Work at Home Online Business

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When you want a system that works for a solid Work at Home Online Business, then there is only one real choice to avoid all the scams on the Internet today. Let me take this time and introduce to you the next and final system that you would ever need to look at to becoming a real success online.


Work at Home Online Business


I have found from searching online that most places are more interested in how much money they can get from you as fast as possible because they know their marketing strategy of making significant sums of money almost overnight just doesn’t happen. They play on the fact of giving you all this hype, and so-called proof that is just pictured and typed out text blown totally out of proportion or flat out lies about how much and how easy it is to make money. So because they know most people want easy money for doing nothing, they will sign you up only for you to find out you’ve lost precious time and money.


If making money online was so simple than everybody living around you would be doing it. Who wants to dig your ditch outside when they can be sitting on the back of their luxury boat drinking some fancy drink while the money rolls in. The reality here is most of these companies offer garbage to the masses that have outdated methods that no longer make it feasible for you to get ahead on the Internet. They leave out key information or tell you how you need this vital information to succeed so they can upsell you more crap and line their pockets. They all make it sound so simple that you will be rich just for signing up. When was the last time you seen someone sign up for work at a Mac Donald’s or Starbucks etc. and watch the money roll in as they got rich? Just as that is not going to happen neither will the internet.


It takes time and hard work to make any business successful. There are very few people who will do next to nothing and have the money rolling in; it simply is not realistic. The sooner these people stop daydreaming and realize the only way they will have a successful online business is by learning the proper techniques, keep up with the changes that keep happening and spend the required amount of time to make it happen.


If two people were instructed to do everything right that each step they take is correct to making money online, then the one who puts in twice the effort would receive their success twice as fast. The reality is no two people are alike so, therefore, the time and effort that any one individual needs to but in will vary. As nice as it would be for me to tell you that if you do this then you will be successful in 30 days or 45 days again is not realistic.


If you have been looking for a proper business to do at home and make extra money and eventually make all the money you require for your lifestyle then here are the cold hard facts:


It is true anybody can learn to build and create a successful online business ifphotograph of how to build website

  • You know how to build a proper website
  • You’re willing to work at keeping your site updated
  • Know how to keep up with all the Internet changes
  • Know how to do SEO and understand it
  • Know how to market your website
  • Know how to create or where and how to get products to market



These are just a few details to know and understand, and if you omit anyone of these, chances are your not going to be successful. It does not mean you will not be successful but for most people you’ll fail.

So what do you do?

You get involved with a company that does not sugar coat the facts, but rather they take the bull by the horns and show you every step of the way and keep you updated with the latest trends on how to run your business online so your success is also their success. You see there is the real power of what you’re looking for in a company that helps you create “Your Success, which will give them their Success.” Too many other companies just simply don’t want to do the work to make you a success. They only care about themselves by taking your money with a dysfunctional system they market for riches overnight and the day you stop giving them your money, they call you a failure for not continuing to pay them and do their system. Well if their system was so simple and the money flows then where is it?

So here is the real truth!photograph of thumbs up for website

  • You are not going to get rich overnight
  • You will need to learn all the things you do not know about making money on the Internet
  • It will take time to learn, time to implement what you have learned
  • There is going to be some require work on your part to do this
  • Most people do need a system, but you have to be the one to work with the system
  • You’re going to need help which will have to come from many different people
  • It will cost some money all businesses cost money its a matter of how much


All the things mentioned above and I could list more, but I believe you should be getting the point by now for getting to the real truth about building a successful online business. So where do you get a system that deals with the truth and not on up sales and lies to drain your pocket book?
Right here at Wealthy Affiliate that will even give you a full seven days to have full access to learning first hand what they have to offer for you to see what the real truth looks like for you to build a Work at Home Online Business.

” Hi once again, I’m Travis Smithers author of Say It With Photographs where you will find tutorials on photography, editing software, cameras, and accessories. The use of post production equipment and their operation to the creation of fantastic gifts for you, friends and family, enjoy. Comments and questions always welcomed here!




  1. That’s a great read – lots of tips that stand out to me here! I was interested in the section where you highlighted being up to date with internet changes – where do you go to keep up with these sorts of changes? Is there a place where you learned your trade online?

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Chris glad you enjoyed your read I find one of the best places for up dates is where you do your website hosting and I have changed mine at the end of Mar 2015 to WA that is a better host provider and the community far exceeds any other past providers I have dealt with. You can also go to other forums on topics you wish to know more about as well.

      I learned my trade through many methods from online, one on one and self taught.

      I’m putting together many different topics from photography to post production on free courses online for anyone who would like to learn at there own pace any topic I cover.

  2. Hi Travis,

    You produce a convincing argument with this article and engaged my attention. This is an attractive piece and should find success in time.

    Its great you have links that send you to your Wealthy Affiliate review post because interlinking looks good to search engines.

    Do you have any recommendations other than Wealthy Affiliate that offers such great quality service?


    Benjamin Paul Ward

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Benjamin and glad you like the post. I’m sure there may be others out there that you could build a successful online business with. I checked around for some time and one of my biggest things to having a great system that works is having a system that stays up to date with teaching you the latest and greatest information going and having a really successful working community ready to give you any help you may require.

      Now that I have found Wealthy Affiliate University I’m not looking else where after seeing what is out there for the last 10 years, I found what I needed to have a successful online business.

  3. I couldn’t have said it better myself.A lot of people do want A fast route to riches.When that does usually end bad with someone taking our money.
    It is refreshing to see someone break it down into pure facts.I will definitely be coming back and checking your site out again.

    • Travis Smithers

      Thanks for the visit Isaac always welcomed and I find people are starting to realize you can make money just not as simple as some say it is. Knowing the real facts is what its going to take to get in the right mind set to actually make an online business to work.

      I found a vehicle to make it work and I’ll pass on the information to help out anybody looking to create there own online business to work with Wealthy Affiliate University.

  4. Hi there,
    Your post was very interesting. It was very refreshing the way you kept emphasising that to really make money on line you have to work hard. You always hear the line “easy money” or ” fast bucks”. There is a very honest tone to your site. Would you consider posting any good tutorials on SEO for those of us who are interested in this topic? I would be very interested in learning more about this. I would like to get involved in this marketing opportunity.

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Brenda as I see more and more people are starting to see that money is and can be made on the Internet, just not as easily as some would want you to believe. As people keep trying different systems they are starting to see that you do have to work at your site if you expect to make any money just like any other job or business.

      As time goes on I may see about posting tutorials about SEO and other things dealing with marketing an online business, I’m just not sure if I want to go that deep into it yet. The system I’m using Wealthy Affiliate University and the community there does a great job of teaching you all that you need to build and run a successful online business.

      Right now I’m mainly looking at helping anyone who wants an online business to make money with the way I did that they know where to find one of the best systems Wealthy Affiliate University to help them achieve there goals.

  5. I couldn’t agree more! There are some many scams out there that suck people in who are desperate for money. Later they discover that they have lost more than they will ever be able to get.

    With so many changes being made to the way search engines rank sites and with consumers becoming more wary of empty promises, it is great to know there are places that keep their members up to date with current trends. People want the real deal, not the sugar-coated empty promises that there are so many of.

    • Travis Smithers

      Yes Lesley that is so true about people becoming more wary on empty promises. As time moves forward hopefully less people will be taken in by the scams and find all the legit websites that really have something proper to offer people in return for there money.

      I know there are some different sites that do deliver and that is why I promote Wealthy Affiliate as my number one choice. I use the system myself to stay on top of all the changes.

      Between all the latest updates the owners Kyle and Carson do to make Wealthy Affiliate the best it can be you also have the community made up of many thousands of people learning and staying on top of things and sharing there knowledge with you so your not alone trying to work your sites.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few websites that deliver what they promise.

  6. Hi Smithers,

    You have it all. Some people get scammed easily. The main reason being that they think they will make money the next day as they are promised. Those people are hungry for money and want to take advantage of your desperation.

    As you just said, making it online takes time. One needs the tools and support. Without this, you are cheeting yourself. A SOLId business will cost one both money and time and there is no short cut for that!

    Thank You.

    • Hi Tony,

      You are right as we know, it takes time and some money to create any successful business and get it up and running. How much time is dependent on what you do and how you do it. Different types of business will take different strategies and that is where having training and others you can depend on are so important. With a program like Wealthy Affiliate you get just that with all the lessons and a community second to none.

  7. I like that you are keeping people firmly rooted to the earth by giving that list under “So here is the real truth”. So many people seem to get swept away by all the unrealistic claims that many make money online sites have. It is good to bring people back down to earth a bit.

    It is absolutely true that earning money online takes time and effort. You have to treat it like any other business and take the time to put the hours in and build your business up from the ground. The great thing is, the more you do it, the better you get and it and the more it becomes second nature.

    • That is so true Marcus, the more time we also take to get the word out there about some of the different sites on what it really takes to make money and try to have people see things the way they truly are without the rose colored glass, the better. To many people give up on there dreams from false claims of how easy and quick you’ll make with little to no work, just to find the reality is an online business requires work just like any other job or business does.

      It can be done if you have the right information and a system in place to help you with anything you may need.

  8. This is a great post Travis. You are absolutely right that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn how to build a successful business. Without it I would be lost.

    I see that you say it cost money… does it cost to start up or can you try it out for free?

    I like how you elaborate on the fact that you won’t make money over night. There is no such thing. Those are all scams… trust me I have found a few myself. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Hi Tanya as you asked you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free and you will have two free websites to use free for as long as you like. The way I look at it is, if your looking to start an actual business, than you are better off getting your own domain name which does require you to be a paid member. The big bonus is the on going help from Wealthy Affiliate with all the lessons and video tutorials. You also have the community that is always there to help you which I feel is the best way to go.

      All business cost money and if you compare it to a house you should never disregard your foundation for which your house is built on just as you should not disregard all the latest information and helpful community knowledge and know how such as that provided by WA as your foundation to a successful online business.

      So yes Wealthy Affiliate has free websites for you to use and try out, but I like having full access anytime I like with no time lines.

  9. I really don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to work from home. In fact it would be great for most families because it would make it possible for at least one parent to stay home and be availble for their children. Working from home means you set your own schedule and work when you want.

    Problem has always been finding how to do it without having your pocket book emptied or giving up your ethics. Thanks for this post. A real treat.

    • Hi Debra and I agree with you that it would always be great to have at least one parent at home with the kids. With todays economy things have changed a lot where it requires both parents to work to cover the expenses and that makes it a lot harder when raising children. By being able to work on line with your own business then this does give you the ability to be there for your children which I think is great.

  10. I think this is a beautiful site, well thought out site that is easy to use and has interesting content.
    Well done on the way you have linked Wealthy Affiliate to your website. Also the products you have included are all relevant to your site.
    I like your “about me” page that is honest and gives credibility to the site.

    • Thanks, Louise I originally use to just create gifts from what I was able to do with photographs then I worked in a shop where I did it professionally for a while. While I was in the shop I also learned all about doing sublimation among a lot of other stuff that is not related to this site dealing with cutters for lettering vehicles which will not be included with the regular posts.

  11. Great article for all beginners trying to make an income online. Yes, the truth is that one will have to work hard and results must not be expected in a matter of days or weeks but of months or years. There are so many scammers that promise the world and you end up with losing money on bad products…

    • What you say is so true David with all the scammers and hopefully over time there will be a better way for people to find out which systems and products are worth their time and money. For now I’ll just have to stick with passing the word along to try the free packages on what’s available without people having to spend money until they find out if the system is for them.

      Take your time researching and testing out the system before you invest.

  12. Hi Travis! I really enjoy your website and your article!

    It is great to know there are a legitimate way to build a proper business online. It is just a matter of looking around how many successful websites we see on the internet. It is reality!

    The thing is, there are too many poor quality training out there. As you pointed out, most of the programs are just willing to take money from you… they are not interested in your success. Because they cannot be bothered to focus on quality training and support necessary for people to succeed.

    You have pointed out a great platform to build a website called siterubix! I have started with that as well and my website is 4 months old now. I haven’t made any dollar yet but I consider my foundation was established and I am on the right path.. thanks to the excellent training at WA.

    Thanks for such a great article


    • It’s good to hear you’re working on a website and choosing Wealthy Affiliate for your system, it is one of the best ways to go these days. I’ve tried others and I like all the tutorials and community they have in place which you are well aware of by now after four months.

      Enjoy your time as you build to success!

  13. Travis,

    Thanks for taking the time to put this site together, you have done a pretty good job. I love the link you have put for the MIT courses; I have signed up and looking forward to them.

    I dont know if you intend doing any other reviews of photobooks but if you do then try blurb dot com. I used them to produce a book for my first wedding anniversary and it was pretty awesome.

    Are you intending to do any articles on using an iPhone for photography as I just dont use a camera anymore?

    • Good to see you like the free MIT photography courses Dave and I will be doing some posts about using cameras from cell phones later. Right now I am experimenting with my own phone for the last couple of months and will be addressing this issue in the first part of the new year. Not everybody has a camera but most have cell phones and the cameras built in them are getting better every year and you can change some of your settings for taking better pictures.

  14. I’m actually tired of online scams, and I’m glad I found your article because finally, there is a way for me to move forward online!

    Thank You for teaching me the truth about building and online business and making money from it 🙂

    I’m willing to work hard for online success! Wealthy Affiliate is exactly what I’m looking for, and thanks for the free website too!


    • I hear you about the other systems and scams and I’m just helping Wealthy Affiliate get the word out there that they are there to help us all get a proper opportunity to have the chance to put a successful online business together. Be seeing you around Neil.

  15. Very true, online business is not easy and you do not get rich over night. Actually many people won’t get rich at all; they will just make enough passive income to keep them going. WA is a great place to go if you are interested in learning about affiliate marketing. It’s been only a few months for me but I have learned so much. Great post!

    • Travis Smithers

      Good to here that you have been with Wealthy Affiliate for the last few months, of all the places and online opportunities I have checked out WA has the best price for what you’ll learn. I also agree with you that most people will never get rich on the Internet as they are chasing the easy money dream. Just as there is no easy money from any regular job nor is the Internet any different. You want money, you need to work for it.

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