resolution to be digitally reproduced.

      Drop by any time, I’m here to help in any way I can.

  5. Hello, Travis,
    First, I want to commend you for your service in the Canadian Armed Forces. I am a Veteran of the U. S. Army, and I know what it’s like to serve.
    I enjoyed my visit to your Say it with photographs site. You explain things that I didn’t know about photography.
    I have a small Digital Kodak Camera, it takes good pictures, but I am glad the Camera know what to do in advance because I only know a little about taking pictures. I am glad you explained what SLR meant, this was something I didn’t have a clue.
    I couldn’t cover all of the content on your site, that would take me quite some time. I bookmarked your site for future reference. Your site is very professionally put together, beautiful work, Travis. Take care.

    • Always good hearing from a fellow Vet. With time I am planning on covering much more material and also doing a break down on some of the tutorials. I will take some of the same information to be covered by different people so you would be able to learn from the ones that can get the information to you the way you like to learn.

  6. I’ve used photoshop in the past, but have never heard of lightroom. Are they just different based on the operating system they run on, or can they be used on any platform? Which program would you prefer with your work? I’m not fond of photoshop and never have been because of the complexities of use. If lightroom is more user friendly I’d prefer it.

    • Hi Sarah and you are basically correct that Photoshop is more complicated.

      Photoshop was designed to be able to create anything that you can imagine once you have gotten through the learning curve. Getting the best results from your photographs and being able to create fantastic graphics etc.

      Lightroom was created for dealing with your photographs which is much easier than Photoshop in comparison and has same great features for dealing with multiple photos and categorizing libraries that Photoshop is not equipped to handle.

      If you did need the full concept to do photo editing and create some graphics then Adope Illustrator is a simpler version of the two. It does not have equal power to either Photoshop or Lightroom but can do what a lot of people would like to accomplish without the learning curves.

      At present I am still using Photoshop and Corel Draw.

  7. John Monyjok Maluth

    Dear Travis. Your site is attractive to me. I love taking photos, even on the phone! I have no better camera since they are expensive here. But, your site made me feel like to learn more about photography. I never read anything about this before to be honest.

    I just love taking photos naturally. My questions are:
    How can I take a very good natural photo of a flower or a bee on it?

    • Hi John and even though I do have other cameras I do use my phone a lot. If you want to get a natural shot of a bee on a flower with your phone, your not going to have the luxury of telephoto or macro zoom lenses but you can hold out your phone as if to take a self portrait to get your phones camera closer to take the picture as if you are doing a close up. If you can have the sun casting a shadow off to either the left or right side when you focus on the bee and flower, you’ll get a pretty good shot. Also see if your phones camera allows you to change some of your camera settings to get more creative.

  8. Hi Travis! I love how much homework you have done for photographers (and aspiring photographers) who want to find all the free tutorials in one place. Most of my photos tend to be taken from my phone, which – needless to say – does not produce the best quality shots. I am currently considering an upgrade to my phone (for a better camera) or a versatile, user-friendly camera to capture better shots for my family album and personal blog. What would you say is a better choice for someone who wants to keep the process uncomplicated?

    • Well Carmen I’d have to say that each year the cell phone cameras are getting better with all the new technology and the extra settings you get to change for taking photographs. If you’re planning on getting a new cell phone, then I would use it first where you mainly take pictures for your blog on the internet. If you find it is still not up to par, then I would consider buying a dedicated camera to take your photos.

  9. I would like to say that this article provides guidance to someone who looking for Photographs Tutorials.
    I don’ know much on photography, but I use it a lot in some of my business.
    I start to understand the importance of it. I think, more people around me used it a lot too. I know I can recommend your site to a couple of my friends.

    have a good day 🙂

    • By all means, I like having people referred to my site, the more I can help the better. This hobby site is taking some time to develop, but I will have it in shape in a few more months where it will then be a matter of keeping up to date with the information at that point. For now I’m looking at getting everything organized and mapped out for better navigation for visitors to find what there looking for with all the tutorials.

  10. I have created a website and I understand the importance of images. It can actually make the whole difference of the website being successful or not. I can tell people right now that if they want their website to succeed they must learn how to take pictures.

    Thank you for providing all this free information!

    • Your right about having pictures to improve the appearance on your website for it to function better for you. With the ease of taking pictures these days with cell phones as well as with digital camera’s it is one of the reasons I am offering free tutorials to help people improve on their websites as well.

  11. Sweet leapin; Jesus,I just found new fave photography tutorial website.

    I really love photography and have to get back into the habit, And learn how to use Photoshop. I know adobe lightroom very well and Photomatrix (I love HDR) and use a lovely bonus of pulling my HDR’s into lightroom once they are made and making any light adjustments that may be required as a last step!

    Awesome site, keep up the great work.

    • Hi Derek and glad you enjoyed your visit. This photography website is loaded with information from taking pictures to the end with post-production on what you can create with all the great photos you have taken.

  12. I always found all the terms used in photography very confusing and I never really bothered trying to learn them.

    aperture, long exposure, ISO, all that stuff.

    I bought a camera once, I still have it, locked away in a box somewhere, NOT gathering dust cos I wrapped it up to keep it in good condition.

    Even now, after 7 years it is still in good nick.

    It is a Nikon DSLR D40x – I think 10.2 megapixels

    A friend told me it doesn’t matter how many megapixels a camera has, it is more to do with the choice of lens…is this true?



    • The lenses you choose to use versus the camera body do make more of a quality picture. The better the lenses the better you’re photos will be over the camera to a certain degree. The camera body is still very important for the actual sensor it’s using for picture quality.

      The camera bodies themselves can have many functions and features that make using them a lot easier to create great pictures once you get through the learning curve of using them. The thing to remember is it is the actual camera sensor that will stand the test of time to how good the camera really is for taking photos.

      Bells and whisls are nice but your sensor in the camera is what you’re really paying for.

      The lenses vary in quality a fair bit but the great thing about your lenses are you can use them in other camera bodies as you upgrade within the same brand.

      So buying a good camera body and the best lenses you can afford is the way to go.

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