Wealthy Affiliate University

Here you will discover an easy online university geared to show you how to create a website and be successful.

Photograph of free starter membership

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate University

People who come this far are looking to have an online business and are looking for the proper training to make it happen.

A lot of other places will tell you how you will receive large sums of money almost overnight because there the best, they have the secrets; they know the short cuts for your small amount of cash you pay them you’ll receive so much more, act now!

It’s all crap, call it a scam, whatever you like, there only after your money and nothing else!

Ask them to give you everything for free, full access for a week or so, see what happens. Nothing, because they know what they have to offer is 100% crap.

You see it takes hard work to start making money online. There are no shortcuts or riches overnight. Online marketing takes time.
· Time for you to build your site
· Time for you to get ranked by the search engines.
· Time for you to create good quality content.
· Time to get the traffic you need

Perhaps you think you’re not capable of producing and doing all the different steps to be successful online, but learning everything you need to know to make it happen, is possible.


There is no reason to pay good money out hand over fist to make your visions of a successful online business a reality. With the help of a properly formed community and the teachings of those that are doing it right now, are going to show you how to be just like them. I like to call it do it right the first time.

What is Wealthy Affiliate University all about?

Started back in September 2005 two successful internet marketer owners Kyle and Carson had the vision to create an online educational business to teach others how to build and operate a successful online business.

photograph of Co-Founders Kyle & Carson

They wanted to produce an online experience second to none by having an entirely interactive community for training, learning and where everybody can help each other. They also wished to implement a no Spam or scams forum with people trying to upsell products to one another.

Instead, you have a community that works together to lead you through the stages to build a website and how to become successful with it.

What kind of people Join Wealthy Affiliate University?

· People tired of the old 9-5 routine.
· Stay at home parents.
· Anyone looking for residual income.
· Those looking to make money online.
· Students requiring more cash.
· People wanting extra money.
· Retired and want extra cash.
· Want more quality time.

Anyone wanting to work at home for a variety of different reasons.

What’s The Difference With Wealthy Affiliate University?

They have a full community of people with the University, who know and share the knowledge to avoiding scams. There are no up-sells or hidden agendas between members or the University. You have the opportunity to use the bulk of the system at no cost and if you want to upgrade great but if not no problem. You can always have two free sites for as long as you like and can upgrade when you like, no time limit.

Wealthy Affiliate University Marketing And Training

It’s FREE to sign up with no money required. I just recently commented with one person who used the free websites for seven months before they wanted to upgrade.
This system is not a get rich scheme like you hear about all over the Internet. You will not get rich overnight because like any business this takes dedication and work. As time goes on and you’re working your site, the money will usually start off slowly then build up as you go. Some members have stated about their earnings in yearly terms. Instead of saying how much money they make month to month, they broke it down by the amount they make per year. Each year they work at doubling then work on doubling up again. Month by Month you will fluctuate so much that the end of the year approach is easier to look at to get a better average.

What Does The Initial FREE Starter Membership Include?

First Certificate offers ten effective online courses

Lessons included
Photograph on getting started
Photograph of lessons included
ten lessons make the beginning
photograph of first 10 lessons

· Free membership offers you two free websites no time limit.
· One of the best SEO search tools for keyword searches is Jaaxy where you will receive 30 searches for free as a trial offer.
photograph of 30 jaxxy search
· Again Free access to thousands of posts and video format information from A-Z on all topics related to online success and motivational content.
· Will get first-week full access to what the University has to offer.

Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate University Premium Member

Extended part provides

1/ Full Access to all of WA Classrooms
(LEVEL 1) Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started
(LEVEL 2) Building Your Traffic Producing Website
(LEVEL 3) Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money
(LEVEL 4) Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement
(LEVEL 5) The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content

12 classrooms

1- Getting Started
2- WA Affiliate Program
3- Keyword, Niche and Market Research
4- Everything WordPress
5- Authoring & Writing Content
6- Search Engine Optimization
7- Social Engagement & Marketing
8- Website Development & Programming
9- Local Marketing
10- Email Marketing
11- The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
12- Pay Per Click Marketing

Affiliate Boot Camp

(PHASE 1) Starting Your Foundation
(PHASE 2) Content, Keywords, and Conversions
(PHASE 3) Giving Your Site Social Value
(PHASE 4) Get Visual. Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Media
(PHASE 5) Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
(PHASE 6) Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC
(PHASE 7) How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

2/ Jay’s Weekly Webinar
Every week there are Live Video Training Classes that you can register for if you wish. As fast as the notification pop’s up, I jump on them, and there are still hundreds that have pre-registered before me. The good thing is it is on the Internet so there is room for everybody who would like to attend.
photograph of jay's webinar
3/ The WA Keyword Tool
photograph of wa search tool
4/ Kyle & Carson have created a working model to make money online that means they have an interest that you succeed for them to succeed. You have a question, and they will see that you get your answer in 24 hours. You not only have the two founders to respond to your issues and tech support but many experts in WA’s community that you are part off.
5/ Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting
As a premium member, you receive unlimited website hosting risk-free.

So What’s The Downsides

For many the information overload can be overwhelming and you just need to remember to slow down, you’re not in a race. A lot of people look at the opportunity to make residual income end up rushing through the lessons not learning as much as they could. This action slow them down in the long run so don’t do it.
A free membership is good, and you can take your time but the premium is better with extra support, and you will learn faster.
This process will make supplemental or residual income a real reality over the course of time with some work.
There are plenty of successful online marketer’s ready and willing to help you succeed but like all things in life there are still some bad apples.
One of the other things to note is getting misinformation by some. This misinformation is not intentional on their part; they just don’t know any better. Most of this will come from newbie’s which you can just disregard some of their info. They mean well but may not always understand the entire workings of the system so ask the founders or the active veterans that know their stuff.

How Much Does This Cost?

photograph of membership packages


As you can see after reading and checking over all the information on Wealthy Affiliate University, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you’re looking to make a difference in you life and have a successful online business, you owe it to yourself and sign up for a free membership to check it all out for yourself and see the real Truth to online marketing- IT’S RIGHT HERE! See YOU on THE OTHER SIDE!



  1. hello travis, you are absolutely right. Wealthy affiliate is a very good place to learn and make some money. There is so much of learning resources and abundance of help from the fellow seniors, overall is a great community to be in.

  2. Hello travis, certainly Wealthy affiliate is a great place to start making an online business. With the abundance of training and information not forgetting the community it makes it definitely helps us to get things done quickly.

  3. hi there!
    I like your direct style! Yep those advertising overnight success and a buttload of money are crap. Or full of it. As a fellow member of WA, I can attest that no money does not come overnight. It takes time and dedication. But the lessons are well made and quite easy to follow. Within a week, I had an operational site with content and pictures and videos. It’s totally doable!

  4. Hey Travis,

    You know what I really like about the wealthy affiliate besides the training, tools, support and of course the community?

    It does not promote any false hope or promise of overnight wealthy. There is NO pitching – like other sites.

    And man are there a lot of websites claiming everything under the sun and not delivering on anything they talk about.

    The WA is totally different. Simply put they tell you, yes you can build a fulltime income from a hobby or passion, but it’s going to take dedication and hard work.

    And if you’re willing to do that, follow the training, then you can absolutely create a very successful online business.

    Awesome review.


  5. This is probably one of the better and easier to read sites promoting WA. The layout and use of pictures are really put together well.

  6. Hey this is a truly powerful review!

    I completely agree with everything you wrote and WA is definitely an awesome community and I signed up after a only 2 days using the free membership. There is so much I’ve learned and have been able to apply to my business to boost my income.

    If anyone that reads this is considering WA, then I would suggest they come aboard if they really want to learn how to market a business.

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Mike great to hear you are working your online business through WA. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that it will help you run almost any type of online business you need to do is choose what type of business you would like to have and WA will help you to succeed with your goals.

  7. Hi Travis, thanks for this honest review.

    I am a Wealthy Affiliate Member and I can testify what you mentioned in this post is absolutely true!

    The training, tools, community and websites hosting are all in one place. There are nowhere else could provide this excellent service!

    Wishing you the best!

    • Travis Smithers

      Thanks Edmund like yourself I found wealthy affiliate a great source for learning and building an online business, WA is one of the better ways to make it happen. As you probably know there are a lot of places that tell you how they will make you rich over night which everybody finds out pretty fast that there full of it and these companies are only after your money. It’s great to have a place like wealthy affiliate that tells you the truth and actually shows you how to have a successful business on line. All you need to do is want it and learn how to make it happen from some of the best on the Internet today.

  8. paul@compubits.org

    Travis you have a great professional looking site here with plenty going on. The site is easy to navigate and is easy on the eye. Lots of images and video’s only serve to enhance this site and with the well written articles and come together to provide a site worthy of anybody favourites list.
    Just 1 tiny niggle and thats the main nav bar, if you move the Picture Gallery over to the sidebar it will make the main nav look a lot better.

    Kind Regards


    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Paul glad you liked your tour I’m always looking at helping others and trying to give the majority of people what they want. You suggestion to move the picture gallery to the right column sounds like it may be a nice Idea. I think I may just take you up on that as other people my find your idea more appealing so thanks for the tip.

  9. Lucinda Freestone

    Hi Travis

    Excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    You are right. There are plenty of sites out there who offer you overnight success but they are just complete scams.

    The lessons at Wealthy Affiliate teach you everything you need to know about internet marketing and how to build a successful online business.

    It does take hard work and dedication but there is always plenty of help along the way. Any questions are answered immediately either by the community or Kyle or Carson.

    I like the way you have also incorporated Jaaxy into your review.

    Thanks for that.


    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Lucinda and glad you could drop by.

      Wealthy Affiliate is by far one of the best programs to learn and build a successful online business with that I have found. I now use it for my two websites and I find that Jaaxy is another great tool for giving me those keywords that all posts and pages require to get the best ranking.

  10. Hi Travis, a well-detailed review on one of my favorite program on the internet, Wealthy affiliate. All that you outlined is exactly what I have seen and experienced with this program.

    Unlike any other program, I like the idea that you could get started for free. in other words, test drives the program and see if it is a good fit for you, right?

    if someone wanted to get started, what time frame would you say it will take for them to see a profit?



    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Bishop, as you stated Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best programs I have run across on the Internet so far and thats why I switched one of my older sites to rebuild it here.

      Answering your question you could estimate depending on what your website would be about it would take 3 to 12 months to start seeing profits.

      First off people are led to believe they can get rich over night which does not happen. It takes work and time to make a successful online business. The reason for the 9 month gap is depending on how a few varying factors such as:

      How much time one has to work on there site.
      Following what they will learn from WA and the community or take longer doing it alone.
      The type of website they choose against other competitive sites.

      There are other factors as well but everything of importance is covered by Wealthy Affiliate to help make your Business a success.

      All anybody needs to do is try it and see for themselves.

  11. It helps that i know a little about wealthy affiliate already to hang for the whole article. you did a good job of showing the comparison between what you get between free and premium. i think that’s good information to know. since I’m a member, i have to say the bias is there, but it’s def a helpful sight to show you the big picture. only downside is not enough focus on pay per click.

    • Travis Smithers

      Its true there is not a whole lot mentioned about PPC but I find with such a diverse community that PPC and any other topics that you do require more information on can be asked and answered by the many members who have the background from within the community.

  12. Hi,
    I am a burnt one, I had once fallen prey to online scam artists and those pyramid scams.
    I still will embarrassed to say the least, but finding the Wealthy affiliate platform/university really helped me to gain new confidence.
    I like how honest you write about it and I just like to say: “I can confirm that it is true”
    Even in our day and age there are still “good ones” out there.
    Thanks for writing about them!!!!

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Sylvia it is always good hearing from another WA member that has found what they are looking for. To many people are still caught up in dealing with scam artists and trying to find what we have found and hopefully some day they either find us or something as good so they to can be a success with there online business.

      Here’s to hoping they all find there way just as we have.

  13. Hey Travis.

    I found that this review did go into a lot more detail than other reviews about Wealthy Affiliate that I’ve read because you’ve gone into plenty of detail about the course structure.

    I cannot stress enough on how much information is given to the people that use this program (me included), in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

    The feedback from the community is also fantastic, keep spreading the good news.

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Ryan, it is always good to hear from people doing an online businesses and knowing when they have found something that works.

      For as much stuff that we may know about the Internet and doing our online businesses I find there are always changes happening and Wealthy Affiliate and the community make it so much easier to stay on top of things where my previous hosting company was costing close to the same with little to offer compared to WA.

      Wealthy Affiliate is great for pretty much anybody wanting an online business except those thinking the Internet will make you rich doing very little.

  14. This is certainly a very detailed review on the Wealthy Affiliate University 🙂

    I have heard of this training program before and from reading your review, there are a lot of awesome benefits to becoming a member of the community.

    I also agree with you on all these “get rich quick” promises because I’ve also fallen for online scams in the past, so now I’m searching for something LEGIT and I’ve just found it with thanks to your article.

    I’m looking to earn residual income, so Wealthy Affiliate is THE program for me!

    Thanks very much!


    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Neil and glad I could help, like you I have seen many systems and heard a lot of people running into scams and other sorts of problems. With Wealthy Affiliate you get to know right up front what the system is all about and what they have to offer.

      The 7 day free trial for full access gives you plenty of time to see what the courses and community are all about and the free websites have no time limit on them so your good to go if your looking to run an online presence with a site that you already know how to build and work with no extra courses once your set up.

  15. I’ve been with WA for about 9 months now and still consider myself to be a newbie. So I don’t offer answers to questions or blogs unless I’m POSITIVE I’m right. I’ve go through recommendations for other, even ones that are experienced, and then have them down trodden by tech support, even Carson himself, because it wasn’t the right thing to do in the long run. Yet everyone’s site and niche is different, so particular cases may warrant that.

    • Hi Sarah thats the great thing I find about Wealthy Affiliate is all the different avenues you can use to get answers and yes you are totally right about how different each website or niche is.

  16. Hello Travis,
    How are you?

    You have done a lot of work on your site. Well done.

    I like the slideshow of pics as this represents colour movement which is appealing.

    If I didn’t know anything about WA however, I would have been confused.


    …On one hand I am seeing “Photography” & the bits associated with that.

    …On one OTHER hand, on the same page along with what I am seeing re “Photography” & the bits associated with that, I am also seeing a reference to making money from some University I may have never heard of.

    Hence on first impression I am in a state of confusion. Call me dumb, …I maybe!!

    I got to say that overall when it comes down to content & layout that your site is very informative.

    I don’t how to tidy up the confusion I have if at all it needs to be tidied up. For me, it is confusing. Maybe not to others.

    Anyway, great work overall.
    I wish you the very best of continued success to you.
    Cheers, Gary.

    • Hi Gary and sorry for the confusion but even though I am dealing with a website on photography and post production for photographs which can cover a wide area of information to what visitors are wanting to know about I have been asked to post on just about every aspect as well as creating websites and making money.

      Some people just want one segment of knowledge about taking pictures, post production with there photographs while others want to know start to finish. How to take the picture, manipulate the photo, create something with the photo and even how to create a web site to feature what they have created to show others or sell as a business. Some want to know how to get started with what I’m doing and others just want to take and get better pictures and have a website for a totally different kind of site.

      So for those interested I do tell people about Wealthy Affiliate University I just do not get involved with all the in depth marketing and page ranking of having a website. They can learn all of that from Wealthy Affiliate if they need a web presence.

      So my Say It With Photographs website is for anybody looking for a little information along the way or more in depth covering a larger scope from start to finish about taking pictures to what you can do with the pictures once you have taken them to displaying them or how to make money with your creations. I hope that clears up some of the confusion about this site for you. One stop shop as my wife likes to say.

  17. You wrote a great review. Mentioned enough details that are enough to give anyone enough information before joining. And that made me like Wealthy Affiliate a lot.

    It looks like a great chance to build something strong and standalone website. Their training looks awesome and very detailed.

    How much are you satisfied about Wealthy Affiliate?

    • For myself I find they offer a great deal more than the previous hosting plan I use to have my website with. Before you needed to know how to do everything for your website to build it and online marketing. There was a community that you could contact but would receive very little help.

      Wealthy Affiliate has a community second to none always ready to help and keeps you updated with what is happening on a daily basis. Thats one of the main reasons I switched from who use to host my website to WA to take care of all my sites and education now and for future information to keep up to date with an online presents.

  18. Hi Travis, I enjoy your article and your article has very informative.I think people could get many information before joining wealthy affiliate. I am agree with you, wealthy affiliate is very great online community to teach people how to build their online business. Of course, WA is not magic university can help people build and make online money within 1 night. People have dedicated their time for learn and practice. wish you all the best. Thanks

    • Thanks for the visit Christian and its so true that you will never be an overnight success. Building websites and running an online business will take some time and work. Wealthy Affiliate just happens to be one of the better places where you can learn how to build a site and make money. To Build a site is one thing and to build a money making site is another and that is where WA is there to help anybody that wants to take the time and learn. If it is success your looking for then WA will help you step by step to get you there.

  19. Hi Travis,
    I do agree with you that success takes hard work. Even though Internet Marketing is a very lucrative opportunity, it still requires us to put effort and some thoughts on the system. You can’t make money without having to learn from experience entreprenuers who have generated full-time revenue online. Unfortunately, most of them either charge a lot of money or trying to scam innocents. Glad that Wealthy Affiliate stands out amongst the crowd and focus on giving real value instead of exaggerated hype.

    • Hi Edy and yes Wealthy Affiliate will give anyone the opportunity that would like to learn how to have a successful online business without all the hype. You’ll be able to learn what is required from the community and WA without all the up sales that so many other so called opportunities boast about. WA keeps it simple and straight forward for anyone to learn at there own pace the way they need to learn. Truly worth checking out for all those people looking to do an online business.

  20. This is a great introduction to Wealthy Affiliate university. Thanks. I’ve heard of it, and I’m wondering, wouldn’t it be better just to go for the premium membership right away to try out all the benefits like tools, etc? I’m sure you can cancel the subscription any time you want right?

    • Yes Michael you are correct about cancelling at any time you like with there being no problem. In fact with WA if you do cancel as some have done looking to get rich quick, they found out after failing at other systems when they came back to renew, they where able to start right where they left off. WA had everything saved as they had left it from when they canceled the first time and they just stepped back into there old account.

      You do get the first week free but being a Premium member is the best way to go, it’s what I did only I paid as a yearly premium for the better savings.

  21. I was originally a member of Wealthy Affiliate back in 2009 but left before the end of that year because I had other things going on, and perhaps I just wasn’t ready for it all. I made some mistakes back then, and I’ve learned from all that.

    Wealthy Affiliate was good back then, but it is excellent now. It has come such a long way in the 6 years since I first went there. I returned with new enthusiasm and with lessons learned from past mistakes. WA is definitely the best place to learn internet marketing, without a doubt.

    • Great hearing from you Marcus and always good to hear about the ones who have first hand experience with the Internet. There is nobody more qualified to pass on the knowledge of things learned than the ones who have been there. I’m sure in all your years of dealing with the Internet you have certainly learned a fair bit of information on what works and what doesn’t.

  22. Hey there,

    I stumbled upon your site, which is amazing I must say! Such useful and quality content.

    Very well written and easy to understand, especially for beginners.

    I will definitely visit your site in the future, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us and good luck.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Chris and thanks for the visit and comment. I’m slowly building the website up for all those that have been asking for the information on photography to post production. The post that you have just recently looked at is what a few people have been requesting for as well for wanting to have their own websites for scrapbooking etc.

  23. I’ve seen many programs so far and can say that most of them don’t work at all or provide little value. When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, the program is not perfect and but it delivers on all its promises. The training is excellent and support is second to none in the industry. It requires effort and time to implement the knowledge you will gain from the training and if you are patient and persistent you will achieve your financial goal. I know this from my personal experience.

    • It’s always good to hear from someone who has worked with the system. Having others who also use the system give their experiences gives a better perspective whether or not the system in question works or not. It’s one thing for what I believe but its a whole different thing when others feel the same way about how good Wealthy Affiliate truly is.

      Thanks for the visit and comment.

  24. Thanks for this review of Wealthy Affiliate Travis. It really is very comprehensive and you have gone through all the details with a fine tooth comb. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 5 months now and I can honestly say it has been worth every penny so far. The experience and helpful community are worth the money by themselves without all the tutorials etc that you get. I’d recommend it to anyone serious about starting an online business.

    • Hi, Neil and like you I have been here just over seven months now and feel the same as you. I have been with other systems for ten years, and Wealthy Affiliate is the best I have come across so far. I’m looking forward to what the next five months will bring, as I had decided to do a one year trial with them.

  25. Very thorough and informative review of Wealthy Affiliate, thank you. If I wasn’t a member already, I would definitely be one now.

    I have seen so many online opportunities and most of them want to see your money before you see what they have to offer. The best thing about WA is you get to test run the entire system for FREE. A very rare offering in the online business industry.

    The support from the founders and the community at large is next to nothing. his is the best place for anyone who has been looking for online business opportunities.

  26. hallo Travis, Wealthy affiliate is truly one of the best educational platforms out there and i definitely believe anyone who can take advantage of it should, i love the fact that you are promoting it, its really been one of my best experiences yet, your website is one of the first i have seen that i think looks great, keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the comment and good to hear that you are part of one of the best systems in place for the Internet these days. Now that your part of Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have the opportunity to create and run an online business with some major backing and all the training you can ask for. Good luck and I’ll probably see you around.

  27. I wonder if you can help me. I have a local service based business and believe it or not, I’m having trouble finding good quality training to build a website and get my business found in Google for my area.

    I see that Wealthy Affiliate has a Local marketing Classroom? Would the training there help me achieve my goals bearing in mind that I’m quite green to this kind of thing?

    • Wealthy Affiliate can certainly help you with your website and online business. They will take you through all the key things you’ll need to know. They will also help you tie in your social media to your site as well. Depending on your business, you may find facebook helpful but for sure you should check into incorperating Linkedin to your business as it is a professional social media market place for you.

  28. Wow, what a great review! Your website’s slogan “a picture says a thousand words it’s totally true. The images of this review are great and I’m learning from you how to use great images.

    I like the honesty of your review. Scammers online are not honest. They promise us riches in one week but then it’s not true. Success online requires a lot of work. It means many many hours spent in front of the computer. 30 minutes/day probably isn’t enough for the successful online business. But when the things get rolling 30 minutes/day may be enough. What do you think?


    • I believe you may still find running an online business will still require more than a 30 minutes/day time frame to handle things if you’re taking care of everything yourself. Especially if you have lots of e-mails and comments to deal with.

      When you’re making money from doing your business it’s all good.

  29. Hi Travis,
    This is a great review of wealthy affiliate. I really liked how you explained how this is something that people will have to work at to make it successful. There are way to many scams out there promising riches and not delivering anything. And you really let people know that this is a process that will take time before begin to see any money coming in. I think that is very important because it is letting people know that this is a business and not the lottery.

    • I do find, far to many sites promise you the moon with little to no help to accomplish what they tell you. For most of those sites it’s all about getting you money then there done with you once you stop paying them. As sad as it is there will always be people thinking that they can get rich quickly doing nothing and will keep falling pray to the scammers as they go from one system to the next.

      There really is no magic system, it is simply a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it and taking the time to actually do it consistenly to be successful online.

  30. This seems like a really great way to get started with an online business. I’m curious as to how long you’ve been affiliated with WA and how much success you’ve seen so far? How much time do you feel like someone has to put in, in order to become successful using the WA method?

    • I’ve been on the Internet for about ten years. This last year I have been with WA for ten and a half months now. I have made more money in the time I’ve been with WA than all the other years with other website packages.

      The time it will take depends on the domain name you choose and how often you create fresh content. The more your domain name has people already looking for it the better, and the more posts/pages you create the better to give your site better ranking.

      The only other way to speed things up is to use money for advertising through various marketing techniques which I personally do not do.

      Expect six months to two years depending on how much time and the methods you use to get up and running.

  31. If I’m not WA member, I will join after reading your blog post. You made this very simple and clear what is Wealthy Affiliate all about. It’s community for anyone, and everyone who wants to learn, improve online presence. You made a great post, and I hope to read more about your journey. Incredible job.

    • Hi, Tatjana and nice to here you liked the post. I’ve found being part of WA is great which you apparently also know being part of it yourself. One of the things I find so great about WA is how so many people seem to find what they are looking for once they join.

      WA has so much to offer that between hosting and the training, most people stick around which is probably why the community works so well.

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